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Love Horoscopes – May 21, 2013

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Aries: Your need for love and closeness is very strong but your love life seems to have fallen into a rut. You need to spice things up a bit. You both have been doing the same things over and over again and the air is growing stale. This may cause some tension and the events that follow will cause you to have a few words with each other. Rather than straining your relationship further and making things worse, having words – no matter how heated, will actually make your relationship better. This will allow you to take advantage of the special magnetism and attractive power you possess if you have not already. This energy will cause you and your sexual or romantic relationships to be intensely passionate and compelling once you two clear the air.

Taurus: You just can’t agree with anyone, including yourself today and it taking a toll on those around you. If your loved one so much as opens their mouth to voice a protestation, you are already halfway down their throat before they have spoken a single word. This negatively edged energy surrounds you and it pays not to make matters worse with your current attitude. If you can make a conscious effort to use your diplomacy and consideration, it will get you a lot farther than trying to force your views or plans in your relationship. It would be advantageous to be on your best behavior and you’ll be appreciated far more than you anticipate. With all this pent up energy, it may be best to do some kind of physical workout. This should help you relax.

Gemini: Personal relationships should be especially fulfilling for you during this period because those close to will be easily charmed by your affection and poise. It won’t take much to encourage you and your dearest heart to indulge in a passionate encounter, which will certainly clear the air, but may not do your relationship much good. If you are not careful could initiate a potential war of words. There is a better way to get rid of your frustrations – by being honest about the REAL problem. Those of you unattached, now is a good time to make a first impressions. Your warmth will radiate and allow people to see you for the genuine, caring person you are. Treat yourself to one of your favorite, more extravagant activities and you may meet a new love.

Cancer: Sometimes you are hard headed and far sighted and when it comes to relationships, you always end up learning the hard way. Unexpected twists and turns are likely to challenge your personal relationships at this time. Challenges and unwanted surprises may come at you from new sources. One of those challenges is how you manage your emotions. What you need to do is express your feelings in a way that creates open and honest communication. Because you are having a hard time control yourself, you are at a loss for words. It would help to talk about the original cause, even if it occurred some days back. Also, be wary of new people entering your life. They may contribute negatively to your problems instead of help you.

Leo: The energy of the day may not help you much if you are going out on an important date. However, it could certainly make for some feisty conversation. Whatever your partner has to say, you can’t help but disagree or find the flaw in the argument. There are a lot of issues on which you both think along the same lines, but you may not find this out until later. If you are attached and things are running smoothly, then let them be. Clear understandings established now, like before, will last and serve you well so long as you don’t push them. Stay on the conservative side and reconfirm any old patterns. This will work out better than trying to start something new. Sometimes leaving well enough alone is all it takes to make things work out.

Virgo: If you happen to have just started dating a real intellectual, someone who is an academic or an expert in some field – be prepared to see a side of them you didn’t think possible. During a conversation a rather volatile subject that you both have strong feelings about will come up. What it will come down to is a question of actual experience versus supposed knowledge. If you have had the experience and they have only a little knowledge, then all hell could break loose. Their ego may take hold and if they dare, assert that they know best. Either prove them wrong or walk away now.  For most other Virgos, you are moved to express your affections more openly than usual. It’s a great day to sit back and enjoy what and who makes you happy.

Libra: You may be powerfully attracted, both emotionally and sexually, to someone you encounter at this time. Any romantic involvements you currently have will intensify thanks to the energy of the day. If you are unattached, you may find yourself talking far more than you need to, embellishing the facts more than is necessary, all to impress that someone mentioned above. Perhaps you are trying to dazzle this person with your witty humor or even with science. Either way it is likely you are failing miserably. It would be far more appealing to admit your ignorance and let he or she take the lead. Also, if you are attached, your relationships can become tempestuous, especially if your partner is not as approachable or passionate as you would like.

Scorpio: You may need to set some people straight today and the energy of the day will give you the extra focus and determination you need to say your piece succinctly. One of the people on your list happens to be your sweetheart. You feel as if you have been getting the run around and are being led around in circles. You have not said anything for fear of rocking the boat and not having any concrete proof of the misgivings but today, you no longer give a shit. Find out what is going on and if that boat sinks because of this, then so be it! Once you are done and in general, this is a good time to spoil yourself but more importantly, spend time with the people who love and appreciate you the most. Lavish them with your tenderheartedness.

Sagittarius: You will likely endure a few surges of emotion today. It may feel like a storm one minute and clear skies the next. Make sure you don’t get carried away during the stormy moments. It is possible one of those moments may have you coming across as someone who is smug and conceited which will annoy your sweetheart without really meaning to. It would be all too easy with this energy to get into an argument just by not paying attention to something as simple as the way you phrase your words. Not only be aware of what you say but of how others may be feeling as well. Before you make any comments focus on what is in front of you so you do not misjudge a situation and need to find a way to work things out.

Capricorn: You may find yourself involved in a real war of words with your beloved, all because you have a different set of beliefs. The energy surrounding you encourages plain speaking, but may not make either of you very tolerant toward other’s ideas and views. You are free to argue until you are purple in the face, but it may be more amicable if you try and understand each other. Socializing and reestablishing bonds with friends and family you haven’t seen lately would be a welcome respite today. Set some time aside to devote to those in your personal circle you haven’t seen or heard from in a while. If you do you’re likely to revitalize yourself spiritually and may even fall into an opportunity to realize some unexpected financial gains.

Aquarius: The energy of the day may actually help you create some life in an intimate affair that had begun to become stagnant. One if not both of you have gone from total apathy to annoyance and now to anger. Quite honestly, this would be a good time to assert your own needs and desires as you communicate to your loved one what you really want. The ensuing argument could clear the air between you in quite a major way. In the future, why not speak your mind straight away, instead of waiting for such moments to spur you into action? Your daily life will become steady and stable, although not particularly exciting at this time. And after all of this, that’s quite alright for now.  What you need right now is practical progress in your love life not excitement.

Pisces: Your emotions are frenzied which is why you feel so irritated today. It may be a good idea to be by yourself so you can to sift through the many feelings exploding inside of you. Once you do you will feel more relaxed, refreshed and receptive to the romantic energy surrounding you. This should be a time when love, creativity, and self-expression because the focus of your inner desires which help you to satisfy a deep yearning to be appreciated and admired. Why not just be you? Be a bit flashy in your dress by choosing with splashes of color and warmth! This spark of color both in attitude and dress is what you need to brighten your day. You might get a bit more attention than what you are used to from someone you admire from afar!

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