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Love Horoscopes – May 29, 2013

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Aries: There is a positive and warm energy all around you today. Do not be surprise that you attract a few unconventional romantic and social connections at this time. Sometimes you just know it’s right regardless of how crazy it sounds or looks and you jump in without hesitation. Keep this in mind if someone catches your eye over the next few days. If you are looking for love understand that this is not so much a time of great passion, but more a chance to get the ball rolling. Initiate a conversation with this special person. If you can’t muster the nerve then make a discreet inquiry. Since the energy of the day encourages communication and socializing, you will have all you need to get this love affair started. If you’re attached, things will liven up.

Taurus: You are feeling very good about yourself for the most part. Your daily life is running smoothly and everything seems in good working order. Your friends and loved ones express appreciation for the help and support you have given them, which makes you feel that your efforts have been worthwhile. All seems well but for some of you, your love life may be nonexistent. You are a gorgeous being; we can see that right away. What we do not see is just how intelligent and savvy you really are. Attract your next conquest by highlighting your range of interests. If you happen to think you have none, now is the time to fix that. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Gemini: There is so much going on today and plenty you need to do. One of the things going on is your emotional growth. You have naturally attached yourself to larger issues, bigger feelings, and have opened your heart. This gives you a great opportunity to establish communication with all kinds of people which will make significant progress within your other relationships. If you are attached, expect an increase in your circle of friends thanks to your loved one. If you are searching for love, this will be a very promising time as others are more open than usual. Keep in mind that travel both literally and mentally broadens the mind. Be ready to pick up and go places, even if only in your imagination. Quick getaways can help bring about focus.

Cancer: If you have any social events to attend, you might want to adopt a slightly more intellectual attitude now. There will likely be discussions about the latest and hottest topics related to a particular field, which could also include a fair bit of gossip. If you are looking for love during this time, it will be your lighthearted and warm touch that will win their heart. Showing your feelings may not be the best thing to do right now. Don’t let everything out of the bag right away, as this could put that delicious person off. In general, keeping to yourself in some cases could save you from unwanted drama the next few days. Be true to yourself but don’t whine too much. The respect you gain by someone special watching could go very, very far.

Leo: Love and relationships are emphasized now but do not expect today to be passionate as far as you are concerned. Though you may not feel any passion, a new romance or friendship may begin or a relationship may take a turn for the better. If you have a first date this evening, then you may think that he or she seems a little pedestrian or maybe too sweet to be true. You might be right. Because the energy is a little off today, so is everything and everyone else. He or she may be nervous and trying too hard to impress you.  If you give this some time, a second chance sorta speak, you could find yourself falling for this person once things get comfortable. By the way, the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated all who come in contact with you.

Virgo: Contentment and emotional well being will prevail in your personal relationships during this time. At this time you may want to indulge in your pleasures. This isn’t a time to be forceful and try to make things happen. Relax and go with the flow when it comes to certain people and situations. Attract what you need and let the world come to you. Many of you will have a unique opportunity today to have a taste of what it would be like to be with someone without actually being with them.  If there is someone you have had your eye on for some time now, then you will have the chance to talk to them and find out quite a bit. With what you learn from today you can then decide whether you want to pursue them or another person you desire.

Libra: It’s rather apparent that some of you are searching for some sort of direction in your intimate relationships and it is very difficult at the moment. You want, you want, you want; but you’re not all that sure what it is you want! Although this may be a frustrating time for you, things will become clearer soon, very soon in fact. But today isn’t a day where love will leap right out at you in some grandiose gesture. Today, love is more subtle and intellectual. Those of you unattached could find love through a conversation you have, one that somehow makes you go a little weak at the knees. This person will leave you eager to find out more. Meanwhile, avoid venting your frustrations on those close to you or you may find yourself moping alone.

Scorpio: Many of you will have a chance to test out the theories you have about that special person you find so very attractive. Once you feel them out, you can then decide whether to reel him or her in, or leave them completely alone. The key to making the right choice lies in the power of conversation and your ability to assess exactly what is going on with a few well-chosen words. Just be careful today because you are a bit sensitive. It is possible that you will take some things the wrong way. In general whatever you do, do not let anyone take advantage of your good nature and big heart, no matter who they are. If keeping the peace over the next few days leaves you feeling more vulnerable than usual, talk to someone you trust about it.

Sagittarius: You are the kind of person who is likely to form relationships with people based on a deep level of mutual appreciation and understanding for each other. You may encounter this today as you take advantage of opportunities to enlarge your social circle. Somewhere you will meet with people who may have new ideas to share with you. There will be one particular meeting that especially impresses you. This person is not only intelligent with such a breadth of knowledge, they are very attractive and truly captivating. Continuing with intelligent conversation is the way to make swift and certain progress with this person. Because you are in touch with your more sensitive side this progress could extend towards the walls of your bedroom.

Capricorn: Your emotions are high at this time. You are feeling optimistic, self-confident, generous, and good-natured. This is allowing you to look at life with a fresh attitude, making it is easy for you to forget the mistakes of the past and envision a brighter future of growth and fulfillment. These energies will help build a bridge between you and someone special. You haven’t had a chance to get together and just talk. You both have been content with admiring each other from a distance. However, with Cupid’s blessings, you could get more than you bargained for. You certainly won’t be complaining. In fact you could be sent flying to the Moon! It’s also good time to meet someone new, if you haven’t already. This will bring you a great deal of pleasure.

Aquarius: If you are attending some sort of social gathering, you could walk in and immediately see someone you know you will connect with fabulously.  If you make it over to this person you will indeed have a fantastic time forming a new friendship.  There may also be someone else who stands out from the crowd. This person will sexually appeal to you – very, very much. Trust your deeper instincts and see where they lead. If you are attached, today may not be harmonious as certain hidden aspects in your relationship come to light now. Before you get upset, find out as many facts as you can before coming to a conclusion. You may be forced to confront and deal with something which is no longer working, maybe even ending this union.

Pisces: The planetary alignment may not provide the stimulation you need for your relationship, but your imagination and intuition will. It will at least help you to understand how your latest lover works and help with any emotional commitments or thoughts of romance you may have. Conversations that you and your sweetheart have during this time may lead you into some very interesting areas, ones that you had not previously considered. Now because your thoughts are dreamy and faraway right now, your practical reasoning ability to focus on the present are diminished. Your judgment regarding concrete matters is a bit fuzzy at this time, so you may wish to delay making important decisions for a few days. Focus on love and romance.

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