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Love Horoscopes – May 10, 2013

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Aries: Normally you gain what and who you want through diplomacy or charm, rather than by being forthright and bold. If you are going out on a first date, nothing you do seems to be working. The current astral energy is making you both more nervous than usual. You will have difficulty just letting go and allowing the conversation to flow. There is no immediate remedy to this except other than to not let yourself be put off by this near disaster and say that it is worth seeing each other again. Things will be very different next time. If you are attached, expect the interactions with your lover to be light and pleasant. You will have to make a few concessions in order to maintain harmony in your environment. Thankfully there won’t be many.

Taurus: The current planetary alignment as you in touch with your more sensitive side which allows you to better express a greater level of sensitivity and greater empathy than usual. What this is doing is encouraging you to choose one person to be your partner out of many possibilities. Each of these special people thinks that they have the key to your heart and they do, collectively. Now do not let them know in any way that this is what you plan to do. One of them is particularly special, and probably already stands out in your mind as you read this so perhaps it would be wise to stick with them. Once you finally choose, this relationship will be sound and based on a deep level of mutual appreciation and understanding for each other.

Gemini: Your relationships are especially affectionate and friendly at this time but recent energies have left things a bit cool. You want to bridge that gap and you can.  If you wish your latest partner to know you really care, tell them.  Although you may have something of a problem getting the words out of your mouth and letting your feelings completely flow, with today’s aspect at play you will nevertheless manage to convey your emotions in an adequate way. Whether it is easier to write a note or give them a gift, what you feel is the right thing to do will be. It will make a difference. If you are unattached this is a good time for social gatherings, and other pleasurable activities. You’ll meet someone that makes your socializing more than just a good time.

Cancer: The energy marks a time when love, creativity, and self-expression satisfy a deep yearning to be appreciated and admired, needed even. Many of you may have something you have to say to your partner is so deeply meaningful and personal to you that you are wondering whether to actually speak the words or not. As long as you imagine that they could be received in the wrong way, then you will be fearful to even open your mouth. You would do better to adopt an air of detachment. Be true to yourself and your relationship. Do not be afraid to share what is on your mind and in your heart. Take a deep, calming breath and say it. If you hold nothing back you will be surprised at just how well received your honest and emotions are.

Leo: It is through words and conversation that you convey your feelings to that special person in your life. The configuration indicates that you have already reached a certain stage in your relationship, and you would like to take it even deeper. You wonder how to convey this wish to your lover in a way that inspires rather than intimidates them. Don’t worry – just go for it. You should also take advantage of the relatively stable but cool emotional environment to mend fences, solidify old friendships, and give someone a pat on the back. A little praise is probably sufficient for those around you, as going overboard looks more like sucking up than really being sincere.

Virgo: Love is work, we know this but new love is often a struggle. Sometimes coming together and blending personalities is the hardest to do. If you happen to have a date tonight or beginning a new relationship, you may find yourself working harder than ever today, to establish a deeper bond. You two have connected and there is quite a bit already there but the weight of it, the profound nature of this connection has you both running away rather than towards each other. There is no time limit on love; there is schedule it needs to keep. Step back up to the plate and take things slowly. Use this time to enjoy how the connection feels as well as getting to know each other better. Watch how your pieces fit together, they will blend nicely.

Libra: Today could be like a roller coaster ride with crazy emotional ups and downs. You will be reminded how loving another is usually easy and fun, but there are times it takes more effort than you think you can give. What isn’t helping is that your lover has not been on their best behavior. Through conversations and events throughout the day you will realize that despite these recent difficulties, you still love the person you are with very deeply and likely always will. No matter what happens, good or bad, the complexity of those feeling will remain intact. Go into this knowing that regardless of how today may end, with your relationship in tact or not, you learned quite a bit about yourself and love.

Scorpio: You have an extra measure of energy and confidence now and will make a strong impression on those in your environment. Because you will be noticed more than usual, this is a good time to begin something new, to initiate a relationship or project you may have been considering. If you are available and happen to have an invite to a social engagement, do not let your nerves prevent you from going. Yes, that very special person will be there. As much you try to deny it, yes you do want to get to know him or her and yes you can talk to this person. Go to this party. Set your nerves aside, stop being scared of even looking in their direction and make it happen. You need to relax and trust the process.

Sagittarius: Many of you have been dating someone that you can really see a future with. You have speculated, imagined and daydreamed all kinds of scenarios and plans to reach those desired results. But while you have been caught up in your favorite fantasy, the real life person involved thinks you are distant and his or her imagination is getting the best of them. No, not in a positive way either. Come back to reality and out your plans into action. Show your loved one that you do take this relationship seriously and how committed you are. Now no one can accuse you of fooling around but they have thought it. Focus on reassuring your sweetheart that you plan to stick around for some time to come.

Capricorn: Mixed emotions may be the theme of the day. You are trying to settle down after your love life has been on one hell of a roller coaster ride. Trying to sort them out has been far more effort than it is really worth and ultimately an unsatisfying process. One minute your relationship seems to be on, and the next minute it seems to be off. You have been feeling confused and exhausted, and now wondering whether it would be best to forget it all. You and your loved one have had a few arguments and may even have one today, but do not think that your efforts to patch things up are in vain. Today you may get the assurances that you need. It may come during an argument or simple conversation but you will have them.

Aquarius: Those of you will relationships that seem to be standing still will have a few obstacles to deal with today. Part of your problem is that you may be saying the things you usually only think because you feel you should speak your mind. Why is this problem? Because you are doing it without much thought tact, or consideration of consequences. No one you are close to has been safe and Universe help us if they have disagreed with you. Verbal battles have become the norm for you recently but just how many more disputes and heated debates do you think can happen before you are left alone? If you have entered a new relationship this is person is well suited for you. Just remember togetherness helps love to thrive.

Pisces: If you have had any thoughts about straying in another direction, or have been considering that the pasture looks much greener elsewhere, then the events of today may help change your mind. You will realize that what you have already is too good to let go. What you need to do get ahead of the already mounting tensions and get things back on track. Your negotiation skills will come in handy and you and your sweetheart discuss the changes needed to stay afloat in your relationship. Feel free to say what you need to but remember that blowups are harder to heal, so do what you can to avoid them. Resist the temptation to fly off the handle if things take an unexpected turn. This won’t be easy but you can and will make this work.

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