Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning June 3, 2013


Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning June 3, 2013


Dear Aries

You may be on the move. You’re entering a home cycle where renovations, home upgrades, or a possible relocation are all possibilities. Expect to reconnect with family and friends that are close. You are still very busy but luck is favoring your short trips and communication. This week you’ll have the energy to push trough.

Dear Taurus

This is still a good time to build that nest egg and prepare for the summer. Keep going. Love enters a communicative part of your asto-chart. This means you can expect conversations to be deeper and more meaning full. You might find yourself dashing off on a moment’s notice. Be prepared for sudden change.

Dear Gemini

Illusions in your career, weirdness in your friends, and an unexpected winfall in your bank account. It looks like another busy week. Do your best to keep going. Mars is now giving you the energy to get out and get things done. Do it. Venus is now attracting love, money and security for you. Try your best to make the most of the luck around you. Love may not be in the cards but this is a week for you to make things happen for yourself.

Dear Cancer

There’s a lot of energy building up and troubling your subconscious. People from the past still come calling but you’ll be ok. Love is now shining her love directly towards you so smile and allow yourself to sparkle. People will be talking to you more and suddenly you’ll feel like part of the team. Enjoy the feeling.

Dear Leo

This looks like a fun and mysterious week. Parties are in the air and they will be fun. People are here to help your goals and you will receive rewards for work you’ve already done. Here’s the fun part.. someone from your past returns with offers of affection. Good luck.

Dear Virgo

Illusions are the name of the game when it comes to love these days. There is a dream waiting for you out there but you’re going to have to find it amongst all of the false potential. Remember.. you’re only going to go as far as the people you surround yourself with so choose where you want to be then go for it. Love is urging you to get out and meet lots of new people. Enlist a trusted wing and have some fun.

Dear Libra

Just when you picked up that book it’s time to get back to work. The office is calling and you know you have to answer. But there’s something bigger that has your attention. You very much want to finally settle your relationship status and clear your personal demons once and for all. In addition to your own baggage, you now have to deal with other people’s baggage as well. Surprisingly, this scene is not new territory for your lover and they will help you through it. And that’s one of the secrets you’ve been looking for. In spite of everything (as a Scorpio I don’t know how you’re going to do it but..) allow your natural Libra magic to smooth over the rough patches. You’ve always “kinda” been there. This is the month to drop the “kinda” and make your love known.

Dear Scorpio

You’re always looking to solve sort of puzzle or work out a problem. It’s your natural nature to be curious and look beneath the surface. Unfortunately, when you do this you miss the obvious. As you see people as puzzle pieces for your own personal love story there’s a tendency to romanticize others and place them where they don’t belong. You can wait for them to change, or see the value in you, or whatever. Or.. you can just go out and get someone who wants to play. As a Scorpio you’re the most sexy sign (even if you don’t feel it) and if that’s what you have to do make a new friend. Then that’s what you have to do.

Dear Sagittarius

You’ve been lucky in love for a while now and to spice things up a bit this week your relationships get a physical boost of energy to take things to another level.  One of the things you do is get involved with a joint financial partnership. Love is currently attracting success with “money you earn with someone else”. This is a good week for deepening love and attracting money.

Dear Capricorn

You’ve been pouring a lot of energy into your daily life just to get by. The good news is, the extra time you’ve been putting in at the gym is beginning to show and people are starting to notice. This week love enters your astro-sector of personal and one to one relationships. If you are single, keep your eyes open and if someone flirts by who somehow fits your plan then absolutely go for it.

Dear Aquarius

Who would have thought a boring love affair could be fun? This week love is waiting in your daily routine, so keep your eyes open. You are very hot and sexually expressive right now and you might feel like you’re coming on too strong but if it makes sense then you might as well go for it. Thoughts begin drifting towards how to make that special person a part of your daily life.

Dearest Pisces

Luck still swims at home but it now time to get creative and it’s also the time for love. Express yourself this week and allow yourself to be the center of attention. You’ll feel dramatic and playful so you might as well get out and have some fun. You still feel busy but the waters around you begin to calm. This is a great week for creative compassion.


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