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Love Horoscopes – June 24, 2013


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Aries: Up and down emotions with energies running high make for uncomfortable moments today. If tempers flare, spare yourself and others the hassle by not giving into them. You have a choice when it comes to how you will react to events in your love life today. You could be serious and overly critical of how your partner handled a specific situation, or you could realize that this issue is really is not that big a deal and choose to laugh instead. It would be in your best interest to avoid hasty actions, choices or impulse buying during this time. Commitments made now will tend to partake of this atmosphere, so have the patience to wait a little before moving ahead. Let this time pass before you make any moves.

Taurus: Watch out for conflicting goals and energy wasting attitudes today. You definitely reflect your sign as you are stubborn about everything you are dealing with right now. You have been reconsidering the direction your love life is taking because that someone special brings out some very strange reactions in you. On the one hand, you see them as a source of amusement, and on the other, you find them at times extremely irritating. Only you can decide if it’s worth it. There may be some tensions surrounding you from people you care about. What may seem like deceit could be just mixed emotions, or vice versa. Rather than jump into anyone’s drama, watch a bit and see if it calms down. You have your own drama to deal with.

Gemini: Discovery, inventiveness, and spontaneity are major themes now. You are looking for a break from the predictability of your usual routine in your romantic relationship and you’re in the mood to experiment, maybe even learn something new. Because offbeat ideas excite you right now, you will seek people who can offer you a different way of looking at things. As you meet new people keep your sense of humor in check. You will be reminded how it can sometimes backfire, as you encounter someone who is sensitive to off the cuff remarks you made. Worse yet is that the person in question, happens to be someone you greatly admire. This will likely be strike one against you. It may be best to watch your tongue in the future.

Cancer: You may find yourself amidst a misunderstanding as you take a remark from your loved one far too personally. He or she did not mean it to be the criticism you believed it to be. Your latest lover has not quite realized how sensitive you really are, and presumed you would find it funny. In order for this relationship to work, you are going to have to sit them down and tell them what is acceptable and what isn’t. It is ok to say what you feel and feel what you say during this time. It’s easier now and you can do so with little fear of creating an argument or causing more trouble. As you discuss this with your loved one, you may gain a better understanding what they really meant.

Leo: If you are going out on a first date this evening, don’t let a disparaging remark put you off this person for good. It is likely that they do not quite realize what they are saying considering they will be visibly nervous and ill at ease. Don’t do anything drastic. Be compassionate and give them the benefit of the doubt. What you may come to find is that they are extremely good company and you would like to get to know them further. If you are attached, you may feel more reflective and need to be closer to home and to your loved ones. You can draw a lot of strength and satisfaction from your family friends, but only if things are good. If things are in a rocky place, any difficulties or inadequacies will be seen clearly and be ready for you to resolve.

Virgo: Words may convey a bit more emotional meaning than usual so be careful as to how you phrase certain things. Saying the wrong thing, even an off the cuff remark, is enough to cause a disagreement between you and your loved one.  If you have taken on a large project or are both under a deadline, then the stress you two are under is now beginning to show. Recognize this and allow yourselves to unwind. Be prepared to see the funny side or at least try to create a lighter atmosphere around you two. Maybe the use of subtle communication and your own intuition can take some tension off and make messages clear. Once you ease the tensions, you will find that dealing with each other is whole lot easier during this time.

Libra: You will find you are rather passionate today and leave you inclined to act on your emotions and desire rather than reason. It is very likely that you will be in a fighting mood both emotionally and physically with this energy surrounding you. Your close and intimate relationships will probably be uncomfortable today. In order to make it though, you should rely on your sense of humor today instead of your emotions. If you can bring yourself to smile at your loved one, even if you feel like strangling them, this would help out tremendously. Laughing about the matter at hand will help keep the temperature from getting too overheated. The incident is not actually that important, so don’t allow it to affect you. Life is far too short.

Scorpio: The way you communicate will be very important today. You need to speak with your loved one about one particular issue that has been bothering you for some time, but the way that you choose to do so could make a world of difference.  A touch of laughter will help enormously so use a light humorous tone when speaking but use words that are very direct and honest. This is a busy time for you as you are getting in touch with many people through the next few days. Numerous phone calls, emails, meetings, errands, or discussions bring you into contact with others. Who knows all this social contact may lead, especially of you are unattached. You interact with someone you’ve been manifesting for awhile.

Sagittarius: Changing emotions today are likely to occur today. You will feel like a roller coaster, one moment up the next down and may get a bit overwhelming. So it is a good idea not to make any of those jokes that just roll off your tongue so easily. If you are the process of getting closer to someone special, they just may not understand your humor and take things the wrong way. As the relationship is at such a delicate stage, it would be wise to hold back. Laugh with them rather than at them. Snap decisions are probably not a great idea either right now. You should take several deep breathes and re evaluate the matter at hand before you come to a conclusion. By the time you’re done, things around you will have settled down to a comfortable ride.

Capricorn: Now is a good time for you to make first impressions. Your warmth will radiate under the right circumstances and allow people to see you for the genuine, caring person you are. But you need to keep your sense of humor under wraps today. If you are going out on a date, they may not understand how your sense of humor works, so you need to find a balance between making the kind of dry, pointed jokes that you are so fond of, and being sincere. It might be wise to cut down on your remarks and enjoy some wonderful conversation instead, turn on the charm. Personal relationships should be especially fulfilling for you during this period because those close to you will be easily charmed by your affection and poise.

Aquarius: Your love life may respond very well to a dose of humor, but what it doesn’t need is sarcasm. The energies of the day are not helping as the line between the two becomes very thin. This isn’t helping the current state of your relationship either. If you are feeling hurt in any way, then it is best to express this directly rather than create even more problems. When you confront the matter you want to be open, honest and firm.  Just be careful as you are inclined to be aggressive and hot tempered now. This will open you up to feeling impatient and behave in an impulsive, irritable way. This could lead you to accidents during this period, so be careful, both for yourself and others.

Pisces: Moods swing erratically and otherwise stable situations may suddenly fall apart when you least expect it. You and your lover have tried to resolve certain issues but realize that you have so many more to work through.  It has been a rather trying time you both need to let off steam. Perhaps if you both went out for meal, or purchased some tickets to a comedy show, something to bring you two together on a different field, could to wonders for those yet to be resolved issues. Just don’t take out all this stress on each other, as it will spoil all you have achieved. If your partner is still harsh with you, do not respond in the same manner. This anger is a passing emotion. Now is not the time to make or take offense, it is time to fix this mess.


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