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Love Horoscopes – May 23, 2013


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Aries: Many of you will have won the emotional lottery today. Your love life is going well. You feel confident in your place and confident in the strength of the connection you share with your sweetheart. You two are communicating well and understand each other’s needs. For those of you not experiencing this, it doesn’t mean you can’t. To get things back on track you will need a series of subtle gestures, like a knowing glance or a small squeeze of your sweetheart’s hand, to get things in motion. Now is not the time for a direct conversation or a blatant act, you may get iced out. You don’t want to wait days for your lover to thaw. Using small signals can get you everything you want without upsetting anyone and making everyone happy in the process.

Taurus: You may want to conquer the world and then nurture it to death with the energy surrounding you. But, you may find yourself at odds with those around you or with your current situation. Personal issues, ones of great sensitivity could make things a little uncomfortable today. Those of you attached will be difficult to understand and your sweetheart may not sure what to do with your contrary attitude. They may put up with it for a day or two but you will need to work through it and get over it. This will not be easy as you will likely be plagued with many difficulties, road blocks, and all manner of annoying things before you get back into your comfort zone again. Be patient, better days are coming.

Gemini: A little fantasy can help keep you together at this time. You can feel the energy in the air and it is slightly unsettling but you can also feel the potential for harmony as well. Those of you who are not being upfront about something in your relationship are in for a confrontation. It may be best to come clean now and tell the truth. Sure this may cause uneasiness but once the storm settles you can heal the rift by sharing apiece of yourself. Those of you unattached can take note; you might be surprised at the response you get by sharing certain fantasies with the one who has your heart. You might be able to make them a reality because you two share the same dreams. If you are attached, here is where the healing begins.

Cancer: It’s not enough for you to simply feel loving toward another right now, you really want to express it and show it physically. The energy surrounding you has put you deeply in touch with your feelings. This has made you more inclined to act on them, good or bad, rather than making decisions based on logic alone. This may not be a good thing, especially being as straightforward as you might be. This depth is a bit more complex, mainly because you are not used to such levels. It is probably a good idea to simply focus on everything that is positive and save some of that negativity for later. Those of you unattached, can expect a new romance or friendship to come into your life. He or she will be a welcomed addition to your circle.

Leo: You have a special magnetism about you today that has enhanced your attractiveness and leaves you feeling intensely loving as well. If you are looking to improve your love life then capitalize on this intense energy and give into the compelling urgency you feel. If you have someone special in your life, do not forget that you have them to consider. Sure it is nice to take the lead in a relationship but not at the expense of someone else’s wishes. Respect their limits; it is the wiser course of action. Those of you unattached and ready to date again, the energy of the day is on your side. Love will find a way to you so long as you remain open minded about it.

Virgo: Love and companionship are aspects of the energy surrounding you today. This could mean a new friendship or a new friendship that will develop into something more or that an established relationship can be revitalized and enhanced. What you want to do is welcome this energy in and allow it to work its magic. Right now your creative side is stimulated. You may want to paint, write or cook whatever is on your mind. It is possible that as you gather your supplies, you may encounter this new person. The conversation you two share will seal the deal. If you are unattached and happen to have someone you have been admiring from afar, think about reaching out. Doing so now is likely to be the start of something beautiful.

Libra: You may not know if you are coming or going today thanks to the energy surrounding you. Do not be surprised if you change your mind half a dozen times and then some more over the course of the day. If you are attached, your loved one may not be sure how to cope with this. Because you are extraordinarily fickle, maybe let your sweetheart make the decisions for the day. You may be uneasy about that as well but it could be fun. You do not want to cause any problems right now especially as you are on the brink of romantic growth. Those of you attached can expect a significant development in your relationship very soon if not now. Those of you unattached will have strong feelings of attraction to someone you encounter, ready or not.

Scorpio: Leaving your predilection from drama behind you today could do more for your intimate affairs than any sweet talking you like to do. Tender messages will relay the how you feel better than being extravagant and showing off. If you focus, you will be able to get your point across by saying exactly what you mean without fanfare or lengthy monologues. The key to this right now is not to say everything you feel at once. A little bit at a time will not overwhelm and scare your sweetheart. Those of you who have a date will be in for a lesson in foot to mouth disease. You are in a good mood but not an accommodating one. If you find yourself rocking the boat you will be saying things that you will find embarrassing later. You may not get another date.

Sagittarius: This is one of those days where you get a little bit of good mixed with a little bit of bad and whole lot of everything else in between. Thanks to this energy, your intimate affairs may be a bit turbulent today. What you want to do is just take a good look around you and the people you love. In doing so you may appreciate and discover the beauty in your life and in those you are closest to which will alleviate some of your problems. However, nothing gets your blood pumping and your libido roaring like a good-natured argument. Any other time it would be advisable but your emotions may be running a little hot and cold. If you want to keep this day running smoothly you might want to keep quiet.

Capricorn: Dear Capricorn, it is time for many of you to grow up. Some of you are not happy with some aspect of your personal life and these issues have now become disagreements or tension in your relationship. Right now your desire for love and affection is strong now and the energy surrounding you promises you both action and depth of feeling. This is the perfect time to act on feelings and creative impulses but you will not be able to do everything at once. In order to repair the damage to your relationship, or get a relationship started, is to not only take action but to share your feelings as well. You will not be able to have one without the other. This is the real world, live it in. Take the good with the bad, share what you feel.

Aquarius: Those of you unattached will have a positive environment to cultivate love today.  If you are actively looking for someone special to spend your time with, now is a good time to mingle or be much friendlier than usual. It is likely that an unexpected encounter, either with someone you may or may not know or in a place you would never think of, will provide you with an opportunity for love. Take a risk, say hello, it could pay off. If you already have a first day then you will enjoy this person company. He or she is confident, knowledgeable on many of subjects and a person of action. You two have a lot in common and any differences are minor. You will find them completely fascinating, and want to repeat the experience. You will go out again.

Pisces: The energy of the day will likely ruffle your feathers just a little bit. Unresolved feelings and issues from the past are likely to trigger emotional outbursts now. Watch out for those. Otherwise you could feel highly competitive, fiery and impatient, which can cause friction or angry emotional confrontations with others. Those you are close to, your lover, children, or parents may seem especially able to raise your temper at this time. Count to ten before giving into your anger. If you and your loved one happen to have decided on doing something important together, something that is a big step for both of you, then you need to be in total agreement for it to be able to work out. If you cannot manage this, then perhaps it is best to wait until you two can.


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