Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning May 13, 2013


Astro-Week May  13 – 20, 2013

Dear Aries

Your active energy is still pouring into your personal finances and physical comforts. Expect some discomfort or resistance around money shared with another person or income you’ve made through a joint investment. It looks like a time for accountability. This arrives just in time as Venus has moved in Gemini causing everything to speed up. If you were waiting for a let’s get going” moment, it’s almost here.

Dear Taurus

As attention shifts into your personal financial sector expect money problems begin to ease up. It’s not that you’re especially lucky in money right now but if you look you will find deals. Saturn is still causing control problems in your personal relationships. There is something that you want very much, and you feel it’s there. Words just aren’t being expressed effectively.

Dear Gemini

I wouldn’t say gut check time is entirely over but things are beginning to loosen up and people are beginning to see you for who your really are. I guess you can say Karma is in the air and you get what you give. If you gave your best then great, If not then you’ll have to use this week to make up for lost ground.

Dear Cancer

You are currently exploring different ideals in foreign cultures and spiritual studies. This is slowly becoming more of who you are than a passing fad. As the planets begin to encourage introspection you begin to come to grips with a new version of who you’d like to be. If there is someone you’ve always wanted, and it seems like a long shot, now’s a good time to reach out and firmly begin a conversation.

Dear Leo

Time to get out and play. There’s still work to be done at the office but you’re finally getting recognized and the rewards are pretty good. Help is available if you get out and meet new people. Rewards for a job well done arrive shortly.

Dear Virgo

You’ve sure been studying a lot lately and generally expanding your vision of your world. This week your career gets a welcome boost. Keep pushing your studies but know that the bosses are watching your progress.

Dear Libra

Your key word for the next little while should be “How”. As In “How do I do this?”. Your energy is still being focused on joint ventures, money from partnered ventures, as well as the subversive and the occult. From the outside it may appear as if you’re lagging behind as ideas, distant shores, and optimistic encounters keep calling but, when it comes to finances it’s always a good idea to take your time and make sure you get everything right.

Dear Scorpio

When an angel whispers in your ear, it just makes sense to listen. Love is still strong and you continue to find yourself giving but your mind has moved on to joint finances and the darker side of love. Yes, someone is thinking of you. Yes, everyone loves you. But the question still remains, what’s holding you back? Forget love for a while and concentrate on business.  Remember, you’re still in the love cycle, but if you’re not into it, then you’re just not into it.

Dear Sagittarius

You’re lucky in love all year but right now things really begin to heat up. Expect yourself to be giving even more as fortune shines on those close to you. This will make you look like a star in the eyes of your friends. Thoughts begin to drift towards a longer term relationship. Use your instincts. It’s not the time to rush.

Dear Capricorn

Your body still wants to play but your mind has moved onto your daily routine. You know the routine. Make a list and check it twice. Get out and lend a hand to a friend in need this week. Building new Karma goes a long way towards love.

Dear Aquarius

You’ll be busy at home but it’s time to get out and play. Make the best of things and invite your friends over for fun. If there’s work to be done around the house, get your friend to pitch in. Love is encouraging creativity.

Dearest Pisces

How’s that for weird? Right out of the blue a lonely help needs your help. What are you going to do? Can you really save the world this week? With a little effort, your best might just be good enough.

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