Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning May 27, 2013


Astro-Week May 27 – June 2, 2013


Dear Aries

Transformations continue in your career. Things you used to see yourself doing will now change. You might be moving up the corporate ladder, or you may be shifting into a new career altogether. Stay optimistic and keep your feet moving. Control issues around shared resources, inheritances, and the money you make with others will surface. Remember things are different now and you’re coming across a little weird and eccentric.


Dear Taurus

Common ground can be reached involving a close partner and your personal resources. Watch out for others trying to “share” your wealth.  Be more possessive this week. Take some time and account for what you have and what you’d like. Love is waiting somewhere stable and secure.


Dear Cancer

You’re still putting effort into helping others but you should being looking out for yourself. Watch out for hidden enemies and general activity behind your back.  People might generally be a little deceitful. I wouldn’t recommend giving anyone any breaks though. This week you’re going to have to stick up for yourself.


Dear Leo

Try to get out and have some fun this week. It looks like one more week of extra hours at the office. Rewards are coming for a job well done but you might want to enlist the help of friends. Both love and money arrive socially.


Dear Virgo

It might feel like you really have a lot left to learn but it’s time to step into the spotlight at work. Maybe your current direction works and maybe it doesn’t. The point is to make sure you do it publicly and you get credit for your work. Romance blossoms in a very public way.


Dear Libra

It’s a little more effort into your joint finances and resources held with others, then it’s off to expand your mind and skills. You are finishing up a cycle of intense dark and sexual attraction and you might have manifested trouble without knowing.  There’s a time and place for drama but it’s not fun. Karma says it’s deserved this time around. But are you really in control of your actions or are you simply going through the motions.


Dear Scorpio

This is the last week that you’ll be putting effort into your relationships then it’s full speed into making things happen. Unlike most signs you can play the battle out in your head and if the drama’s not worth it, you’re usually good to just walk away. You’ve held auditions and you’ve asked around about love. This has given you clarity on what you thought you wanted and what you’ve always had.  It’s time for a Scorpio style adventure.


Dear Sagittarius

It’s all go in relationships but you’re still focusing on the daily chores. Maybe your partner wants to help you get things done. I’m not saying you have to ask for help. I’m just saying it might be fun to team up for a bit of fun.


Dear Capricorn

It looks you’re still in the mood for love but the planets have moved onto the relationship of your daily life. Good things are arriving through health, helping others, planning, and your daily habits. Keep your eyes open as someone you see almost every day begins to look more attractive. Love is waiting at the gym.


Dear Aquarius

This week reality will have a chat with your finances. Keep saving. Restrictions in your career are giving you doubts or illusions about your nest egg and what you can reasonably expect to accomplish. This is a great time for Aquarius love but money might be holding you back.


Dearest Pisces


Home life occupies most of your thoughts and attention but your efforts are still focused on shaping thoughts and collecting ideas. Ideas are all around you and it’s somehow creating more busy work in your daily life.  Focus on what you can do for your home and love will romantically manifest.

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