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Love Horoscopes – May 5, 2013

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Aries: This energy swirling about is rather frustrating and conflicting. This has left you feeling inhibited and uncommunicative. You would prefer to be alone and not bothered by anyone; maybe that is for the best. Taking time for yourself may do you and your partner more benefit than harm. You have this nagging feeling that you are coming across negatively anyways so keeping your thoughts to yourself seems like a good idea. If you have a date, it is probably best to reschedule. No need to come up with any sort of creative excuse just be honest and say you are not feeling up to it. In a few days your normal cheerfulness with have returned and you two can pick things up right where you left off.

Taurus: Dissatisfaction with your intimate affairs will be your focus at this time and with it, feelings from the past will likely reemerge. If they seem to overwhelm you and aren’t entirely of a positive nature, then perhaps it is best to realize that your current relationship isn’t really to blame. Its likely basic lifestyle conflicts at the moment are making it difficult for you and your mate to find some common ground. Fortunately communication is strong during this period. Detach yourself from the overwhelming emotions and you two should be able to discuss your differences and reach some sort of compromise that pleases you both. Once you two discuss this matter, it will not come back to haunt you.

Gemini: Like everyone else today, you may be feeling more distant and cold, rather than your usual warm and sensual self. On the bright side, you are in good company. On the down side, well you are overly sensitive to those closest to you. Whatever may happen in your love life over the next few days, do not take personally. The influence this energy has is both conflicting and negative but it is not substantial. This will soon pass. Meanwhile, it may do you some good to spend some time alone quietly reflecting, or doing something that brings you a great deal of enjoyment. Let this energy do nothing else for you other than give you a break from all the action and a chance to catch up with yourself.

Cancer: Despite this dour and detached energy surrounding you, your desires and romantic urges are very strong now. While you may be feeling warm and affectionate, you are having a hard time spreading that warmth and cheer. Thankfully you are not the only one so others will understand this conflicted mood you are in. If you happen to have a date today, it won’t be the disastrous encounter you think it will be. Because you both share similar dispositions, it just may take a while to get going.  In general, you are less competitive than normal and more interested in creating simply harmony. Make sure no one takes advantage of your laid back mood.

Leo: Many of you are looking to take back some sort of control in your life. You feel you have given up a lot of it when it comes to aspects of your life and you want to do something about it. Start by playing hard to get in your love life. You have made things far too easy for the one who has your heart so now it is time to make him or her work a little bit. During this time a part use it to do some exploring. If you haven’t tried it, then now’s the time to. Embark on adventures that highlight your inventiveness and originality. You will meet new people who are doing the same. If you are unattached, there may be a possibility for love among those you encounter.

Virgo: You want a break from your usual routine and certain aspects of your life. Because you want to experiment and to be spontaneous, you are likely to experience a refreshing change of pace. Being on your own right now will do wonders for your love life. You and the one who has your heart have been spending quite a bit of time together. There is nothing wrong with that but you have seemed to neglect many of your own needs and desires. Use this time to regroup and catch up with yourself. This time apart will revitalization your current relationship. If you are unattached this playful and adventurous attitude will bring on new friends, new romances and a few unexpected pleasures. You will find this time both delightful and stimulating.

Libra: Boundaries are made for a reason. Despite initial thoughts, creating or reinforcing boundaries actually strengthen relationships. During this time it is best that you be true to yourself. That means saying what you mean and meaning what you say. There is no need for you to automatically agree with everything your partner does. What separates you two as individuals actually does make you stronger. Keeping that clear and unchanged makes a real difference in the type of love you two will share. But if things are really looking grim in your love life, now is the time to take an objective look at where your relationship is heading. Sadness and disappointments in your personal life are probable now but do not let it define you or your heart.

Scorpio: You may feel overwhelmed by demands, outside pressures, or your responsibilities and you are looking at your life with serious doubt or pessimism. Where your intimate affairs are concerned, sure things have gone flat but that doesn’t mean there is no love to be had. Don’t let the current state of things worry you two much especially if you two had spent quite a bit of time together before this current energy arrived. Needing to spend some time apart doesn’t mean that you have fallen out of love; it simply means you both need some space. That’s all nothing more. Spending time apart periodically actually helps maintain intimacy by giving you new things to talk about or explore. So relax, it’s all good.

Sagittarius: Some of you are looking to get away from the pressures in your love life or any restrictive circumstances. Because you are in a slightly vengeful mood, you have decided to use withdrawal and aloofness as tools to get what you desire. Granted this may make you feel better but is it the best way to go about this? When a person stops communicating, it never ends well. Wouldn’t it be better to just admit that you are hurt? An argument may come and ugly things may be said but it would be better to just cut to the chase. It is entirely possible that if you don’t come clean then the other person will pursue you for closure. That may be more annoying that what it is worth.

Capricorn: Someone may try your patience today so it isn’t a bad thing that you are not as cheerful as usual. Sadly this person may be close to you on a rather intimate level. He or she will try to take advantage of this, assuming you will turn a blind eye and let them get away with whatever it is they want. If it truly doesn’t bother you, then leave it alone but it if does, say something. It would better if you were honest now while you are calm than to let this go on and really raise your anger. For some of you, there may be a conflict between socializing and fulfilling your commitments. Do not stress yourself if you cannot do both, just take things one at a time. But do make sure you can schedule a little recreation time.

Aquarius:  Many of you are not ready to share your feelings for someone you deeply care for. The thing is that, they are obvious to everyone else and maybe to the one they are directed to. When and where you are when you come to realize this could be extremely embarrassing. Never the less there will be lots of advice and attempts to influence you shoved in your direction. It is your heart, do what you think is best. But keep in the mind this energy also affords you to experiment without long term commitment. That does mean you can take certain risks without fearing the consequences of failure. Under normal circumstances you would not mind, but is nice to know there is a safety net of sorts.

Pisces: Today’s planetary influences may make you appear more cold and distant than you actually feel. There is an energy in the air is encouraging your dry sense of humor combined with a more detached perspective. Because of this, someone may get the bright idea to challenge you on a very sensitive issue. Obviously this will result in an argument or, at the very least, a very intense and awkward discussion. Due to the subject matter, you would rather not have had to address this matter in public due to its emotional nature. It might be a good idea to spend some time analyzing why this bothers you so. If you have a date with someone new, they may not understand this cold appearance, try your best to generate some warmth and a real smile.

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