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Love Horoscopes – May 2, 2013

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Aries: You have a wonderful, offbeat sense of humor, which really cheers others up no end. It will be in full force today as the energy surrounding you is hell bend on encouraging it. By bringing out your funny side today, you can shed all the negativity that you have felt and that those close to you have felt as well. If you are unattached and looking, it will be your natural ability to make others laugh that may ultimately land you that date. This person in particular will deeply appreciate this side of you, and will want to get to know more.  They sense just how loving and warm you are and know not to let you go. If you are attached, you will find yourself wanting to give and receive affection and appreciation to those that you love deeply. It will be returned.

Taurus: The energy of the day is social, communicative and malleable. You will gain what you want through diplomacy or charm today since you have an abundance of both. This abundance encourages your natural warmth as well as an urge to reach out and open up to others. For some of you, this may mean being willing to make concessions in order to maintain harmony in your relationships. Being forceful and pushy will get you nowhere today. If you are unattached and looking for that special relationship, it might all start with a simple conversation. It may be the most unexpected situation but it will just seem to work out and without a hitch to boot! This energy is very promising for all kinds of social gatherings, use it to your advantage.

Gemini: Many of you are feeling better than you have been of late and are looking to come out of the hole you find yourselves in. Thanks to this energy surrounding you, you have a chance to make amends with your lover, or regenerate your relationship with your partner. This will not be as easy as you would like it to be but so long as you two stay relaxed as you two talk it out, it will get to where you want it to be. Injecting humor at a few opportune moments could help it along. If you are completely unattached, give way to your social needs by attending a party or throwing one yourself. Don’t let things get too far away from you but feel free to show off just a little bit.

Cancer: Today you will want to shake off this funk you are in and confront any issues in your personal life head on and with optimism. Because things have been uneasy lately, it may be easier to see what is wrong with your personal relationships than it is to see what is right. These problems you are upset about seem impossible right now but in all actually they are not. Once you take control you will find that what is bothering you quickly vanishes. If you are unattached, shaking off this mood opens you up to a more sociable attitude, one where you are chatty and a little livelier. You may meet someone who has a brilliant sense of humor and is not afraid to use it. The next conversation you two have should be in a more intimate setting.

Leo: Like your Archer cousin, your emotions are on the bubble today but it is something you can somewhat control. If you are in a relationship, your lover is not as responsive or as loving as you would like. Some of you may not care and are preparing to move on while others may become tempted by someone who will be gone no sooner they get what they want. Keep that in mind. For those of you in other situations, you are emotionally and sexually empowered today. If you are unattached, someone you encounter has a hold on you. Use your sense of humor to make the right impression and score a date. If you are dating someone, the attraction you two share has definitely intensified now. Spend some time showing each other how much.

Virgo: Today you will get nowhere without communicating. Sometimes this isn’t the easiest for you especially when it’s your heart on the line. Rest assured that whatever type of communication you initiate, will be both beneficial and productive at this time. This energy has you caring more passionately which forces you to respond instinctively and emotionally to whatever happens to you at this time. Keep this in mind especially when speaking to your lover about your relationship. If you are unattached and have someone in mind, now is the time to act. In fact, if you want to make any impression at all, you may have to use both your humor and a touch of intellect to really gain their attention. The rest will fall into place.

Libra: This is the perfect time for a little out with the old and in with the new mentality. With that said, watch out for conflicting goals and energy wasting attitudes today. You are looking to progress not regress. You want to get rid of the old and dreary and make way for fun, laughter and deeper love. Be careful, what may seem like deceit could be just mixed emotions, or vice versa. Just because you are ready to write a new chapter doesn’t mean that the world around you is. If you are unattached, this new attitude will attract someone special who is ready for a relationship that is no mess, no fuss. You two will be able to accomplish this together so long as you both stay clear of everyone else’s drama.

Scorpio: This is a good time to hold a party to which you can invite as many different people as possible, and get them to mix and mingle in a truly creative way. The energy at play encourages everyone to be at their best. If you are looking for your soul mate, then the energy is certainly in your favor. You may be drawn into a wonderful conversation with someone who is a viable candidate by chance. Thanks to this energy, communication with your romantic interest should be excellent at this time. So whether it is this new person or your lover, lively conversations, and verbal flirting will lead to more intimate moments. If you are attached the discussions about your bond bring forth insightful revelations that strengthen your connection immensely.

Sagittarius: Some of you may fall prey to surges of emotion today. The skies will be sunny and clear one moment then grey and stormy the next. So long as you can keep these stormy moments out of your love life, you should be ok. If you happen to get carried away in these moments, it is very important to keep in mind that you could very well misjudge a situation in your anger. If you can, try to remain positive no matter what negativity may come your way. You can turn this energy into something fun and mischievous if you do. If the relationship is new, then this will cement the bond more deeply. If you already know each other, you can relax in each other’s company. Shut the door to any stormy moments and your love life will truly benefit.

Capricorn: Those of you out and about today, you are in good company. Someone you will be with shares a deep spiritual connection with you. If it feels like you two have known each other forever, you may very well have. This person may be from a previous life with whom you may have shared many adventures together. Regardless, you are very relaxed in this person company and feel rather secure. There is deep bond there and the longer you two stay in contact the deeper it will become. If you are a homebody today, take a good look around you. Save yourself the headache of repeating old problems by paying attention to the details. You and sweetheart may have a familiar problem but if you put your heart into it, it will pass.

Aquarius: Your emotional needs, desire for closeness and a sense of belonging is where your focus is at. Any problems you may have been avoiding in these areas are brought back to your attention. Essentially what is being suggested is that you give your home, personal relationships and inner life more attention at this time. For some of you this is a turnover period where you have recently left a relationship and you are replaying its past over and over again in your mind. If you have been feeling quite sorry for yourself, the energy surrounding you has other ideas, ones that involve beaming a ray of sunshine into your life. You will meet someone who is in a similar place. You will both cheer each other up and help each through this time.

Pisces: Unconventional romantic and social connections are likely at this time. Much of what goes on in your love life will have a lot to do with your intuition; sometimes you just know its right and jump in without hesitation. If someone has caught your eye, pay attention for any cues or ways you can shine without being obvious. He or she will catch on. If you happen to have a date with someone, the energy surrounding you has heightened your intellect so expect in-depth conversation that is centered on philosophizing and talking about who and we are as a whole. You two have wildly different perspectives on life and the Universe but it will be this that draws you two together.

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