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Love Horoscopes – May 11, 2013


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Aries: You understand strategy, planning and creating ways to get what you want. Usually you are strong enough to either attract someone or pursue the one you desire. When things just happen unexpectedly, you are sometimes baffled at what to do and stand around like a deer looking into headlights. When this happens to you, over the course of the next few days, try to keep an open mind and an even more open heart. This person that will come into your life will be someone you could connect with in a deep and profoundly spiritual way. That is not something that comes your way very often. Give it a chance and you may find this to be a perfectly satisfying and positive experience.

Taurus: Many of you have been neglecting your desires to please someone else. You have made the effort to maintain peace and keep everything nice and cozy but what efforts have been made for you? Set yourself free today. Go ahead and upset the equilibrium in order to have your own needs met, especially sexually. Don’t compromise, ask for what you want and how you want it, or you’ll just end up being even more frustrated than you already are. If you are unattached there may be a social gathering you were invited to. Those you consider intellectuals will be in attendance and it should be a fantastic night. There will be someone there who not only excites your mind but will also excite your heart.

Gemini: Upsets and unexpected changes in your love life are extremely likely at this time. If you are attached you may be feeling the need to be independent and free. You will be selfish and unwilling to tolerate being contained or confined by others. Whether they are actually doing it or not, you will likely rebel against your lover as you feel they are being rigid when dealing with you. This may not end well at all so keep that in mind. If you are unattached you will meet someone that picks you up in a whirlwind of emotion. This connection is far too powerful for your liking as this chemistry you two share is so damn strong it’s practically disturbing. Take the time to get to know each other better and resist the urge to run at any given opportunity.

Cancer: Good or bad, love is moving forward with or without your input. If you are attached you will be forced to deal with the varying aspects of your life that are no longer working. For many of you it is an unhealthy relationship that has caused you pick up on a self-defeating attitude that has become deeply ingrained to your being. This has to stop and it will, whether you are ready for it or not. If you are unattached one of two scenarios may begin to unfold. An old flame may come back into your life ready to tend to the unfinished business between you two or you will finally take that risk with someone you’ve been watching. You are finally ready to make the moves you need to push your love life forward, it starts now.

Leo: You will want your own way, as you are inclined to be compulsive given the energy today. Usually when you wish to pursue a certain course of action without being disturbed you tend to withdraw and refuse to discuss the situation. Right now you are more than happy to simply tell your loved one that you want what you want and fully intend to get it, whether they approve of your plans or not. While you are emotionally driven to get whatever you desire, be careful today when demanding anything from anyone you are close to. Your attitude is likely to force things to explode given the right situation. You might want to reconsider any absolutes you have on your mind and how you were going to present them.

Virgo: Your amorous desires and romantic urges are very strong now. In all of your relationships, whether romantic or not, you feel quite warm and affectionate. This makes you far less competitive and more interested in pleasing others while creating some long lasting harmony in your intimate affairs. You may also feel compelled to do something creative or artistic, something to express your craving for beauty. This will come in handy for those of you attached as your partner seem to be in a wildly eccentric mood, more than usual. You don’t mind this in general but some of you that have something important to discuss and have no idea how to approach them when they are like this. It may be best to leave this for another day.

Libra: A few surprising facts may come to light today. What occurs now makes you more aware of what you need, feel and want in your relationships. This new point of view may alter your perception of what is possible within a certain relationship; possibly going from friendship to a potentially romantic one. During this time you will feel more passionate and loving so if your personal life is going well, this is a time to really enjoy and appreciate it. If you are unhappy with your intimate affairs, this is brought out now and you’ll be forced to face whatever it is causing your dissatisfaction. If you go with the flow and not fight this, you will be able to see how you help to improve matters and turn this into a more positive time.

Scorpio: Some of you may have a relationship of sorts that has left confused. The more you try and figure out why this special person is seemingly oblivious to your charms, the more your ego takes a tiny hit. Your mind has thought the worse but you will gain the necessary insight today. A series of events or possibly a conversation will tell you all need to know and help you turn the tides to your favor. You will find that it isn’t about you, that they are not holding back their favors on purpose to be harsh or cruel. There is a good reason that this special person is doing whatever it is they are doing, they were just trying to keep it private. Give him or her a little space but let them know you will be there for them should they need you.

Sagittarius: There is a lot of positive energy surrounding you today all of which will temporarily put your love life in a state of chaos. If you are attached your intimate affairs will be rather stellar. You will easily be able to give and receive affection and candor with your lover and finally feel harmony in your environment. Those of you unattached will find yourselves rather surprised at your state of affairs. This positive energy is poised to attract people into your life who are very good for you. Emphasis on the word people because there may be more than two vying for your affections. You will have many roles to play today but one of them will be peacemaker as you try and figure out which lover you would prefer more.

Capricorn: Your relationships have developed a rather competitive and aggressive quality to them as of late. Obviously there will be a few conflicts over power and dominance, your lover is no weakling. You are in no mood to compromise yourself to please your sweetheart so you may just want to be alone today. In fact, it may be better to take a break from your loved one and take this opportunity to go off by yourself and do anything that make you feel uplifted and recharged. You both need some space to get back in touch with yourselves as many things not in either of yours control has taken a toll on your lives. You will both, separately, enjoy the time alone, which makes the reunion later so much more fun. It will be alright.

Aquarius: Many of you are focused on your emotional well being and contentment. You want to feel relaxed and carefree but your love life has lost its luster. Today there may be a few surprises in store for you. Sometimes, happy accidents of fate are really no coincidence at all. A person may need to be life for one reason and ends up fulfilling another. You may experience this today as a friend or maybe even a past lover comes in to your heart and gives you exactly what you need. This is not expected but once it begins to happen, you know it’s right and realize that this has been in your heart for quite some time now. It may seem strange now but after a few months it will make so much more sense.

Pisces: Today’s planetary influences will have a positive effect on your love life. You are openly affectionate, warm, and also very responsive to the loving and passionate overtures you receive from others. Focus on your relationships today and keep an eye out; there may be an opportunity for a new romance or friendship that will work out quite nicely for you. One of those opportunities may come in the form of a random conversation with someone you have been dying to get to know much better. You won’t realize time has passed by but during that time you two cover some deep topics and share an exciting revelation or two.  You quickly realize that you two share many interests and the same sense of humor. You two have to get together again.


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