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Love Horoscopes – May 19, 2013


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Aries: Today is a good day for most Aries, even by your standards, thanks to the energy that is surrounding you. You can allow the pure emotion you feel come flooding out in a multitude of loving gestures for your sweetheart. Whether you are staying in or going out, create the atmosphere for a wonderful night together. You will bring love and warmth into their lives, and give them a reason to smile. Some of you are likely to be compulsive or demanding in your intimate affairs right now. Hidden fears, jealousies or desires will surface in you now and stir up trouble with your loved one. On the positive side once you two are done arguing your relationship may deepened considering how much of yourself you just revealed to your partner.

Taurus: The energy of the day is setting you up for a day of pure, unadulterated romance. This will be one that is peppered with all your favorite fantasies. You are powerfully attracted, emotionally and sexually, to someone you encounter at this time, and any romantic involvements you currently have are intensified. If you are going out on a first date, you will have a wonderful time just talking, yet generally driving each other crazy with the kind of things you are both subtly implying. You will most certainly want to see each other again, and again! Also, your relationships can become tempestuous, especially if your partner is not as responsive or as loving as you would like. Expect fireworks in the form of some very passionate disagreements.

Gemini: Special attention to and from a partner is what you should be trying for today. Set aside some private time so no one else can get in the way of the feelings you want to share. You need to use your imagination to make your love life as sensational as possible. The energies are working with you to give your fantasies a real boost. So if you can get your brain cells moving, you should be able to think up some wonderful ideas to amuse, delight, and seduce your latest heart throb. Remember that flattery will get you everywhere if you use it with that fine skill you have worked on for some time. Execute the plan you created and watch your loved one turn to putty at your feet. Enjoy the benefits of a hard day’s work.

Cancer: You are a master of words today. You could probably make the phone book sound good. With such powers of speech, you can now tactfully phrase your subtle requests for a more imaginative love life. What you will find is that your loved one has heard, and understood you loud and clear. Because you are bold and enterprising during this time, you should create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere for an evening of entertainment. Your partner may want to try out one of those ideas you requested. Those of you that feel caged in by present circumstances may feel an uncontrollable urge to break out and spread your wings. Move past your mental limitations and seek out friends or add to your current circle.

Leo: The energy surrounding most of you is creating a little magic in your love life. If you are wondering how to spend the evening, then why not invite your sweetheart around for one of your scrumptious home-cooked meals, followed by all the romantic treats that you can think of. Don’t forget to use aromatic scents and soft lighting. Sadly, for some of you there is some tension in air but confrontation is the wrong game to play today. Though that is the case, ignoring things is equally unsuitable. While there may be some uncertainty and shifting attitudes do not let it take down your confidence. You can overcome this challenge. Make some thoughtful compromises now and the situation will improve, just don’t run after a losing proposition.

Virgo: A shift in moods and attitudes occurs at this time that will continue to affect you deeply for a few days. You and your loved one can make beautiful music together but you may be emotionally sensitive now. While it is often difficult for you to clearly express what you are feeling, try not to take things that are said or done too seriously. You may be hurt more than any one intends for you to be. Never the less, whatever you two decide to do, change your focus and make this a day when you intentionally set out to explore each other’s fantasies. The cosmos is working on bringing you all the help you need to bring them to fruition. Whether they involve being indoors or outdoors, under the stars or by the sea – just go for it.

Libra: You are restless and eager to meet your partner halfway, to converse, exchange information, and make deeper connections. Nervousness or irritability due to aggravations and the stress of increased demands in relationships are possible. Though you two will go through a difficult patch, there is much you can do to heal the breach and also to strengthen the bond between you. There is so much romance in the air today that it is bound to calm you and melt the hardened edges of your heart, soften them enough to allow your loved one another chance. Be kind to each other! You need to be alert and on your toes now and as the pace is likely to be fast, even hectic. One the healing begins it will be working quickly to mend your rift.

Scorpio: You feel the need to belong with someone on an intimate and very personal level, much deeper than you may feel now if you are attached. You need to be needed, and to feel its okay to have needs. So the energy surrounding you creates the possibility of a wonderful day with your loved one. You can really go over the top and create a fantastic scenario for testing out some of your most enduring fantasies. You already have all the charm you need in terms of clothing, the right scent, and exercising your seduction skills. Set the tone and have fun! You two will have a great time exploring the fantasies of your mind. So much in fact that you both may need a day or two to recuperate and regain your strengths.

Sagittarius: Romance is your middle name today thank to the energies that are surrounding you. Use this occasion to fall in love all over again by taking the slow and subtle route to exploring all your favorite fantasies. You have so many and your partner is willing to try them all. You two will still have plenty to experience by the end of the evening and likely for days to come. In general you have been questioning the major commitments and decisions you have made in the past. Spend some time questioning the directions you have taken in your life and your intimate affairs. You may find that there are better ways to deal with certain recurring issues and to be thankful for the things you have taken for granted.

Capricorn: If you are attached, for once your tendency toward insensitivity and your usual careless methods of communication may be tempered and softened by the energy of the day. You have a genuine and warmhearted need to let your lover see how much you really care about them. You may even succeed in bringing tears to their eyes, and also to your own. You didn’t think you had such thoughtfulness in you. Perhaps a stronger bond will develop between you now that they know there is more underneath your aloofness. This is a very good time to go to a social gathering or somewhere you can interact with others that you might have something in common with, don’t stay home and let this energy pass you by!

Aquarius: Today, your love life is entirely in your hands. The choices you make are entirely up to you and the outcomes in this situation are ones you will have to deal with, good or bad. You can lay down your doubts and cast your infamous cynicism aside so you can be open and maybe even express your feelings for someone you have come to love very deeply. Or you can close your eyes and heart to the possibility of the magic that is permeating the air, and just shut down and shut everyone out. During this time you may find yourself busy as so many people will want to communicate throughout the day. Get your points across quickly and with minimum effort so it is clear. Don’t spend time with wasted words.

Pisces: This is a time of considerable frustration and your desires or efforts appear to be put down or at least delayed in your relationships. Make the most of this time by taking stock of your life and see how you are holding yourself back. By using today’s energy, you to be able to get in touch with your deeper longings and fantasies. With this you can figure out what next steps to take. Think about sharing your thoughts with your sweetheart. While it is understandable why you hesitate, sharing will not make you appear vulnerable or expose a weaker side. For once, just go with the flow of feeling and be honest about your love for your partner. Wait a few days before moving forward and don’t take whatever setbacks you experience too much too heart.


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