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Love Horoscopes – May 14, 2013

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Aries: If you are unattached or ready to leave your relationship, you may find yourself wrapped in fantasies of what could be, what once was and what you have. Sure anything is better than what you have but you need to live in your reality right now, especially as things are moving about and transforming. If all you do is focus on dreams now, you may miss the real thing as he or she walks by you. Allow this energy swirling about today to flow through you and let your happy craziness out for the world to see. You are an Aries; people will notice and be drawn to you. If you are attending any sort of social gathering then be prepared, you won’t stay lonely for long. You will meet someone who will certainly bring a smile to your lips.

Taurus: Humor will have its way with you today. Most of it will be good but there will be a tiny part that could get you in trouble. If you are attached, something will strike you as being very funny today, but your partner may not see it that way. You may find yourselves involved in a situation where you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing. If this is at your loved one’s expense, then you may need to explain exactly why you are having such a reaction – as tactfully as you can. If you are unattached you may find yourself playing match maker for someone but the tables turn onto you. Don’t stay home and let this energy pass you by! Go out, attend a few parties and have some fun. You think you may not be ready for this but you really are.

Gemini: If you have been feeling upset and resentful over certain events that have transpired recently, then use this opportunity to take a step back, and see it all from a new and different perspective. Today’s energies will help you to see a difficult relationship situation in a new light. Listen closely to any small, persistent messages you may receive because they will add up to a bigger picture in your relationship. Now, don’t try to understand it all at once, just let the pieces of the puzzle put themselves together until everything is clear. All will be revealed in the end with a little patience. When everything is revealed then use humor to help heal this rift. When it comes to the wounds of the heart, nothing is better.

Cancer: This is the time for bringing your house into order. The warmth you radiate now allows people to see you as the genuine, caring person you really are. You can really turn things around right now as people are easily charmed by your affection and poise. Stop feeling bad about something that your sweetheart may have taken the wrong way and fix it. The energy surrounding you can help you use words and conversation to mend this damage and bring a smile to your faces once more. If you are unattached, this energy will help you make a very good first impression. If you have someone you would like to get to know better, now is the time to make your move.

Leo: You are in one of your more sociable and truly delightful moods. In this frame of mind you can make a joke out of absolutely anything, and can turn apparent disasters into triumphs. You are talkative and personable; life is good and feels even better. If you have a date, this will be quite the occasion. Your time together will be positive, things will be good. You may find yourself worrying a bit as all you two can do is laugh, at other people and each other. This may be a first or second date and the conversation hasn’t really gone to the depths you would like. You can be humorous and have a great depth to your conversations. Start by revealing secrets, those are funny and they will share the same with you. It will break the ice.

Virgo: This is a very positive time for your love life; use it to your advantage. If you are attached, things are especially well in your relationships. Your need to be together and to share loving feelings is very strong. You want to give to your friends and loved ones, and may spend generously in order to make them happy. If you are unattached and ready to mingle, you won’t need to resort to alcohol to relax your inhibitions. If you are out at a party, the mood will be infectious.  It may be her that you meet someone that will be very good for you in the long run. It could be while telling some of a joke or one of your favorite stories that this someone notices what a fantastic person you are, and that they would like to see more of you.

Libra: Today may be a bit challenging to your personal relationships, leaving some differences difficult to resolve. Because you may find yourself unable to express what you are really feeling, try to keep things light during this period. It might be a good idea to put your problems on the back burner for the time being and maybe focus on cheering up your sweetheart. He or she has been feeling rather low lately and could really use a pick me up. There is no need to go over the top, but try to arrange a small gathering of friends and other loved ones so that they can relax and be able to laugh. They will feel much better afterward and restored to their normal good-natured selves. This will also help their mood when you two discuss your issues in a day or two.

Scorpio: Being serious about life, love, goals are all well and good, but have some fun today to. Go easy on yourself today and remember if you won’t how will you allow others to be? Humor will play a big part in your love life today. This could bring you to the realization that you and your love have the same sense of humor which will bring you that much closer to each other in this relationship. If you are recently dating you will also find out other things that make you want to know more, laughter will be your way in. Whatever you do today, it would be a good idea to take your lover, or a potential lover, out and enjoy some time together. These will be the memories you reflect upon when you have a day that just feel it’s all too much to deal with.

Sagittarius: If you are involved with someone, recently or already established, you may find that your relationship has taken a rather intense turn. Suddenly you both are insatiable and this passion is growing more and more out of control. There is so much chemistry brewing that it will have no other choice than to explode or rather yet, implode. While there is really nothing wrong with this in general, now is not the time. Diffusing the situation should be easy enough by injecting a little humor. You two need to get comfortable and a lot more relaxed with each other and laughter should do the trick. No need to completely knock out the passion but you need to back off from the edge.

Capricorn: While you focused on your love life today, this would be a good time to discuss your personal needs and desires with the one who has your heart. Whatever concerns you may have are best dealt with now, especially the one where you feel as if you have been the butt of the joke lately. Maybe your sweetheart is hiding something from you, but it probably isn’t what you think or is as bad as you think it is. The events you believe to be happening, are not taking place. If you don’t ask then feel to lurk, you will probably do so anyways, and see for yourself. Either way, take a look at what is going on from all possible angles. You may just find the humor in this situation before the day is over.

Aquarius: You are more sensitive to delicate changes in the energy around you. You can either feel them coming or feel the transformation take hold. It may be a good idea to take some time out to quietly reflect on all the options open to you right now in your intimate affairs. Recent events in your love life have left you upset and today, given the influence, it is likely to make you angrier. When you do take a moment to reflect, ignore the pull to exact revenge. This will certainly back fire. Instead look for ways to maintain balance. There is a way to spin this positively, likely with humor and laughter but you need to calm all the negativity around you. Also, given the energy surrounding you, if your feelings are hurt by others today, let it go.

Pisces: In general this may be a busy day for you. There will be a lot of communicating and work to be done that may leave you in a more professional state of mind come the evening. If you have someone in your life, attached or not quite unattached, he or she may try to draw you out of that mode through laughter and fun. Maybe you have been in the serious frame of mind for a few days now or maybe you are just far too serious today and they don’t want to deal with you this way. Either way they will succeed. You find yourself laughing hysterically at their hijinx and joining in. If you are not quite dating this person just yet, don’t worry about the impression this person has of you. It has now vastly improved.

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