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Love Horoscopes – June 16, 2013


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Aries: A turn of events today will help you to realize that the awkwardness within your current relationship is not your partner, but you. You have been so busy blaming them for everything that has gone wrong that you have forgotten to look at your own part in the problem. Until you do so, you will not really make any positive changes. You need to take responsibility for your actions. If you are dating, socializing and a little quality time with your romantic interest is exactly what you need at the moment. A night on the town with close friends will do wonders for your spirit. A quiet, late night frolic with your lover should send both your energy levels soaring as well. Nights like this could bring you two closer together and raise your status.

Taurus: Change is in the air today and looking right at your love life. You no longer hide the mixed feelings you’ve been feeling toward your latest partner. What seemed to start out as very promising suddenly seems to have gone downhill at an alarming rate. If you care enough to save this, you can but it does mean being very honest. This is a good time to spoil yourself and also to spend time with the people who love and appreciate you the most. You’re craving sweetness and comfort in the form of loving affection while you are feeling rather tender and softhearted. If you are unattached, let your friends and family help you through. If you are dating, this will certain draw you two closer and add more depth to this budding relationship.

Gemini: Your personal relationships of all kinds are likely to deepen at this time. Intimate communication is very good, and should lead to a deeper understanding and mutual appreciation between you and your mate. But there may be a few of you who feel that your relationship has run its course and it is time to move on. Before you end things, think back – from beginning to end and ask yourself how you got here. If you are honest, you may realize that you have reached a plateau rather than the end. Give things another go before you walk out of this person’s life completely. Start by reviving the intimacy in the relationship. A little time spent deftly flirting and teasing is sure to lead to some fantastic physical moments.

Cancer: If you are going out on a first date this evening, it may feel like you are on trial. Your date is a bit excited, and completely overwhelmed by their nervousness. He or she is likely to insist upon knowing every detail about you, your life, your ex-partners, your hobbies and your lifestyle. Don’t take it personally or be put off by this. They are absolutely crazy about you and relishing every moment of your company. If you are unattached, reflection and attention to your personal life is called for today. This is a time to spend more on you than on anyone else. Figure out what makes you happy and this will make your relationships happier to. There is no way you can go out there and find someone when you are not sure what it is you want.

Leo: The animal in you may come out today as you play for high stakes in the relationship game today. You may, or may not know that the person you are interested in already has someone else in mind, but is not yet fully committed. You feel you still have a chance to make them desire you instead. Understand that all bets are off for this.  You will walk a risky path if you decide to take fate into your own hands and intervene. You need everything in your arsenal including your intuition. Thankfully it is on the mark so allow it guide you through this potentially messy affair. It is a great idea to spread as much good will as possible. A wise wink and a knowing glance will put you on the road to satisfaction, when a direct request might get you put off.

Virgo: Life is full of change and transformations today as relationships can get a bit weird right now or at least take an unexpected turn. You may find that matters between you and your beloved are more than a little intense. The need for more freedom, independence, or novelty on your part, or on the part of someone close to you, may disrupt the status quo your intimate affairs. You may be concerned but don’t let this worry you too much. It would do you both good to get into a deep conversation and really let off some steam, rather than pretending that you both feel absolutely fine all the time. Lay all your cards out on the table and be honest with each other. This will get you much farther than you ever hoped.

Libra: Communications of all kinds play an important role today. A significant conversation with a loved one can make things quite passionate and certainly very intense between you two. You are normally genteel and sedate when it comes to matters of love but your insane attraction is acting like very strong magnet and the fires of emotion burn between you two like a bed of hot coals. If you are on a date, you may not notice the hours pass because you are so absorbed in each other. The latter, regardless of your relationship status, you will physically find yourself in later on in the evening! You may hear from someone who has important information for you, or feel a need to email or call someone else in order to discuss a pressing matter.

Scorpio: There is a fair amount of passion and intensity in the air coupled with the restless need to accomplish more and break free of present limitations. What you choose to do with all this energy is entirely up to you. You can make your partner very happy by showing your warm side and sharing how deeply you feel about them. Or you may find yourself mad or jealous about certain recent events. This energy also makes you a bit bold and daring during this time. If you feel caged in by present circumstances and feel an uncontrollable urge to enlarge your vistas and expand your emotions, this may inspire you to seek a new relationship. This doesn’t mean getting rid of the old ones; it may mean a new friend or just adding to your current circle.

Sagittarius: This is a time when you express yourself very clearly so conversations, negotiations, and communications of all kinds can be very successful in any love or romantic relationship you are involved in. You have come realize that relationships are the place where we learn the most, and are also thoroughly tested in terms of our patience and generosity of heart. Your fortitude will be tested today as you believe you have a rather valid reason to think that your partner is not being honest with you. Now is not the time to lose control so do not approach this will your usual anger or bitterness, instead solve this problem gentleness and empathy. You may find that you are valued for your feelings by the person who put you in this position.

Capricorn: Sometimes anything and everything has to go wrong in a relationship before it can go right. Because this is an excellent time for personal relationships and friendships, things can definitely go right. If you feel as though you have reached rock bottom in your relationship, be optimistic that it can only improve from here on out. You are able to share feelings, interests, and concerns openly and honestly with your partner. By talking things through, you will see there is still a lot of hope, so forgive each other and start again. You will able to see connections and possibilities that you may have overlooked before. Now you have opened the door to your hearts, it is time to start sharing your hopes and dreams for the future.

Aquarius: You are craving comfort and affection right now but you cannot reach. There are certain issues in your relationship that you need to confront first. It is time to bring these problems to the surface and find some sort of resolution. You may feel negative about this at first but once you two begin to really talk things through you will see how it quickly turns positive.  Getting everything out in the open will help save things later or prevent an embarrassing moment. Once these issues are exposed and resolved, you will feel so much better. You may also feel impulsive and tenderhearted today. This would be a good time to spoil yourself and those people who love and appreciate you the most. Spend some time having fun and leaving your worries behind.

Pisces: You will juggle many balls today in your love life as you are one popular person. You may be involved in a triangle as you are deeply and passionately attracted to someone rather gorgeous but you are also being pursued by another whom you would rather keep at a distance right now. You need to get different messages across to each of them so that things can progress rapidly in the direction you want them to. Throughout the day there will several attempts to advise or influence you, shove you in various directions, but hold your own if you really think it’s truly appropriate. It is possible that someone from the other side might be right tough so keep that in mind.  If you take a risk now and try it out, you can do so without long term commitment.


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