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Love Horoscopes – May 8, 2013

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Aries: Your relationships, of all types, are empowered with cooperation, compromise, and the ability to positively adjust to others’ point of view. If you are looking to make progress or gain momentum in your love life, now is the time to do it. If you are attached, you should make use of this time to reconnect and cement the bond between you two. It will be easy to rediscover the love that burns so deeply within. If you are unattached you may come into contact with a person who will be especially creative or influential in your life. You will both see the best in each other, and will likely be instantly smitten. This is a powerful connection being created here. Do not let this person pass you by.

Taurus: Because you are a rather grounded individual, you often times believe things should happen a certain way. If it doesn’t then it isn’t something you want to be a part of. The problem is that love is far too difficult to try and control. Sometimes love comes to us in very strange and mysterious ways that we could never hope to understand. When it happens you have a choice, either let it go or seize the opportunity. It would be wise to keep an open mind as far as your intimate affairs are concerned. A meeting could be the start of a wonderful relationship or events may occur in one you are already in, but because things are not happening in the way you imagined it would, you let it go. Why lose out?

Gemini: There is a romantic energy surrounding you today but it is not traditional in any sense of the word. Because of this energy your personal charm and attractiveness has a positive effect on others at this time. People will see you as a loving and lovable person, and as someone who is aware of their needs and feelings. This confidence can benefit you at this time. There may be a few of you who could begin a relationship online with someone that you quickly see is something quite special. There may be others that may meet someone at a group that is centered around some powerful ideals that you both share. The more you two talk the more you both feel a deep and intimate connection. See where this goes.

Cancer: Your intimate affairs will have a big impact on your life at this time. Established relationship will be transformed or perhaps even ended while new ones may show up when least expected. Welcome these changes do not try and stop them. Some of you may find yourself falling head over heels for someone today. It may begin with a bizarre conversation about things that are not just different, but very unusual. The attraction will be immediate and obvious, and perhaps a little overwhelming. Do what you can to keep your feet on the ground if at all possible. If you are attached your lover will have a rather compelling if not mesmerizing impact on you and your decisions. Take caution that you are not lead astray, listen to your heart and intuition.

Leo: Your need for approval and affection is strong today but do not lose sight of the practical side of things. Many of you will be looking for those closest to you to affirm your value and confirm that you are a part of something special. What you may forget along the way is that humans cannot read minds. Those you are looking for this from may not even realize you need it. You may have to drop some hints to get what you would like. For those of you unattached, your confirmations may come as you score a date with someone extremely delicious. This is the same person you feel as though you have known for so long already on some level, but really don’t know at all. Things will go very well from here.

Virgo: There is a powerful influence in the air with today’s energy. Your love life may be turned on its ear as the day unfolds. Some of you may take the safe route and allow fantasies to take over your day. This allows you to dream and manifest what you want without being rejected. You will not be able to daydream too long today because what you have asking for has come. That friend you have been eyeing, the one you know you could love like no other, has turned the sights on you. Now you can continue to daydream or you can set things in motion. Granted today is not the day to push for answers or try to formalize anything but that doesn’t mean you can’t plant the seeds for something wonderful in the immediate future.

Libra: Life’s pace may be a bit too slow for you at this time. This leaves you frustrated to the point where you become critical of everything around you and you may vent your frustrations on your loved ones. You will far more critical than you should be. To maintain some semblance of harmony, keep your mind as busy as possible. Perhaps this would be a good time to put any arguments or problems behind you and try to spend some time together doing … anything. Television shows on the DVR you may want to catch up on or movie you two wanted to see, whatever it is you two should go and do it. Do not let this relaxed tempo of the day create havoc in your life. Sometime soon you will be wishing for another slow day like this.

Scorpio: You may find yourself working though some unresolved emotional issues at this time. Though you are doing this privately, you find that you are able to effectively express some of your emotional needs right now. The further along you get the better your ability to communicate will be. If you are attached you may want to use this time to settle any differences and clear the air with your partner. Thankfully you are able to better understand your feelings as well as the feelings of those closest to you. Make up for lost time and work towards deepening the bond you two share. Either arrange to go somewhere special for the evening, or create a wonderful atmosphere at home, whatever it will take to get things back on track.

Sagittarius: There is a bit of impulsiveness flowing through your veins, maybe you should make the most of it. There may be a few opportunities within your grasp today if your eyes are open to recognizing them. If you are attached this impulsive need may be accompanied by a tender heart and a craving for sweet comfort. Spend time with your loved one and shower him or her with your loving affection. You will get much more in return. If you’re unattached you may find out about someone who is secretly fond of you. You feel the same way and once you get over the shock, you can make plans to get this person in your life. Whether you have to bump into them accidentally on purpose or you feel bold enough to call, it’ll be worth it.

Capricorn: The energy surrounding you is romantic. This is far better than many of you have had recently. Use this time to deepen your bond. Your restlessness can be quelled by meeting your partner halfway in any reconnection efforts. Let go of any nervousness or irritability you may have been feeling due to any increased stress you have been enduring from your relationship. The tide will begin to change in your favor. If you are unattached you may find yourself awestruck by someone you will be unable to resist. Let your heart melt under this romantic energy and follow it to a first date. You two will certain have a date to remember as it marks the start of something substantial.

Aquarius: Today is a good day. Though you feel wonderful now, you’re likely to regret your actions later if you don’t curtail your impulses to overindulge, overspend, and enjoy too much of a good thing. Keep this in mind as you are out and about with friends and loved ones. Never the less some of you may have a meeting or lunch date that is supposed to be all business or business as usual. After a short while, you may realize that there is more to this outing than simply work. You could both be powerfully attracted to each other and if you are open to it, the start of something erotically spiritual. If this does indeed come up, ask yourself where you want this to go if anywhere. If you want this, enjoy it.

Pisces: The energy surrounding you has no real direction today. Not that you are on your own but there an encouragement of personal freedom. Some of you are feeling a bit disconnected and that can be easily fixed. If you are attached, this would be an ideal time to do something new and exciting on your own. Nothing wrong with taking a little “me time” and going on a little adventure of your own. It is good for couples to prove to themselves that they can still operate on an individual basis. It helps alleviate any feelings of being smothered or losing identity. For some of you, you may meet someone special as you interact with others. Where ever you may be discussing ideas and ideals, you will connect with this person on a strangely deep level.

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