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Love Horoscopes – May 12, 2013

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Aries: Today you are looking for good company and happy fellowship. You want quality over quantity and the best of whatever there is to be had. If you are unattached, get social and go out with friends or one of your lovers. While there is no need to over indulge, you have a lot of wiggle room to insure you will have plenty of fun and fulfill your desires. If you have a date, be it with someone new or your partner, it may not go as planned. It may go so wrong that it may actually turn out right. For some of you in this position, it may lead you to meeting someone new and actually more appropriate. Not that there was anything wrong with the person you have a date with, it is just this person… is more of what you didn’t realize you were looking for.

Taurus: For you the energy today may be about understanding those closest to you. If you are unattached, this means you and the one who has your heart. In order to win their affection, you have to know how far you are willing to go and what it will take for you to get there. You will be given a chance with this person today; keep your eyes open and don’t blow it! If you are attached, you need to understand that your lover needs some space. It’s not that they don’t love you; they just need to spread their wings and fly solo for a bit. Let them try the things they have always wanted to do without you trying to get involved or give your input. If you want to keep the peace, give them some time. They will come back don’t you worry.

Gemini: Hidden passions, fears or jealousies may surface within you and cause quite the stir in your closest relationships. This may lead to you being compulsive or demanding of your loved one as you try and satisfy your longings, desires, or needs. But this energy today may force one or two things to a head between you and your loved one, before you get anything resembling what you want. What you will be surprised of is that the issues brought up are ones that you have been trying to keep quiet about. Ones you rather have not drudged up. Although there may be a fairly epic eruption, you two will be able to lay everything out on the table and work through the issues. Before you know it you two be laughing again and this relationship reborn.

Cancer: Today will be about how you react to the unexpected. If you have plans with someone who has your heart, it may not happen the way you planned, if they happen at all. This disruption is not something you even thought of accounting for nor would you have had a reason. It would be in your best interest to stay cal, and let it whatever it is flow naturally. It could very well work out better than you imagined. If something is wrong in the lives of those you care about, your ability to be rational will be a tremendous help. Assess the situation and come up with solutions that will put them at ease. Though be aware that someone may be vocal against you and your talent. They are jealous, respectfully ignore them and keep it moving.

Leo: Your relationships have a very competitive, aggressive quality at this time. If you haven’t already, you will experience a handful of conflict over power and dominance. What you might want to do is step back and break down this relationship you are having a problem with. This isn’t about compromising what you want to please won another, it is about recognizing that you two already have done what you said you couldn’t do. These defenses you both have erected, the walls and the masks that were to help you from getting hurt by love, has actually come down. Neither of you have realized exactly what you have done for each other. Enjoy getting to know each other on this deep level. Set aside whatever fight there was and move forward.

Virgo: Things may be heading south in your relationship today as neither one of you feel like carrying each other through the murky waters. You have this need for attention right now that is making it very difficult for your partner to care let along want to cooperate with you. Both of you will end up being contrary and stubborn for the hell of it. For you, this need for attention is just you looking to be appreciated for being you and what you have done so far in this relationship. What your loved one is trying to get you to understand is that you two have gotten through the easy part; the hardest is yet to come. There will be plenty of time to celebrate later. Let this go for now and focus on the matter at hand.

Libra: Many of you will feel especially attractive or friendly today. The warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated by others in contact with you. Because of this, it is entirely possible that those of you unattached may find a new romance while those of you attached may enjoy a revitalization of sorts. For those of you unattached, this revitalization may come in the form of breaking the old boring habits you and your sweetheart have developed. You two go out to the same places on the same nights, and do similar things day in and day out… that has to end! Shake things up a bit and change the script. If you don’t, it is possible that someone may come in and force your hand.

Scorpio: You should use this time to strengthen all of your personal relationships. The energy surrounding you is enhanced in such a way that allows you to talk freely about your feelings, needs and desires. First start off with settling any lingering grievances so you can create a warm and open environment that promotes a splendid future. Once you do this then you can share your hopes and dreams with those close to you. Being so open with your feelings will create positive and outstanding results. If you who have a date with someone new, it may not be what you think. You may think this person is sensible and sensitive but when you finally meet, you will see that this person far from what you thought. What happens next is up to you.

Sagittarius: This may be a crazy time for many of you as you feel a lot of mental pressure and your heart overwhelmed. In many ways this will be a rather fascinating period as you may learn a lot about yourself on a private level but it will also be a little nerve-racking as well. If you are attached you may find it hard to express some of your insecurity because of certain changes coming to your relationship. Don’t rush your thoughts, wait a day or two to formulate them. If you are unattached but have someone in mind you may find that things are moving very fast between you and this person you have secretly admired. And now that the promise of intimacy is nearly here, you find it almost too much to cope with. Just breathe and be yourself.

Capricorn: You may find yourself at odds with those closest to you. Many of you are sticking rigidly to certain beliefs rather than going with your own natural flow. Ask yourself if you are being true to your deeper nature? Remember that pressing the point too strongly only leads to arguments. If you start pushing your loved one so hard that they have to defend everything about themselves, then you need to back off. You may be on a roll at this point but really look at what you are doing. You might win the battle but you could lose the war. When you see how this affects your ability to be close to others, change. In general you may want to have some patience with any upsetting issues today, you may find out the real answers tomorrow.

Aquarius: This is the time for you shine especially because your sexual needs and romantic passions are heightened now. The energy of the day also encourages you to let out your maverick self. You tend to bury it deep inside but you should really let it out more often. People can appreciate your carefree and spontaneous take on life. If you are attached, let it go will do your relationship a world of good. It will breathe new life into it and let your partner see you in a different light. If you are unattached letting this side of you out will help you be bold enough to make the first move toward someone you are attracted to. Everything needs room to breathe and grow, so make sure you do this for yourself and do it more often.

Pisces: Your friends or lover may behave in unexpected ways which may throw you off emotionally. If you are attached, their actions may be a result of yours. You can’t stand limits. You would rather set them and ret set them as you please. In your relationship, you feel like pushing past those boundaries and doing whatever you please. It is likely that you have already gone too far if not, you are about to.  Keep in mind there is only some much one person can take before they decide it is no longer worth their time. If you are unattached, you may feel ready to get back to dating due to meeting someone you are highly attracted to. There are definite possibilities for adventure here so take some time and explore them.

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