Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning June 17, 2013


Astro-Week June 17 – 24, 2013

Dear Aries

You’ve been talking up a storm, meeting new people, and expanding your thinking. Things have also been very busy, just the way you like. But truthfully, you know something is missing. One of these days you’re going to have to ask if you’ve actually moved forward or if you’ve just been spinning your wheels faster in a changing scene.

Dear Taurus

One more week of pushing your energy into creating a more secure and stable life then it’s time to take a bigger step out into this world. Your quiet life was busy then suddenly became quiet and although expected, it was still a little upsetting. Things have begun getting busy again but this time it is less focused and lacks a common goal. Find people with common interest and dig in. The growing has just begun.

Dear Gemini

People really are here to help you, they just seem weird. You’re one of our smartest signs so.. simply figure it out. This week try and find a way to let all of those who are trying to help you, to actually lend you a hand. Know in advance that most of your puzzle pieces won’t fit. But so what? Perhaps you should be building a different puzzle anyways. Especially in love.

Dear Cancer

Recently, a powerful presence has re-emerged in your personal life. For some it may be a person that you’ve always wanted to know and for others it may be someone from your past. Either way, you’ve always wondered what life could be like if you somehow managed to get together and make things work. This person will open you to an entirely new world that you always wished for but didn’t really think you deserved. Be careful. It will be painful but worth it.

Dear Leo

You’ve been on a serious run since I began writing these horoscopes a couple of years ago. Now it looks like the last week of fun before you enter a time of introspection, reflection, endings, and a little struggle from your past. As all of this energy begins to ramp up keep your eyes open for people, ideas, and places you used to know.   Open enemies are lurking be careful.

Dear Virgo

Your career should be attracting most of your active energy. It’s a busy time for Virgos as you’re all kind of stepping into the public spotlight at work. This energy works well with your attraction/love energy which is currently putting you into contact with people who can help your goals and dreams come true. The only down side is your general structure of communication. There seems to be a hold on the things you’d like to say and for some reason, what people are saying to you.

Dear Libra

You’ve become very good at playing the part you thought you’re currently meant to play but somehow you know something’s not right. If you look around you’ll see some old and you’ll see some new AND you’ll see a piece of your future. It all looks rosy but when you look deep.. it’s not the mask that has to change, it’s the actor inside.

Dear Scorpio

Does it feel like you got another one wrong? Cheer up. The planets suggest that you have always had it right but you are currently attracting a certain type of person who simply has trouble opening up to you. If you were a different sign I might recommend waiting things out. But.. you’re a Scorpio, so.. seriously, why?

Dear Sagittarius

It’s time to put your love to the test with joint speculation. You’re also entering a week where the occult, sex, and a deeper understanding of personal mysteries take hold. It might seem a little weird for some but the energy is productive. Love is everywhere for you right now.

Dear Capricorn

This is the last week to clear up all of your usually daily stuff, routine tasks, and chores and then get ready for love. Jupiter, the planet of luck will be entering your astro-sector of close and personal relationships and this will make you lucky in love for a while. Have fun.

Dear Aquarius

You still feel like taking a few chances and you sure look the dashing part but love has moved onto a more practical part of your astro-chart. Things go smoothly in your daily routine, work, and health. A few risks might be fun if well thought out but luck is about to leave this area. Make the most of it.

Dearest Pisces

Love sees you taking a chance or two right now. Go ahead and buy a lottery ticket. If someone smiles, then say hello. The overall luck energy is changing and you can feel it. If you’ve been holding off on love then opening up to what you really want will open new doors.

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