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Astro-Week May 20 – 26, 2013

Dear Aries

Efforts continue to be poured into making money and building the biggest nest egg in the shortest period of time. Keep working and remember to push through all obstacles. Having just said all of that, Love is arriving through “busy work”, short trips, and communications. This week, if you can keep working, talking, and moving your feet, love will find you.

Dear Taurus

It’s time to have a look at your bank balance. Good things are arriving in the form of dollars but you are still stuck on how you look. Since when are you so vain? The stars encourage you to put a little more work into yourself. Look your best and you’ll be your best. Something cold appears in your closest relationship.

Dear Gemini

On a practical note, it looks like daily chores have to be done, no matter what. Resist the urge to goof off. Mars is still bringing confusions to your subconscious and open enemies. People who gave you all of the “right” signs will totally flake. Be careful and push through. There are a lot of potential lovers out there.

Dear Cancer

The party will end this week and it will be time to simply go home and take a break from the world. Let your spirit rest and your thoughts wander to beautiful places. If someone from your past crosses your path, say hello. You get a second chance for a love that never happened.

Dear Leo

This week you’ll finally get a chance to get out of the office and play. Your energy is directed at finishing up a few projects but you’ll have the energy and the help to get everything done early. You’ll feel a continued shift towards freedom. Help is all around you. Ask, and you’ll receive.

Dear Virgo

You’ve been feeling the pull, now it’s time to step onto the stage. You’re public image is front and centre. If you’ve been doing you due diligence, you should be ready. Deep breath, and do your best.

Dear Libra

This week the change will continue with your overall image.  You’ve been a good corporate warrior these last couple of weeks and it would surprise no one to hear that your libido has been a bit out of control. It now looks like your energy will be focused on education and how to increase your skills. Distance shores will continue to call but the major focus for the entire year continues to be your expanded thinking and the place you create for yourself and your team.

Dear Scorpio

Your energy dearly wants to get your love life in order so you can focus on your career. There’s a strong possibility that lose strings get tied this week. If you have a chance for true love then take it. But truthfully, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Love is still waiting but I think it’s best to keep going. The name of the game right now is speed and if it doesn’t click right away just look around and try again.  It’s about matching energies and spiritual bonding for you so.. if you can’t even talk then.. you’re talking to the wrong person.

Dear Sagittarius

The planets are encouraging love, fun, and togetherness except for one thing.. you have someone from your past trying to control you. Why are you letting that person try and rule your life? Do whatever you have to do to really begin letting go. It will be a process and take a bit of time but this is the year to clean up your past.

Dear Capricorn

Watch what you say! Words will be fast, free, lose, and dreamy. They will also be measured, and controlled. They also have a chance this week to be get you into real trouble. Be careful. It’s not a case of being insincere, it’s just your message will somehow get distorted.

Dear Aquarius

There’s still a little energy being poured into home renovations, spring cleaning, and family health. On the plus side, you’ll finally get a chance to get out and enjoy a bit of fun. Friends have been calling and you’d love to put on your dancing shoes. This is the week for some fun. Go get ‘em.

Dearest Pisces

Time to go home. You’ve been thinking about it, and it sure looks like there’s both love and money waiting for you but is it really? Are you perhaps mistaking a feeling for a calling? Sometimes a temporary answer is the permanent solution that you’ve been looking for.

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