Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning July 1, 2013


Astro-Week July 1 –  6, 2013

Dear Aries

Don’t just continue to talk about it. This week finally get down to fixing up the home. If there’s a big project or renovation that you’ve wanted to get started, this is a great week to begin. Getting friends to pitch in will increase the chances for love. Family takes on a larger role. Expect to find yourself helping out when least expected. Love is waiting for you to creatively express yourself.

Dear Taurus

 Love is restricted, disciplined, and a little grumpy but it can also last if it’s true. The down side is you might begin to feel controlled or stifled by your partner’s unfaithful behavior. It’s not that you think they are fooling around behind your back.. it’s just.. well, they’re only supposed to be looking at you and not lusting after everyone who comes along. There’s really no rush to make a decision but then again it might be made for you.

Dear Gemini

You are still coming across as aggressive, pushy, and a little competitive. Rather than turning yourself down, you might want to find people who can handle the noise. Opportunities for comfort, security, and material possessions have just begun and will steadily continue for the rest of the year. Currently, Venus is attracting love and money in your astro-sector of communication, short trips, and personal ideas. Speak your mind and love will hear you.

Dear Cancer

Someone from your past has recently crossed your path and this time you’re interested. Whether you would like to re-connect with an ex or give someone a chance, you may be surprised to find yourself reaching out right now. Now at first glance, this might seem like an un-Cancer thing to do. But when you really think about it, you’re not one to let your dreams slip away.

Dear Leo

Even when you’re taking a break, love seem to find you. Right now Venus, the planet of love and attraction is in Leo and this has put the love spotlight directly on you. Now.. although you still feel like going out and you are radiating attraction, it’s your past that is drawing the most attention. Clear all grievances or at least do the best you can to clear the air. There’s a wonderful balance right now of looking for someone or a group to help a very personal project.

Dear Virgo

Your past has suddenly taken on a bigger role in your life. It will be an ongoing theme for the next little while. In fact the events of last week and this upcoming week will give you ample opportunity to receive gifts from your past. It’s also a good time to help others. Be careful.. this is just the beginning of a cycle. In a short time you will have trouble with open enemies and problems from your past as a result of the decisions you are currently making. This is not the time for decisions or deep commitments.

Dear Libra

Someone from your past has come calling and it feels like a dream about to be relived. You’ll want to do everything to show off the new you to your old friend hoping for a happier ending. It’s not going to happen. Neptune is bringing illusion and it may look like a new story but when you really look closely you’ll see that it only looks like things have changed. Good luck.

Dear Scorpio

That wasn’t so bad now was it? You should probably give yourself permission to freak out a little more often. There’s a hidden message about duality hidden in there but you’re going to have to search deeply to find how your poisonous destruction of everything sacred could actually be a good thing. Remember.. if you can’t express yourself – you’ll freak. That’s the way it is with most of the signs. You’re just a little “more” about it.

Dear Sagittarius

You’re still putting energy into your relationships and joint investments have taken on a greater importance but Love has moved onto distance shores. This week you can expect yourself to be attracting the exotic, philosophical, and generally happy.. but different. It’s these themes which although not entirely “out of the box”, might hint of something foreign.  You can use these ideas to strengthen your currently relationship and make those financial commitments flourish.

Dear Capricorn

Being lucky in love is one thing. Being able to take advantage of that luck is something totally different. This week, your active energy is focused on the business of taking care of your daily plan. If this involves love then you’re in luck because your personal energy is shining in your astro-sector of personal relationships. To augment the fun, Venus, the planet of attraction is in your astro-sector of joint finances. This all seems to add up to Love Capricorn style. Get out and make the most of it.

Dear Aquarius

 This week you are seen as the helping hand. Wherever you go you’ll be seen as the one called upon to help out. If you follow this plan not only will you accumulate some much needed good karma and happy smiles but love will also take notice.  Venus, has just entered your astro-sector of personal relationships and this is bringing you into contact with people who seem like a good fit for your future. Go at whatever speed you like but remember relationships begun now will not last.

Dearest Pisces

This is the time to play! Get out and have fun, or invite friends over for some fun. If you’ve been surfing the energies you should be feeling creative, fun, and a little sexual. If the waters feel safe, go ahead and take a dip. Love is waiting at home but a powerful transformation is waiting in diverse groups.

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