The Kindness of Strangers..


It’s been a tough couple of weeks. My friends are sick and I’m upset. I try not to show it but clearly people around me have noticed. And in elegant universal clockwork, the people who love me.. well they stepped up and showed me they care – in ways I could appreciate.. in ways I could use.. in ways that didn’t coddle or enable my tears but rather cut through all of my objections, cleared my emotions, and refocused my intentions – & whether intentionally, through divine providence or a loving soul connection – I felt for the first time that maybe we do have a common goal.. or at least we’re able to look in the same direction.. for one fleeting moment in time..


My short write up for my Stop Smoking with Hypnosis workshop at New Renaissance in Portland was late. Yes.. I’ll be in Portland the weekend of July 14 – tell your friends.

I was under a bit of pressure but I’m usually good at writing this stuff so I finally sat down and just got it done. I wasn’t knocked out or bowled over by the results but I thought it was a pretty good job and I also thought it was going to look good in their publications.

Bv didn’t think so..  but instead of getting upset with me – she just cut up one of my hypno-proposals and created an amazing write-up.

Here’s the interesting part.. Looking back, she was right. My original copy was a bit depressing. And I didn’t even know.

But SHE knew.. I’m supposed to be held to a higher standard. And this person – I’ve never met – did her best in my moment of sadness.. to help me be the best I can be.


Last week I tried to reach my sick cousin but I couldn’t get through so I left a message with her voice mail.

On Saturday morning my little sister called me from Toronto. This was strange behavior because I’m always working with the kids on Saturday morning and usually I can’t answer the telephone. But little sisters do strange things so.. I didn’t think much of it. But I did call her back..

My little sister was in the room when my middle sister died years ago. She knows how important this is to me.

So.. when I called her in the afternoon – in typical a big brother way – wondering why she’s bugging me on a Saturday – she tells me she’s at our cousin’s house and promptly puts her on the telephone.

Getting a brief chance to say I love you one last time – TO ANYONE – is something I am eternally grateful for.


Then came the one thing I really didn’t expect.. I know she was just being nice – we’re like that.. nice to so many people and everyone seems to take it the wrong way – and although there are feeling between us – they lack an articulated presence – so.. I was really surprised and taken aback when she sent out a general message about cancer survivors. Again.. it’s didn’t enable sadness or smother.. it inspired me – and in every case.. I felt like everyone was telling me to keep going.. we’re all going to be ok.

Now I don’t know if anyone did what they did on purpose or if the universe just sent me some support from strange sources or perhaps I’m so awesome at healing that I can find support in the darkest of night skys. But after the events of the last couple of days.. I feel peaceful, ready to continue.. and eternally grateful for the kindness of strangers.

Wishing everyone a beautiful week.

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