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Love Horoscopes – June 15, 2013


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Aries: Tensions may be on the rise in a significant personal relationship. You need an edge in order to communicate easier; your sense of humor might be the key. It could help you get around a familiar argument that your loved one will likely put forward. Forcing the issue any further or rehashing past statements. You will be able to lay it all to rest by making them laugh. Afterward, when things calm down, a little romantic fantasy can keep you together at this time. Share your fantasies with your someone special and see if you might make them a reality. You’ll be surprised, your fantasy and theirs may be one and the same.  Rather than argue, you two should spend the rest of the day making your sexual dreams come true.

Taurus: Your spirits are high at this time. This leads you to feeling very optimistic, self-confident and just plain happy. The powers of conversation are definitely on your side today. If you are unattached, you will be able to persuade a very desirable person to take a chance and go out with you. Up until today you may have found yourself tongue-tied. All of the sudden the verbal floodgates are opened and you are able to discuss just about anything with flare, confidence, and wit. By the end of the evening they will be convinced that you appreciate them deeply and they will want to spend more time with you. Right now you greet life with a fresh attitude. Forget the mistakes of the past and envision bright new adventures for growth and fulfillment.

Gemini: Relationships will run smoothly for you today, it seems that you can’t fail.  The planetary energies of the day are indeed on your side. If you have a solid emotional base in your life, you will receive the benefits of that. So show your partner how much you really appreciate them for the little things. If not, this is a good time to network with people so you can broaden your social circle and find someone that you can form a lasting relationships with. Any social endeavors will be extremely successful. Because of your heightened confidence, you’re the center of attention and noticed by someone who is very opened about being extremely attracted to you. This person intrigues you enough to find out more and why not? Right now you have nothing to lose.

Cancer: Thoughts of love and enjoyment of your surroundings are the energy of the day. It will be more mental and emotional than physical for you. Right now, it is likely your love life may blossom in a more spiritual setting. This would be a great time to take up those methods of relaxation and spirituality that you had one considered. This blending of minds and hearts can also occur while you are away from your normal daily routine. So if you are going on some kind of vacation or while enjoying a few days break, things may also fall into line, especially if you are attached. It will be a deeply satisfying time for the both of you. This is a good time to schedule social activities where tact and friendliness would be a plus. You will surely shine during this time.

Leo: It doesn’t take much for a relationship to spin out of control. Today you may have to deal with a lot of tension surrounding you and someone special. Because you begin to feel as if no one understands the situation, you find yourself revealing secrets or very private matters, in hopes to bring it all to light. This does help the situation along but also prompts a lengthy conversation of great depth. You find yourself asking some very penetrating questions and because of how much you shared, superficial answers don’t satisfy you now. So long as you keep your cool, you will learn all about your loved ones inner depths as well as gain some valuable insight on your own. See…sometimes sharing and communicating are good things, right?

Virgo: You may find yourself running into a great deal of opposition from just about every direction you turn today. Instead of relief from others, you may find more complications and misunderstandings than you could have anticipated. Perhaps the thing you need to do is take the situation into your own hands and deal with it all by yourself. If dealing with it leads you to a library, or a bookstore, you may strike up an interesting conversation with someone who could significantly broaden your horizons. But the discussion is likely to continue for far longer than you initially imagined. It could take a long time for you both to actually complete it. Before you know it, you’ll be dating on a regular basis. When it comes to love, the Universe is sneaky like that.

Libra: Good times certainly lie ahead for you. Romance is likely to begin for you thanks to your sense of humor.  Of course your charm will contribute towards making others laugh but it is your particular approach to life that seems to have someone really gorgeous in stitches. You obviously have a lot to share and discover about each other – and looking on the bright side helps a lot. This romance will bloom quickly in many ways and one of them will be in a very primal, lusty manner. When the time comes, those physical needs that is very obvious you both share, should be allowed to take the forefront. The more spiritual aspects of love will have their moments, later. Today a wild, uninhibited frolic is in order. Have fun!

Scorpio: You may have found it difficult to communicate properly in your relationship lately. But today you may have a wonderful opportunity to make amends with your partner. You will realize the error of your ways and find both the confidence and compassion to approach the matter from a more positive stance. If you miss the opportunity or talks fail, your relationships will likely become tempestuous. If your partner is not as responsive or as loving as you would like, you may begin to feel lost and start to wander. Before you start to drift why not go out and have some fun, as laughter may work wonders for you both. If you’re unattached you will find yourself very attracted to someone you encounter at this time. It will be intense and compelling.

Sagittarius: If you are unattached today, use your fine sense of humor to rectify it. When you finally find the one, don’t overdo it when trying to impress them, as you may put him or her off rather than turn them on. With this person, you will need to be a bit more subtle to keep their attentions. There is a time and a place for everything. You may also find yourself gripped by feelings of nostalgia and compassion right now. Memories of feelings and situations long forgotten come to the surface. Because of this, your emotions are likely to become sensitized now. This opens up your strong intuitive nature. Since you this makes you able to communicate a broad spectrum of emotions, see if you can find some resolution to the issues that still eat away at you.

Capricorn: This is a period of critical decisions and transition. In fact, it is not unusual for several important changes of this nature to be occurring. One such major change in your life could be the ending a long-term relationship. But thanks to the energy of the day it is possible that romantically, things will certainly brighten and a new relationship may be beginning. You tend to have a very dry sense of humor, so it is sometimes hard for others to tell whether you are joking or not. Yet you will meet a certain person who not only understands your jokes, but can give as good as they get. You will deeply appreciate all they have to offer. He or she may be the one you never want to let go.

Aquarius: Not a great day to make plans or decisions. You may feel frustrated as to where you are headed in life just now, making it hard to figure what move to make next. This could be about anything in your life especially with any romantic endeavors. Try to grasp some sort of self control and remember tomorrows another day and a new perspective. But while some of you succeed in the self control department, others of you may simply say “fuck it” and head out later when you get a bit stir crazy. You may end up dressing to nines, looking for a little trouble. If you do find a party, you are guaranteed to have a whole lot of fun. You’ll also meet others who love to talk endlessly about all the secrets and mysteries of the universe, much as you do.

Pisces: The energy surrounding you is very open and social. With that said the energy of similar minds and hearts gravitate toward you today and together you could make some very positive changes. It would be a great idea for you to invite a few friends around for an impromptu party. If you are unattached, you will be in good company and enjoy an evening of tales and jokes. Someone may even bring a friend, one you will be most interested in. If you are attached, you and your loved one should relax, alone, with libations. Either way, your love life looks positive. Use this smooth energy to conquer new ground in life and you’ll be in a better position when times are less than ideal.


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