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Love Horoscopes – May 28, 2013

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Aries: The energy of the day is full of real romantic potential. In order to entice those you meet, be as soft and subtle as you can be and you will find that they are captivated by your charms. Out of the potential lovers, choose someone who you believe will truly and utterly appreciate you.  Those of you with someone in your lives may be at a cross roads with them. As an Aries you tend to come on too strong and sometimes completely oblivious to others’ needs and intentions. When you feel the need to take steps to achieve your goals, be positive and mindful of any transgressions. Doing so will help limit the formation of any bad feelings or misunderstandings. This will serve you well during right now and in the future.

Taurus: Your spirit is flowing freely which makes you very attractive to almost everyone you come into contact with. This is a time where all your emotional connections should gain strength and zest regardless of what type they are. Your social life will be full of opportunities to meet new and exciting people that you can add to your circle. Your love life should be interesting right now. If you are looking for someone new, with the energy of the day, you are likely meet the kind of person that you have been hoping to be involved with. If you are attached your relationship is likely to be very strong now and growing stronger daily. It should be easy for you to connect with those you care for in very positive ways.

Gemini: The energy of the day is very romantic but in order for you to take advantage of it, you must tap into your spiritual side.  Tune your senses toward the more subtle parts of your nature. Doing so will bring you down to your core, to who you really are and make you aware of the potential you have. Those of you unattached may be thinking about being more open to the needs and wants of others rather than doing for yourself. The selfless acts you do will make quite an impression on one particular person, one you didn’t know was watching. Keep in mind that this time is about adventure, fun and pushing boundaries. It might be a good idea not to take anyone or even yourself too seriously right now.

Cancer: The warmth you radiate today will be noticed and definitely appreciated. Love, relationships, beauty, and pleasure are emphasized as well during this time. During this time, you may be feeling especially friendly or even a bit friskier! A new romance or friendship may ensue or an old or current one may take a new turn for the better. The energy of the day gives you the chance to really have some fun and maybe discover more about your intimate fantasies. If you are looking for someone to accompany you on your tour of discovery, then you may meet a worthy companion at some sort of social event. This person will be someone who seems to understand you, both inside and out. It will feel as if you two were cut from the same cloth.

Leo: There is a very sociable influence around in the air right now. This is great if you are in the mood to mingle, but if you are not, then think about what you could be missing if you stay at home doing nothing at all. Haven’t you missed out on enough already? There is the potential for a meeting with someone warm and wonderful. That should motivate you! Your magnetism is strong and you will attract appreciation, affection and attention with it. Feelings of love, a desire for beauty, and the urge to be creative are strong as the result. This is a good time to treat yourself or do something fun just for you. You should beautify your surroundings, and pay particular attention to your appearance. Pick up a few things you have had your eye on.

Virgo: There is a great deal of warmth and openness around at the moment, and people are more willing to share from their hearts than usual. With today’s planetary energies, you could meet someone who shares the same fantasies as you. You are therefore far more likely to have the kind of conversation that could lead to some mutual and very fascinating discoveries. If you are available, take advantage of this. This is an upbeat, refreshing time period. If you are attached you should be enjoying some progressive changes in your life and relationships. The changes are not likely to be extraordinary, but an enjoyable revolution. It will be obvious to you and to others. Flow with the tide and have faith that it will wash you atop a very positive shore.

Libra: Putting your feelings into words only enhances them, so don’t be afraid to say what you mean from the heart. If you do have something you must say – your words will not fail you right now. Back them with genuine emotion; it makes them seem all the more reliable. Honesty will pay off so take a risk and vocalize how you really feel. Now, many of you have been rather busy lately. Today, you should rest and relax. In fact, you may not be able to do anything else, as factors beyond your immediate control may make it difficult for you to do otherwise. Your loved one could insist that you stop worrying away at your daily chores and tasks, be taken somewhere rather special. Go out and forget the worries you have.

Scorpio: Today’s aspect could prove to be especially delightful, as it is just the right kind of influence for holding a party. It is even more meaningful if you want to find that special brand of romance, and this could be entirely possible. People are particularly open and subtle at this time, as well as able to tune in to your deeper needs – which you find enchanting. While this energy lasts (for the next day or so), if you want something or someone bad enough go out and get it. Part of this intuitively knowing just what to ask for and who’s might be in the mood for giving it. Go with your feelings and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your intuition. If you don’t ask you’ll never know now will you? Now go out there and get all you desire!

Sagittarius: For many of you, having fun with the romantic energy of the day is exactly what you intend to do. So think of ways you entice your loved one to come closer to you. Maybe drop a few hints about what you would like to do or things you want to experience with your partner tonight. There is no need to actually state your desires out loud, just make a few subtle comments or leave a few notes. Your partner may find this extremely exciting and be very turned on. Sadly there are some of you that have grown impatience and annoyed by some of the shortcomings in your friends or lovers. You are absolutely tired of dealing with these problems and maybe even the people. It is a time to look objectively at the relationship. Is it really working for you?

Capricorn: The energy surrounding you could brighten the lives of both you and your current partner. It may do you both good to get out and mix in new circles, especially if there is a spiritual or an artistic association there. This would not only bring you both more friends and contacts, but could also revitalize your relationship – which could use some more stimulation right now. To help things along is that there is great depth to your conversations and thoughts. This will work in your favor for your current relationships or for meeting new people. You may also find yourself engaging in a very personal conversation where superficial answers will not satisfy your questions. This not only helps you learn more about them but also of your own inner depths.

Aquarius: There is a very gentle and subtle atmosphere around in the air, which is helped along by the current astral configuration. If you are going out with your partner this evening, make it a special occasion by choosing somewhere that is both beautiful and wildly romantic. This will help tremendously for those of you who have become a little jaded and have not had much time for each other lately. Some of you may be a bit stressed over the uncomfortable energy in your life. You would rather not rock any boats so you are avoiding any serious discussions or disagreements with others. This also makes focusing on anything at all challenging at best. Take a break if possible and just chill out for the day. Let it all go for now.

Pisces: If your dates lately have turned out to be something of a disappointment, look towards the kind of company you keep and the type of people they know. It is likely that you need to think outside of your social network and venture into areas where no one knows you.  The energy of the day is working with you to increase your chances of getting together with the right kind of person.  Today could bring with it a new beginning in your love life so long as you are open to the moment. If someone close to you seems to be distant, don’t try to force yourself on them. They’re likely to be dealing with some personal problems that they would like to keep as private as possible. Give them the distance they need and they’ll be back in your life soon enough.

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