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Love Horoscopes – May 7, 2013


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Aries: You are being torn apart today and scattered in various directions. It is time to regroup and get comfortable with yourself again. This may involve placating your urge to break away from your normal routine and do something radical. Granted, you cannot completely give into these urges but there is no need to completely ignore them either. Feel free to follow your heart so long as you can do so with decisiveness and clarity. Whatever you do decide to do will be something you can’t take back. People feelings cannot be returned Aries, just remember that. Those of you attached will find answers to the problems in your relationship. Emotional honest, no matter how hard, will be in your favor during this time.

Taurus: Your feelings run hot now, and you are more likely to act on instinct, emotion, and impulse rather than reason. You may find your actions are passionate and painfully direct. This could lead to some problems today likely because you have either pissed him or her off or they have overstepped their boundary.  Either way, someone was being insensitive to what is really going on with the other. If you do encounter these problems then take a step back and try to understand what is needed from you or what you need to get past this. This period of time was to encourage passion in a more physical or positive emotional way not in a detached and distant manner. Change its focus and get this right.

Gemini: Today promises to be much better than yesterday as this energy is more harmonious and pleasant. Actually, this energy may be just what you need to help you expand your options. Intimate relationships will be particularly pleasurable and productive now, so you should find that any partnerships formed now will work out very well. If you are unattached though, that means you should make moves if you want to take advantage of this energy. If you get out and mingle about you will meet someone new that excites you and sends your heart into a bit of a palpitation. However this happens, you will be glad you in the right place at the right time. Ignoring this energy will do your heart a disservice.

Cancer: Your insecurities have raised their disruptive heads and may hinder you and your intimate affairs. If you are attached, you have these fears and just can’t put your finger on why. Think for a second and be honest, are you comparing your current relationship with one from the past? Yes the one (or few) you are thinking about have similar traits or events, yes it did end badly BUT each relationship is different and this one most definitely is. It’s those differences that make it unlikely to follow the same path. If you are unattached you have someone in your life that you wish to know more intimately. That buzzing you feel flowing through your veins is the courage to ask him or her out on date. Use your charm and the rest will come naturally.

Leo: There has been a lot going on right now and your focus has been toward the future and your most essential relationships. For some of you it starts with the big plans and goals you have been dreaming up. Certain events have given you ideas on how to finally make them happen. All you need to do is deal with the facts and use those to make more concrete plans. Along the way there will be someone you meet that is not the negative person they seem to be. Get past the surface and you will see that they are all you have been waiting for. Soon enough all you have imagined will become reality. For others your mind is on recent arguments you and your love have been having. Soon you will see that these wounds were reopened to properly heal.

Virgo: Those around you, or the situation you find yourself in, may not feel right to you and could lead to some dramatics. There will likely be someone in particular that you will find yourself having emotional differences with. Although you both share the same goal, you have different ideas about how you are going to get there. That is just one of the issues causing the problem. It would be better to avoid any theatrics, and talk about it sensibly if possible. If you can’t have a normal conversation about this, then excuse yourself and let things calm down for a bit. This someone may be having a bad day and it’s really not about you. Try and let it go, come back to it when cooler heads prevail.

Libra: There are times where you would rather be alone, even if it’s just short periods of time. Today, you don’t feel like it. You want to be with people you love and have decided to reach out. When you get in these moods, you get talkative and animated. You really are a fun person to be around; you just have to let people around you. If things have been boring between you and the one who has your heart, this energy you feel can help spice things up a bit. What will really help you more are the conversations you two will have. Not only will they clarify things but you will find out some useful information about your love. If you are unattached, you may find yourself talking with someone who wants to take things to a more intimate level.

Scorpio: There may be a few instances today where you feel you have swallowed your foot whole. Whatever you do, do not let it get you caught up in bouts of passive aggression or fits of brooding. No need to make yourself even more frustrated, push right through it! This is not the time for you to hold things in. If you have grievances with your lover then get them out in the open so they can be resolved. If there is someone you want to get to know better, you just simply ask this person out on a date. There is nothing wrong with being honest and up-front about your feelings. The energy swirling about today may give you the added courage to get this done. Just don’t get too carried away and feel as if you can perform miracles.

Sagittarius: There are people taking themselves far too seriously today and sadly you are one of them. Many of you have something to say to the person who has your heart. Now, not to undervalue the strength it took for you prepare what you need to say and make the final decision to say it, but it’s not that big of a deal. It may be to you but in reality, it isn’t. Listen, feelings are not to be hidden or be ashamed of. We all have them and right now yours are just a little more intense than they are normally and maybe than you can handle. You need to speak up, you need to share what is in your heart and your lover is probably ready to hear it. Don’t rush things or expect mountains to move from your words, just know love is set in motion.

Capricorn: During this time your intimate relationships can deepen and grow to a very personal level. Due to the energy surrounding you, you are rather looking for to the emotional intensity you feel is fast approaching. You and the one who has your heart have plans for an exciting adventure. This will mainly be an emotional journey but it will still be quite exciting once you two get going. The path you two choose will take you to some wild and exciting places. The process will lead to a much deeper understanding and bond between you. Later you may even look back on this time as if it was the adventure of a lifetime. This will leave you with great memories, it will be time well spent.

Aquarius: Minor annoyances and others’ idiosyncrasies seem to aggravate you more than usual. In all honesty, you are just cranky right now. Do not be surprised if you find yourself temperamental and impassioned. You may be ready to argue and fight but you better take a few deep breaths before dealing with your lover. If you are attached, there are a few misunderstandings that your sweetheart has. You should really set him or her straight but do so without the attitude, especially since you will have to admit something a bit embarrassing. To be honest, it is your fault that they misunderstood this issue so don’t bit their head off when they start asking for clarification. Be nice, come clean then move on.

Pisces: You are looking to enjoy more emotional satisfaction and harmony in your home life than you have had recently. If you have a solid personal life then you will finally reap the benefits of the work you have put into it. If not, time to change that. For those of you who are already in the process of doing so, you are going about it all wrong. Your actions have spoken louder than your words and they are saying quite a bit. You are pretending to be cold to someone you have so many feeling towards but they see right through it. They want to play along and see how far you will take this. Soon enough their patience will wear thin and they will have something to say to you. We have to work on your poker face Pisces!


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