Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning June 24, 2013


Astro-Week June 24 – July 1, 2013




Dear Aries


Powerful transformations continue to happen in your career and public life. In the next two weeks this transformation will have a direct affect on your home life. For some it can be a simple case of a promotion leading to sprucing up the love nest. For others it will be long hours at the office that take you away from all of the good stuff waiting at home. How you play it is up to you.




Dear Taurus


Face it, you’ve undergone a major transformation towards how you see the world. It’s time to put it into play and make another one of your dreams come true. The change in the air will make you more vocal. Watch your words. You carry more force than you realize and a vocal Taurus comes across as pushy to the uninitiated.




Dear Gemini


Time to make some money! Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion is entering your astro-sector of personal finances, security, and comfort. Keep your eyes open and make the most of this shifting energy. The spotlight is now shifting away from you so you no longer appear larger than life but once again, it’s time to make some money. Go get it.




Dear Cancer


Full speed ahead! The luck spotlight has focused its sights on you. It’s time to shine. You are now appearing larger than life and your personal agenda will take center stage. Whatever it is that you really want in life, now’s the time to attract it. But remember, It’s new energy so if you’re still trying to get the old love off of the ground, then you’re going to have to try a different approach – not just the other side of the same coin.




Dear Leo


With all of these planets lining up in your astro-12th house it will feel like a lot of energy is going towards clearing out the past and getting ready to move forward. With Jupiter entering this sector for a while it’s a good time to have a look at your mental health and general intuition. New themes are developing in your life. Feel free to finally let go of that old lover and get ready to move on.




Dear Virgo


There’s a lot of energy storing up in your astro-sector of “people who can help your dreams come true”. Make the most of this energy by asking questions and asking for help. Don’t be passive this week. Start checking off those goals on your to-do list.




Dear Libra


There’s a flowing harmony between your work life (which has suddenly taken on much greater importance), your personal finances, and your daily chores. It may feel like love has left you deserted as you come to grips with the new energy around you. Have a look around. It’s still there. It’s just different now.




Dear Scorpio


You should be having more sex right now. Seriously. Jupiter has just left your astro-sector relating to Scorpio style sex. This means if you embraced the energy over the last year then you met some new “friends”. If you didn’t, then I bet you did your withdraw/recharge thing. Now that this energy has left things should be less fanatical and more normal. Or put another way, you are just too sexually intense and you’re freaking everyone out. Calm down. It all changes this week.




Dear Sagittarius


Your love energy is still active and this might cause both a quick argument and some fun getting back together. The big news this week however is your personal luck. It’s moving into a very good area for inheriting money, and joint finances. Keep your eyes open and team up for best financial success.




Dear Capricorn


Loosen up a bit. You still seem fixed on the details but love is calling you for some attention. Then again, if you don’t finish your chores then there might never be time for love. Take things slowly. The recent love interest might not be the right one so give things some time. You’re going to be hot for the next year so there really is no rush.




Dear Aquarius


It’s time to take care of your personal business. Get back to the gym or go for a walk. Your health will take on greater importance. Have some fun but take care of yourself first. Next week love will return.




Dearest Pisces




It’s a beautiful week for love and harmony should you choose to swim those waters. Do your best to express yourself. You won’t have to clear or precise. Love will help this week even if all you want to do is explore the world for a bit.


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