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Love Horoscopes – May 9, 2013

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Aries: You like a certain organized chaos in your life. You love harmony but you also love to mix that with excitement and impulse. Right now you need a bit more of a grounded influence and the strength to slow yourself down today. This is a good time to explore any open or secret feelings you have for the person who has your heart. Now you would be able to do so in a way you feel safe enough to do so. What you want to do is deepen any bonds you have so you can be exactly who you are and know that you are still loved and accepted. Though you may be tempted, do not jump to conclusions at this time or say and do things which you may regret later. It may feel right to be grandiose but you won’t have the resources to fulfill them later.

Taurus: Today may not be about passion and romance; it may end up being about your crankiness and temper tantrums. You have been quite the impatient one lately and feel the need to bulldoze your way into everything. You have been abrasive and insensitive with those you care for and all of that is now coming back on to you. The accidents and bruised feelings you imparted on to others are not only weighing on your mind but have come back to break your heart. It is time to make amends and take responsibility for your actions. When you do, then the one who has your heart will do so as well. Sorting out these matters will be much easier and the results will be real, solid, and very lasting.

Gemini: There is a certain stability you like to feel in your relationship. When it comes to your love life you don’t like not knowing what is going on from moment to the next. Lately you may have been feeling as if you are on the edge of your relationship but soon, if not today, you will see and feel it getting better. The difficulty you had enduring will slowly fade away and you will be secure in knowing that things will get better between you and your love. You will enter in a period where your relationships will become mellow and interactive at this time so enjoy them. This would be the time to step up and show your loved ones just how much affection and appreciation you have for them.

Cancer: Lately, many of you have been concerned with yourselves and your own desires. Your sexual drive is quite strong and so is your ego, of course this will cause a few tangles in your love life. When you are not being sensitive to the needs of your lover, every interaction threatens to be tense. Thankfully the light bulb goes off in your head and you realize you must rebuild the bits of harmony you two have lost. In order to do so you two must actually do the things you say you are going to do. Any time and effort you two make, doing all the things that must to be done in order to get your relationship back on track, will be well spent. This time around the harmony you recreate will last much longer.

Leo: Many of you have someone in your life that means a great deal to you both privately and intimately. You have been burned many times before and vowed to yourself to take things slow, to not give your heart so freely like you once had. You two are at the point where you need to feel a certain level of security and stability now. What you need to start doing is thinking about the kind of compromises you may be willing to make to accomplish these objectives. A series of events may unfold that will show you that you can finally trust that your lover will not waiver in the slightest storm. But he or she will not continue to give without you giving in return. Find a way to meet in the middle and you will have everything your little heart desires.

Virgo: Actions speak louder than words today and those actions can really go the distance for you. The energy surrounding you brings with it an opportunity to take charge in your love life and right some wrongs you may have made. You may have thought the worst about someone you are close too. You had dark and suspicious ideas that your love one was doing terrible things against you. Thankfully you have been able to break out of that narrow view and see things from a much broader perspective. You learned its better to not react to your initial judgment without adequate proof.  Now make up for these transgressions by gifting them something from the heart. Something that will show you really do care as much as you say you do.

Libra: Although there may not be much in the way of passion, today’s celestial energy indicates that if you are going on a first date, you will get on really well. It may seem like more of a friendship at this stage than any great love affair. But sometimes the best relationships start at a fairly low-key level, and the warmth and feeling gradually increases with time. If you are involved in a love relationship then a deepening of the relationship is likely at this time. You gain an even greater appreciation of each other, and you respect each other more than ever. Mutual understandings and cooperation on issues of importance make you feel very close and even more loving.

Scorpio: Thankfully the energy surrounding you today is promoting harmony because your expectations may have gotten the best of you. You may be disappointed with those close to you and it has caused some palatable tension. By now you should know that you haven’t been exactly fair and should take strides to make it up to your sweetheart. Doesn’t matter what you do, massage, cook their favorite meal or giving them an appropriate present but whatever it is, make it practical. They will really appreciate the effort you make things right now. If you are unattached your fantasies make take shape and someone from right out of your dreams may appear. You will certainly be infatuated with this person. Who knows they could be THE one.

Sagittarius: As a fire sign you are loyal, almost loyal to a fault and it is very hard to find that in someone else. Many of you have someone in your life, whether you are fully attached is irrelevant but you will know if it is right today. There is sense of security that you have been waiting on, hoping for, that you need to feel before you allow your deep and intense feelings to surface in this relationship. A series of events will unfold and as they do you will realize that the person you are with is not someone who will give up at the slightest difficulty. He or she is willing to stand by your side through it all.  To add to these positive affairs, new friendships or relationships formed now will serve you very well. You won’t look back on this time with suspicion or regret.

Capricorn: This may not be the most exciting time in your love life but it will be the most beneficial. You will have the impetus to do what is best for you regardless of cost. Backing down from what your intuition tells you is not what today is about. That means whatever it takes, whatever is necessary. If you are attached and something isn’t working for you, it may be time to show him or her the door. Don’t give the situation or this person ‘just one more’ chance. How many chances has this been already? If you are unattached but have someone in your sight you should really have yourself sorted out before you even begin to think about beginning a new relationship. Put old ghosts to rest and leave any baggage behind.

Aquarius: Though you like to keep your head in the clouds, there are times where you are very pragmatic. Right now your love life can use that as there is a significant development on the horizon. If you are attached, you two may be at the point in your relationship where you two should combine financials or are saving for something that requires both of you to do so. This is a big step so you should talk about this thoroughly and respect each other’s wishes. If you are dating someone you may be at the point where you become aware of his or her financial status. You understand that you need money to live and that the best relationship can suffer from a lack of funds. You will be very happy with what they are earning, as well as their position.

Pisces: There has been a short list of things you have been meaning to do, some of which involve your love life. Thanks to the energy at hand, you will have the drive and desire to get it done. The social bug may have bitten you today. If it has it should prove to be very rewarding regardless of relationship status. If you are attached, this should actually enhance any intimate moments you plan on having. Hanging out with friends or family may help you discover new things about each other and strengthen the harmony you two enjoy. If you are unattached, your social opportunity may come from a party that you are hosting. The one you desire will admire how you handle things and approach you for a date.

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