Karma hates you my friend..


“I blew 5 sets..”

“That’s not exactly inspiring news…”

“But funny right”

“Karma hates you my friend.. and I don’t blame it”

“Karma’s not a thing dude.. she’s real – and yes.. she currently fucking hates me”

“Sonny.. what happened to you? You look older and softer.. sure – but somehow you’re scarier than ever.. I can’t believe the kids love you so much.”

“I know.. it’s funny – but it’s defense against the dark arts – the kids see it – I just keep the boogeyman away until they’re big enough. It’s the same with hypnosis. I just fight the fears and help the subconscious voice be heard. I like it. It’s weird and it’s not super practical.. but it’s my gift.”

“Have you ever thought that you might have another gift?”

“Are you hitting on me..”

“What the hell is wrong with you.. look – Tarot had 4 tools – what does that mean to you?”


“No..? What”

“The only tool that he uses is his staff. He uses it to carry his satchel.. to support him as a Hermit.. and to carry light. He doesn’t actually use his sword.. so what he thinks is irrelevant to the story. His emotions are very strong and carry him through the darkness.. but just like the coins that he never actually spends or accumulates – they just add a fancy color to the narrative of life.. Throughout the entire story however, he keep going with the help of his staff. It’s his connection to the higher source and it represents manifestation energy.. ideas into action – that’s his one working tool. The rest are for another journey.”

“What other journey?

“It’s the one you don’t know you’re on my friend.. & trust me – you’re going to need all of your tools and all of my gifts on that one”


“Are you sure you’re only 31? You’re really good @ this.. you kiss like you’re  131”

Sonny ! -WTF ?!? – universe


“Throughout all of the crazy.. you were still the first one there..”


“M said you sent her a message.. and you never call nobody so.. she knew there was a real problem”

“I was watching your race @ the gym – don’t look surprised – you know I’m a fan. And I know you’re a fan of mine – you tell everyone all about me and you watched when I used to be on TV. What’s the problem?”

“I know you. You’re all quiet and don’t bug no one but you would have been here so fast.. M said you were on the way to the airport and she had to tell you to stop.. I would have love to seen the look on your face as you fix everyone up – you’ll take care of everything so fast – but of course I’ll be dead..”

“Is this good karma or bad karma for me?”

“You’re a strange kid but I love you”

“I’m proud of you too”


Gifts.. Karma.. really Universe – I’m not in the mood.. did I seriously not talk bullshit to enough people this week? – Like.. ok I give.. what do you want – now?

Calm down Sonny.. look deeper

Fuck you – the map is not the territory – how you like that bitch – I’m in this fight now too


“Hi I’m Fate.. Destiny sent me to say hi..”

“No she didn’t.. she sent you to say goodbye.. most people just aren’t strong enough to say it themselves – and between you and me.. I don’t forgive them”

“and you Sonny..?”

“I’m not even saying fucking hello to you”

Sonny.. calm down – she didn’t wake you up to destroy everything.. You can’t talk to magic like that.. – universe

Again.. fuck you – there’s not one creature in this broken land outside of the castle walls that doesn’t recognize my mark.. or my sting..


“What do you really see Sonny..?”

“There are 5 tools.. the dog is not a tool.. Tarot IS a tool”

“ok.. no.. ok.. what..?”

“In Muay Thai we have 8 strikes – all cutting downwards..”


“..but full motion involves an upward movement..”

“ok.. could there be another strike..?”

“not in the ring..”

“but.. ”

“yes.. there is another way..  ”

“but you have to leave the ring..”


“but you guys are crazy and you seal it off so evil spirits can’t get in..”



“So.. you only have eight strikes and you don’t have to use them all.. and remember – not all shots have to count – don’t beat yourself up if you miss.. these are the only tools you have for this fight..”

“So.. there’s actually only one way?”

“If you want to fight in the ring there’s only one way.. but Tarot doesn’t fight in a ring.. he step’s over the Abyss into the unknown – It’s not the Emperor or a King.. it’s Tarot – you can do it too.. We can all do it. ”

Now.. Tarot doesn’t actually do anything in the story.. he visits a lot of people sure.. experiences a tremendous wealth of “culture” and “emotional events”.. and finally transforms. But I don’t know that he actually left any real and lasting marks anywhere.. nor do I think you should just by default of being alive – leave a mark on anything – especially because.. most marks are illegible & unintelligible – as for Tarot.. he just kind of LIVED a LIFE of EXPERIENCE – and yet we’re still talking about it. Not everything is a lesson.. (I don’t know which f’en loser in life came up with that one – calm down Sonny.. you were doing such a good job – universe) or even a reason why – don’t be tricked by the Confucius mind. There’s nothing wrong with actually LIVING your LIFE & maybe making it a bit of a fun EXPERIENCE along the way.

& remember.. we’re all doing our best – in that moment – with our gifts.. graciously received.

Sugar and spice


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