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Love Horoscopes – May 30, 2013

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Aries: Romance may involve some kind of surprise today if you are unattached. Just when you thought it was finally safe to roam the countryside with nothing or no one to hold you down, you meet someone who simply revs your engine. What you thought was going to be a quiet time in your life has turn chaotic. You are absolutely smitten with this person before you can even count to three. For those of attached, today may be difficult for you as it is easy to get into a pointless arguments. Riled-up emotions can stir up harsh words, so watch your tone and vocabulary. Make sure you think before you speak. When in doubt, agree to disagree if at all possible. Don’t let annoying disagreements get upset you. Do your best to and meditate solutions.

Taurus: You have this need to be powerful and in control right now.  You want to be the one pulling the strings and calling the shots especially in both your social life and your love life. Both really do need a boost. Now, there is nothing like a shocking revelation to keep you on your toes, even if it is a pleasant one. You may well meet with someone whom you find disturbing, and yet refreshingly intriguing as well. What happens next depends on whether or not you can go with the flow. Just keep in mind that your sexual needs are just one of the life issues you need to take control of at this time. Make sure you don’t let your control issues consume you, more so if you are already attached.  We do not want your partner to feel smothered.

Gemini: This is a time when you can express yourself very clearly. Conversations or negotiations, really all forms of communication, can be very successful in any love/romantic relationship you are involved in. If your love life needs a little spicing up, then today’s energies may help you accomplish this. A conversation in particular may spark your curiosity. You will see that you are not alone in your view of the world that someone else does share some of the unique and very original views that you hold so dear. If you are both on the same wavelength, who knows what else is possible? Communicating will also help you find that you are appreciated or valued for your feelings or your ability to act and get things done. You are truly loved.

Cancer: Love relationships and friendships are your focus today. You are openly affectionate and warm but you are also rather responsive to the loving and passionate overtures from others. This now opens you up to a new romance or friendship. It is entirely possible that you will reconnect with someone that you once knew well a long time ago. You may have almost forgotten about this person but they could never forget you. It will be obvious when you find out that they seem to have made definite arrangements to be in your vicinity and at just the right time to be honest. You would never have expected a gesture like this. You may also be a lot more surprised to discover just how well you now get on. This looks like it will work out nicely for you.

Leo: It’s time to take charge Leo, get out there and make yourself known. If you are looking for someone special to compliment your life and make long term goals with, the energy is out there. Taking advantage of this could make for some interesting encounters. A spark could ignite today with a certain person from your past. Whatever kind of relationship you two may have had, it is about to change.  Now, it may be something trivial that triggers the event, but once you two come through it, you can both consider yourself an item from now on. If you do not reconnect with your past, accept any offers made for upcoming social gatherings. Use these opportunities to dress to the nines. You’ll never know just who might show up to rock your world.

Virgo: There is an unplanned event happening somewhere that will directly affect your love life. This isn’t something you did directly but someone may be doing something for you. Much as you like to have advance warning of these kinds of things, there is no way today you will get that privilege. But because you have this strong need to give and take affection at the moment, welcome whatever it is into your life. Now this will probably have you feel as if you were thrown into the deep end of the pool but come on – you are a Virgo, you can quickly learn how to swim. In general, you really want to connect deeply with your loved ones. This is great but try not to be so pushy and chase them away. Subtle gestures will get you the results you desire.

Libra: You may have a date with someone who has always been a person you could never really quite understand. Now this isn’t negative in any way but he or she is just… different from you. This date will definitely be a lot of fun will but the night will be full of surprises. At first you may find yourself a bit puzzled and wondering if this is going to work at all. But after a few hours in their company you finally catch on to their wavelength and see just how intriguing and extremely entertaining they really are. If you are attached, both you and your partner may have some issues with your egos right now. Be careful, in the heat of the moment you or your partner should be looking out for the long term harmony for both of you together not individually.

Scorpio: If you are going out to a party or other social event, then the conversations or encounters you have will be highly unusual. Tonight may not be kind of romantic evening that you had hoped for, but it certainly won’t be dull. There may be one discussion in particular that can turn positively electric. You will be so excited that will certainly make your hair curl. Stay close to that person. If you are attached, you will find that you can express your affections more openly than usual. Right now you are looking to give appreciation and love while accepting the happiness coming into your life now. Feeling cared for and needed is comfortable is a comfortable place to be right now. Enjoy that feeling, the day and the people around you.

Sagittarius: This is a time to enter into or strengthen relationships with a renewed sense of love and compassion. If you and your loved one have been searching for some adventure and excitement, then take advantage of the current energy to give your relationship a boost. Look towards things that will give you both a real thrill, something you have yet to do that could blow some fresh air into your relationship. The effort made now will be repaid many times over later. If you happen to be unattached, now is the time for discovering others. This does include finding yourself. Real breakthroughs can be made now. If you are willing to try new and different approaches to relationships, you will get farther in your endeavors than doing nothing at all.

Capricorn: Be prepared for a proverbial “kick in the ass” by the Universe today. You are certainly in need of one right now aren’t you? You may have a conversation today, or relatively soon, that motivates you to take some much needed action in several areas of your life. Things feel as if they have been going downhill of late, especially in your love life. You will soon realize just how much when you encounter someone that you find very attractive. This will be that finally push to get you to take control of things and get your life back in order so you can win them over. This upheaval will give you a better understanding of the world around you. If you make the effort, anything is possible. Times like this, wisdom is so much more important than knowledge.

Aquarius: This is the perfect time to shine bright and really sparkle. You are much more magnetic and desirable than usual today. You should feel good about yourself and those you are close with. If you have been feeling down for any reason, then allow this wonderful energy to pick you up. You never who is watching you right now. It is likely that someone who has been enamored of you for quite some time could suddenly decide to make a very decisive move toward you. They just can’t be silent any more. Sadly, all of your desire to socialize or even to be loved may interfere with getting commitments done. You will find the balance though so do not worry. Simply schedule some time for recreation or for taking care of your personal relationship.

Pisces: At the moment it may be easier to see what is wrong with your personal relationships than it is to see what is right. If so, you’re likely to fall into such a funk that you find yourself whining. Of course by now resolving your problems seems impossible. Your date tonight won’t help matters any as things take an unpredictable turn of events. When they do, have some patience. After a while you will see that this actually adds to the enjoyment of the evening. Whatever your situation, just relax and have a ball with who you are with. In general, try to shake your down mood off and confront any issues in your personal life head on and with optimism. If you do you may find that most of what is bothering you quickly vanishes.

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