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Love Horoscopes – April 30, 2013


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Aries: The energy surrounding this sign is not stable at all. For some of you, a new romance will begin thanks to a wonderful conversation. You enjoyed speaking with this person so much that want to repeat the experience again and again. Not only is person attractive but the intellectual rapport that you two share is amazing. This relationship is going places! But those who have been attached, you may be experiencing conflicts between duty and pleasure. This is a very frustrating time as you find yourself yearning for love and emotional satisfaction, something you once had from your partner. It is entirely possible that this relationship may end or temporarily break. This is no longer has a positive purpose in your life.

Taurus: This is a creative period for you, a time to take a chance, a time to be appreciated and admired and to take some risks. Romance and all things emotions will be coming your way as a new cycle in your life begins. Some of you may have a conversation with a person whom you have long admired. It will be positive and very rewarding, likely ending up with a date that will go very well. For others there may be some sort of social gathering where you meet someone that will come to mean everything to you soon enough.  You two will start out off simply enough, genuinely appreciating each other’s qualities and before you know it, decide to take it from there. Enjoy this energy as it works in your favor.

Gemini: That energy surrounding you is highlighting all your special qualities. If you are speaking to someone that you feel a strong and very powerful passion for, relax when you talk to him or her and allow your voice and all his sultry smoothness, to win them over. You won’t need to talk about anything in particular other than your feelings and your desire to get to know them better. Everything else will fall into place. Your imagination can help you score in the love department as well. A little fantasy can get you a lot farther than you ever thought. Share your fantasies with someone special and see if they can become reality. You’ll be surprised when others start sharing their dreams and fantasies with you. That someone special may share the same dream.

Cancer: Frustrations and obstacles in your relationships with others arise at this time. You feel like others do not really understand you and do not cooperate with you, and that to do anything right, you have to do it yourself. If you and your lover are having these problems, then talking is going to be the only way to solve them. If you both want the relationship to work, then you would do better to look for practical steps that you can both take to enable it to blossom. Thankfully the energy of the day will breathe some common sense into the situation and help you both to look past your own thoughts and desires and see what your lover needs. You both can win if you two follow your hearts.

Leo: While fantasy and hopefulness in your intimate affairs is favored right now, you would rather make sure of the ground you are on first. Because you have been caught up in a dreamy state of affairs lately, it has been difficult to understand people in general or people to understand you. The conversation you have with your lover today will provide you with a greater sense of stability and security. What you two discussed will help you make out what is real from what may have been a vague fantasy.  This will enable you to feel better about expressing your true feelings and knowing they will be heard and understood. If something you planned doesn’t work the way you had hoped, try again later.

Virgo: Your daily life and activities run smoothly and everything seems in good working order. You are feeling at peace and very good about yourself now. If you are attached, it is about to get better as there will be some form of communication from your sweetheart worth smiling about. Whether it is flowers or a surprise phone call, the message behind the act gives you concrete proof of how much your sweetheart really does care about you. If you had been a bit uneasy lately about this relationship, the actions of today will make you feel more at ease with the relationship, and trust that it will flourish. Those closest to you may be expressing appreciation for the help and support you have given them; your efforts were worthwhile.

Libra: If you don’t have a partner at this time then you might want to consider putting yourself into situations that could lead you to finding one. Consider joining a new social group, going back to school or even one of those online dating services. You just never know where you might run into a potential keeper. Given the energy of the day, you could very well meet the person of your dreams. Now he or she may not be particularly gorgeous but they are extremely brilliant. Their intellect outshines any one you know and it really does contribute to their attractiveness. Since this is one of the more important qualities that you look for in a potential relationship, you will be delighted as things begin to fall into place.

Scorpio: This is a good time for relaxing and rejuvenating yourself. Make the time to do the things you enjoy doing. Being in a good mood will help you maintain your good humor and optimism. Many of you may be in a situation where you need to have a larger perspective on your life. Taking time to restore yourself will play a big part in this. If you are looking for love, this is also a good time to approach someone who you’ve been admiring. How you communication is important right now. The way you speak to a certain person will make the difference between getting a date with them or not. If you happen to be giving love advice today, the more practical suggestions you give, the better. This, more than anything, will be greatly appreciated.

Sagittarius: You are not looking to spice things up; you just want a simple change. Just a little change… enough to make life interesting. The world around you has grown a little stale and something different can make it a brighter place. If you’re looking to be involved, then it’s a good day to take that risk and ask someone out. Many of you already have someone in mind. This time take the conversation past daily pleasantries. If you’re involved with someone this could be a great time to change a routine. Your loved one may not realize what you feel so you will have to take control here. Introduce a new routine, nothing that is overly strenuous or may feel like a chore. Maybe surprising them with something special will work as well.

Capricorn: It is great to have a vision of the possibilities inherent in any relationship. But if it is just not adding up, changes are needed. First you two need to talk. It is entirely possible that your visions are the same just the way of execution is different. If you happen to be in a relationship that is restrictive in any way or that one of you is more dominant, it is likely to explode now. Whatever the expectations are, they are too high and not really satisfying at all. Now would be the time for you and your loved one to have an open and honest conversation about how things really are between you, rather than how you had hoped they would be. Get on the same page.

Aquarius: You have been involved in relationships that seem to promise anything, and end up taking everything. At this time your interactions with others and with the outside world in general can be confusing, devitalizing, and discouraging. You walk around with a constant nagging thought that you cannot trust anyone. Whether you two are already together or have just begun to date, balance will be restored in your life. This person you are with is open and seemingly honest. If you could explain that you need to feel cherished, and to let them explain why they haven’t been able to give you this, your fears will be put at rest. Those negative thoughts from your past will simmer down.

Pisces: Right now your personal life is going well, this is the time to really enjoy and appreciate it. You feel good, amorous and loving – this should be shared with the world around you. The energy encourages you to get out and talk to people, reacquaint yourself with the world around you. If you are looking for someone special to share your life with, you should be the first one out the door chatting up new people. You may meet someone who is very attractive but seems to lack in anything interesting to say. Don’t judge this person too harshly; being nervous is a funny thing. This person has far more depth than you realize. If you are attached, differences may emerge between you and a partner. No one is right or wrong, just agree that your ideas vary.


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