You can’t expect to just hyper-space into your outcomes..

“Do you even pay attention to the stuff you say?”

“What’s your problem now..”

“You don’t have to be nice to everyone.. but you don’t have to be a total prick either. You’re not THAT awesome Sonny..”

Fyou Btch – I am

“Stop it ! I know that look.. Forget all the nonsense – just listen.. Nice guys try to control other’s intentions..”

I was taking notes and everything after that was just scribbles.. so.. Dear Universe – will you put some action on this for me plz – S


“You really don’t give a shit about anything do you?”

“I’m trying not to.. thank you”

My mom smiles & giggles a little.. she didn’t raise her boy not to care 

“You know.. it’s like this.. you’re a hypnotist.. you’re supposed to help people.. imagine a plate is broken – you could fix it.. you could even paint it.. make it better than it ever was.. you know – there’s not an answer for everything but everything doesn’t have to be a problem either. Look at me. I just run. That’s it.. no body bugs me. I just play my music and go. When I get back home.. your father will be there.. “

“Dad says I should buy new plates”

“You really are an asshole ! and stop swearing when you write – it’s not nice”

And it’s intellectually lazy.. I know – continue plz



“! Why is everything we say irrelevant to you ?”

“Maybe it’s not irrelevant”

“Are you a real person?”

“Stop. ok kid – speak”

“What outcome did you want? Sonny seriously.. “

“Ya dude.. seriously – there’s a goal or a picture inside of you that you’re not congruent with  – and unlike a normal person who just sulks and gets depressed – you’re one of those guys who has a freak mechanism – it’s really funny I’m glad we came to Vancouver”

“Thank you..”

“Sonny.. you can’t just hyper-space into your outcome – what’s wrong with your brains ? you have to live your life along the way to actually get you there sometimes”

“I’m between wars right now man.. give me a break”

I might be missing something here but I thought I was the good guy.. so what are you telling me ? there’s only one intention.. you’re known or unknown outcome. But in love.. knowing the outcome ruins the game a bit doesn’t it?   


“It comes back to comfort and security. You have to take her hand and give her a hug and tell her everything is going to be ok.. and then you should do something nice to let her know you’re thinking of her..  and..”

“She’s not an ef’in couch man what the quoi !”

“Sonny.. you’re getting cold again.. and maybe a little mental my friend”

“Dude no – forever.. seriously – comfort means slowing down – security means saying no.. there are other forms of comfort and there are other forms of security – like chaining yourself to a pile of money.. but seriously – slowing down and saying no demonstrate that you have a shell and you respect their shell and you’re willing to take a real moment and check things out – that’s the action from the dark side my jedi friend”

“Calm down.. you really do excite easily – you should meditate more.. and your hair keeps making me laugh ! but listen.. I also think something’s in the air.. “

“Can you imagine.. maybe..we’re all going to be ok though – Jupiter is just on the move.. luck is leaving words and entering emotions – touching will take on a greater importance”

Maybe R. has a point about being nice.. & how it’s an attempt to control an outcome – it’s just one devise or tool I guess.. so is being mean… so is a a hard stare into someone’s eyes…. until they go soft

Sugar and spice


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