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Love Horoscopes – May 3, 2013


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Aries: You are bouncy and restless but feeling hospitable and loving. This combination of random emotions is nothing new for you. In fact this energy swirling about is right up your alley. Many of you may feel like socializing, having company in your home or throwing a party elsewhere. If you can, than do. If you are unattached you find someone who wants to help you work off some of that excess energy. But keep your eyes open, someone else is vying for that persons affections and may not be too happy you are getting in on their game. You may find that later he or she is doing all they can to try and outdo you. As if that is possible! If you are attached you feel the need to share comfort and affection with the one you love. Shower them with it!

Taurus: You want to be with someone on a private and deeply personal level where you are needed and to feel its okay to have needs. You may have found that kind of relationship but you need to explore it more in greater depth. For those of you embarking on a new adventure, you two are not quite comfortable with each other yet. But will soon, all will be well and you two will have more confidence around each other and the depth of your emotions. If you are unattached, now would be the time to make an effort to connect with new people as you are out and about enjoying your time of the year. If you keep your eyes and heart open, perhaps you’ll meet someone significant at this time.

Gemini: Romance flourishes in many ways, and for you today it is likely to develop in a very primal, lusty manner. Normally, you don’t like your intimate relationships to be too exciting, but today some wild and uninhibited fun is in order. Physical needs should be allowed to take the forefront and you will have the opportunities to make it happen. If you are attached you may have to be a little more enthusiastic and willing to put some energy into your relationship. Things are not stale per say but you two are complacent. Spice things up a bit. If you are unattached you will have a great opportunity for a wonderful connection with someone you meet. It may seem more than what you can handle but don’t pass it by.

Cancer: This day has the potential for all kinds of positive ideas and feelings. If you allow them to flow freely, there is no limit to what’s you can do. So today take some initiative and run with it, run with it and accomplish something in your love life. All of this positive energy encourages you to do some straight talking, followed by direct action. If you are unattached and you would rather not be than what is stopping you from doing something about it? The perfect lover will not just fall out of the sky and into your bed. You have to find him or her and bring them there. If you are attached and you two have been having problems communicating, then now is the time to do something about it. Talk it out; it won’t be as hard as you think it will be.

Leo: You may feel a sudden surge of boldness, especially with today’s aspect at play. While that may be the case, getting noticed and getting the job done may not mesh as easily as you would like. Do not be surprised if a deeply personal issue interferes with other obligations you wanted to address. Try to get as much resolved in this area without destroying it out of frustration. There will be many of you unattached who have someone in mind that may not be what everyone wants for you. Because of the energy surrounding you, you really do not care what other people think about you, and are quite adamant about whom or what you want. Make sure this person is worth the effort and all of the might you have put into this.

Virgo: Today you find yourself at your most imaginative, at least when it comes to ideas and thoughts. Personal subjects are the topic of discussion now. The energy encourages a sense of adventure as far as your love life is concerned. If you are unattached, don’t fall for the same kinds of lovers in the past, it is time to consider a change. If you make the effort now to meet a new caliber of person, you will certainly feel a pull toward a new kind of partner today. He or she has different interests and can show you a whole other world. If you are attached now is the time to clear the air of any grievances you have been holding on to. If you don’t speak up now, the problems will linger and fester in something worse.

Libra: You are feeling warm, expressive, and frisky. This is a good thing because those loving feeling will flow nicely between you and those you encounter today. It will intensify if you happen to have a sexual interest in this person. Regardless of your status you will be able to experience romance or flirtations under this energy. If you are attached, that romance will come after a bit of serious exploration. You thought you had your relationship worked out but through a rather deep conversation, you realized that you have only scratched the surface. There is a lot you two can explore and areas in which you haven’t even begun to touch upon yet. Use this time to get to know your partner on an even deeper and more intimate level than ever before.

Scorpio: Warning signals are in the air today sounding off loudly. During this time you might want to tread carefully because in a split second everything could go wrong. If you are attached, an argument between you and lover could get ugly. He or she will make getting the final word on anything will be virtually impossible. If you can stay positive and not give into their negativity, you will make it out with your heart intact. Those of you unattached, if you have someone in mind you may or may not know that you have competition for this persons heart. As of yet, he or she has not shown any particular favor toward either of you but that can quickly change. Whatever you do, don’t let it get out hand. Competition is healthy but jealousy is sad.

Sagittarius: You are moving and shaking things up today and that will do wonders for your love life. If you are attached there may be some misunderstandings and confusion that need to be cleared up straight away. If you both could share your feelings honestly by having a particularly spirited discussion, you will both be very pleased at the result. This could raise the commitment level of your relationship up a notch or two. If you are unattached but have someone in mind, take the initiative and pursue the person you want to be with. If you don’t take a risk to find out you won’t ever know. In your enthusiasm you may come on too strong but this person you adore will actually love your assertiveness and think your nervousness is cute.

Capricorn: The energy swirling about is hot and cold as well as backwards and forwards. Some of you will experience its full range today while others are stuck in one mode. If you happen to have a date tonight, you will walk away from it knowing this person is the one right now for you. Your time together will consist of having conversations from varying topics that are particularly stimulating. You both know that this connection is sound and will want to take it further. If you are already attached, some of you may find yourselves running over the same old ground and getting into pointless arguments with your loved one. Don’t let annoying disagreements upset you, agree to disagree if at all possible.

Aquarius: Many of you may be rather distressed over the discord in your environment and personal relationships. You may even be wondering if you are actually having a relationship or not. Because of this, would rather avoid serious discussions or get involved in any real disagreements with others. While that is usually the best course of action, today it might not be. You may find your relationship is stirred up under the influence of energies. It seems that both of you have had certain grievances that you find it hard to talk about. As challenging as it may be, talking about it, arguing – whatever, will actually bring you two closer together. Go ahead, break the ice and smooth over this dissonance.

Pisces: Your desires are strong, and you will want to enjoy yourself at this time, maybe even selfishly. Watch how far you take that because it may put an intimate relationship on the rocks. In some cases that may be a good thing. You might have a relationship with someone that is already on the rocks and threatening to extinguish itself. You don’t want that because there is a lot of feeling left between you both. If this is you, a small argument may be what you need to get the blood flowing and reconnect. The yelling and arguing will help you two to realize just how much you both care about each other. For those of you unattached, romance is quite possible during this time but you will need to make a little effort.



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