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Love Horoscopes – May 17, 2013

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Aries: You may have felt frustrated as to where your love life was heading. It has been hard to figure out what to do, especially if there is someone else involved. While this isn’t the best day for you to make any decisions, that doesn’t mean you will not be bombarded with all the information you had hoped to learn. If you have someone in your life then you will finally know where you stand as far as this particular relationship is concerned. You have been wondering how they feel about you and despite constant proclamations of love on your behalf, you did not have an answer you felt confident about. By the end of the day you will have no further doubts whatsoever that you are the center of their world. Figure the rest out tomorrow.

Taurus: For once, at least in recent days, you feel very enthusiastic and optimistic. There is an energy in the air that is strong and giving you a sense of harmony and satisfaction in your love life. If you need to mend any fences you feel confident enough to do so. If there is heart you wish were yours, you have the gumption to ask for it. You want to make moves and you want what you know you deserve, happiness and love. If you are attached, spend some quality time with your loved one. Have a wonderful and intimate evening together. If you are unattached, strike up a conversation with someone you find interesting. If there is a mutual attraction than you need to go where the mood takes you and allow this connection to grow.

Gemini: You may have gotten out of bed before early today as all this energy surrounding you is for too much for you to sit down for. You can feel it, depending on your situation a new romance or a revitalization of a current one is within your grasp. This will come in the form of the unexpected pleasures that come from new friends, or an adventurous attitude in your relationships. But you can’t get there without taking some kind of action concerning your love life. Use this energy to change the pace of your intimate affairs. If you happen to be ahead of the game and already have a date with someone new then expect the date to go well. Things become passionate so quickly that you two hardly have time to speak.

Cancer: The energy is running hot and cold today and the attraction you feel towards another may be very powerful and very physical.  Any conversation that you two do share, that is if you two actually speak, will be passionate, whatever the subject matter. If you are attached, this encounter puts you into a terrible situation, one you are not ready to delve into. So wait, if you can, to make commitments or accept any propositions. If it’s meant to happen you’ll have another chance when things feel more stable. Those of you unattached will also have problems with these emotions. Just as you think you’re warming up to someone, they can suddenly turn negative and even outright cranky. Passion this strong is overwhelming, give it time to even out.

Leo: Confronting the situation may be the wrong game to play in your love life today, but pulling out entirely is equally unsuitable. What isn’t helping this decision is that the energy of the day is making it impossible to hold back your feelings any longer. You have been waiting for just the right moment to express how you feel, you have wanted things to be as perfect as they can be but you have been waiting for quite some time. It is time to change your tactic and let go of any fear or excitement and calmly state how you feel, the simpler the better. Let it all flow from you in a matter of fact kind of manner. Without the fan fare or extra special particulars, things between you will take their natural course.

Virgo: The craving for comfort in the form of loving affection is strong now. This is certainly not a day to lounge around, you need to get out and feel. You have a great deal of physical energy at your disposal as well as the urge to be more adventurous than usual. For you this is an uplifting occurrence and you should spoil yourself but you should also to spend time with the people who love and appreciate you the most. If you are attached your lover will appreciate your impulsiveness and join you on whatever adventure you propose. Those of you unattached should go and attend the social gathering you thought about avoiding. There will be quite a few attractive people to flirt with and one in particular that is much more than a temptation.

Libra: This energy surrounding you will draw those of similar minds and hearts toward you today. They can be of some use and help you make some very positive changes in your life. If you are unattached, you will be inspired to move forward in finding real love. Those drawn to you today may hold the answer and maybe an invitation. If you are attached, your lover is in one hell of a mood. He or she is energetic and is looking to work off that high energy with you. Expect an evening out and a lot of physical activity. If you happen to have a first or second date, things are going well. At this rate, a relationship will likely develop quickly and be primed for the long term. Enjoy this time.

Scorpio: Love and romance follow no rules have certainly do not come with a book. Many of you may experience the sort in ways you are completely unaccustomed to. This shouldn’t scare you, this should excite you. There will be someone who is very fond of you that will approach you with their idea of love. He or she has no qualms about expressing how they feel, and how they see your future together. This is little or no subtlety about the declaration of their intentions, but there will be a good deal of honesty. Welcome their honesty and give this person a chance to show you what else love can be. Be careful though, all this excitement may interfere with getting work done or acting in a professional manner.

Sagittarius: This is a very warm and passionate time in your love life, one marked with lots of heat and intensity. You have the chance to make strides with the one who has your heart. Whether you need to speak up to someone who doesn’t know how you feel or make up for lost time with your partner, now is the time to make your move. There will be a few of you who will be visited by someone from your past. It wasn’t right for you two then and they have come back into your life for a very good reason. There is a bit of unfinished business to sort out, each others hearts and the love you two still have for one another. For some of you attached be careful, you or your partner may be looking out for number one instead of harmony for both of you.

Capricorn: Today’s energy gives you the chance to start anew again in your intimate affairs. You are sharp, clear, decisive, and articulate today. In order for many of you to start again you will need to assert your own needs and desires by communicating to those you love what you really want. If you have recently just finished a relationship and decided to stay single for a while, then you may be in for a surprise. Your heart has other plans as someone new comes into your life and renders your heart speechless. You two will be interacting with each other and you will be very surprised how this new connection takes off. Whatever the scenarios remember that no one will know how you truly feel unless you share those emotions so speak up.

Aquarius: You have quite a day ahead of you Aquarius, even better if you are unattached. Those of you playing the field may find you are very much in demand today. Your love life is moving fast and is full of lusty passion; people want to be a part of that. Sure there are many who are eager to wine and dine you but there will be one in particular you are drawn too. Follow that road and see where it leads you. Those of you attached, the day may not be so sweet. Some of you may be aggressive and rather cranky now, everything is setting you off. Anything you want to accomplish or attempt cooperation with a loved one may fall apart. If you can, avoid anything or anyone. No need to deal with explosions today.

Pisces: Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is what today is about. Your mood and attitude is pacifying because your need for love and approval heightened. This may interfere with work or complicate situations in which you need to be acting assertively on your own behalf. But the influence of today’s energy has given you the license to be as brazen as you can muster, and no one will think the worst of you. Let warmth and genuine companionship effuse your intimate relationships. If you are looking for a truly romantic partner, give into the temptation to flirt openly in order to attain your goal. There is nothing subtle about the energy around right now, so you won’t need to look for any hints. Today is about action and you need to take it.

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