Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning June 10, 2013


Astro-Week June 10-17,2013


Dear Aries


The office is going to cause you problems this week. This part of your life is undergoing a major transformation and this week you are front and center. Good or bad, it was your own actions which brought you here and you’re going to have to come clean. Somehow let your partner know that all of the work you’re doing is to help out at home.


Dear Taurus


A powerful calling from someone or somewhere exotic threatens things at home. Instead of dropping everything and flying off with that exotic lover, you could use the energy to expand the way you current see things. There is a possibility for harmony this week but you’ll have to look deep to find what you’ve really been looking for.


Dear Gemini


What do you want to talk about this week? How about, you’ve been pushy and aggressive but all in the wrong places. This week you’re going to hear about it. Just listen for a change and everything should work out. Play nice, and be patient. Your love has a lot to get off of their chest.


Dear Cancer


There’s someone who’s been on your mind for a while now. As Venus enters your home sign you’re filled with the confidence to give this person a chance. Don’t expect miracles but try. There is a life changing relationship waiting if you can find it.


Dear Leo


Something from your past, hidden from view, or kept secret from you will affect your daily routine and how you go about your work. Expect delays and be careful. Friends are still here to help and socializing should be a top priority.


Dear Virgo


You are very public right now so watch your step. It looks like you’ve been playing both sides of the fence in your love life and this week things get sorted out. There are a lot of people who are simply here to help you right now. All you have to do is figure out what you want and they’ll help you get it.


Dear Libra


There’s a transformational pull this week between your public life which is steadily gaining momentum and bringing you accolades, and your personal home life which is undergoing a major life rebirth. This energy suggests you may have been neglecting parts of your true self while pursuing your outward goals. Another way of looking at it is allowing certain “home” themes or ideas held onto about your vision of family to gracefully change and evolve as you continue to grow into the new you.


Dear Scorpio


With Saturn in your sign you’re coming across as cold, controlling, and worst of all.. uncaring. Maybe your language is harsher and you’re more abrupt than normal. It’s not really sending mixed signals to those who know you by know but it is throwing off chances for new love. Open up your heart this week and most of all give your partner ever opportunity to express themselves and just listen.


Dear Sagittarius


Right now you seem to be all about relationships and how deeply you’ve become involved in them. There’s a lot of luck, harmony, and aggressive energy to make the most out of your current affair. Venus however has already moved onto your astro-sector of joint finances. So.. it looks like you’ve either met someone rich or you’re deepening your commitments financially. Either way, it looks good.


Dear Capricorn


Conflict is in the air this week between you and your dearest love. You are currently changing your outward appearance to the world and it’s currently at odds to what happening around you. Try not to be too cold because you could miss a very good opportunity for love this week. Loosen up and let your new friends help you through your transformation.


Dear Aquarius


There looks to be a crises of logic as past ideas or people interfere with your daily life. Keep alert for someone from the past offering you a new job. Love is in your daily routine but there is a need that is currently not being met. Have a look around for what you really want.


Dearest Pisces


This is an exciting week as you’re tempted by a strange lover. If the waters look clear then go for it. There’s a feeling of comfort with this new person.  You’ll be pulled from your home into the spotlight for a short time.


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