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Love Horoscopes – July 5, 2013


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Aries: Don’t question the moments of inspiration in your relationships right now. Trying to pin them down or make sense of them will mean simply losing it altogether in the confusion. Enjoy and savor the feelings brought out in the process. The current planetary energy means that you will probably be a lot more enthusiastic in your feelings for someone special. You are generally not backward about coming forward at the best of times, but today you may outshine yourself. However, the object of your affections will most likely be pleased that you care enough to let them know of your simmering emotions. Today looks very promising. Make a long lasting memory by writing down your day or even taking a few pictures.

Taurus: Lighthearted fun is the order of the day at the moment. Spend some extra time in the company of your friends and family, but keep it light. Avoid addressing serious issues. A family gathering, or possibly a fun filled night with your friends or mate will elevate your spirits tremendously. Maybe today you should consider moving in new circles, with friends or acquaintances you haven’t seen in quite some time. You sometimes have the tendency to stick to the tried and trusted in terms of groups of friends or the activities in which you partake. This is the time to broaden your horizons, which may mean that you get a better chance to make the kind of romantic acquaintances that you have long sought.

Gemini: You feel especially attractive or friendly right now. This energy will help your social life to become quite lively. One thing is for sure, a new romance or friendship may develop or an old or current one may take a turn for the better. The energy surrounding you is focused on love, relationships, beauty, and pleasure. All of this warmth you radiate will be noticed and appreciated by others who come in contact with you. There is every chance of you having a very delightful encounter with someone who helps to make you feel really good about yourself. This may not result in an immediate passionate affair, but there is certainly quite a powerful connection between you, it is this that will keep you both entertained for some time to come.

Cancer: Those of you unattached may find yourself enthusiastic over a relationship that is steadily brewing. You two have a lot in common, but also that they seem to have the knack of drawing you out of yourself and of making you feel really good – which is no mean feat. This has promise, see where it goes. If you are attached you may be feeling bored in your relationship. Be willing to spend some time working on your relationships, keeping what really works and let go of what doesn’t. It’s probably long overdue so work out some of the old aspects to bring back the shine. In some ways you may be asking not for more than what you want, but what you don’t want at all, beware of mixed messages you send out.

Leo: Today’s astral energy indicates that you have the opportunity to make quite an impression on your first date. As you are not backward about coming forward, you will manage to dazzle your latest partner in more ways than one. There is every chance that you will get on very well, and will be able to open doors for each other that will bring you both new and wonderful experiences. A little fantasy can keep you together at this time, and being flattered will get someone else a lot farther than you normally would consider. Share your fantasies with someone and see if you might make them a reality. You’ll be surprised at the response when others start sharing their dreams and fantasy’ with you, they just may be the same dream.

Virgo: At this time you are more temperamental, impassioned and inclined to act on the dictates of emotion and desire rather than reason. You may feel like running away, but only for a moment. It is hard to resist someone when they seem so full of life and enthusiasm, and eventually you will have to give in. The current alignment of the planets indicates that you have a real opportunity to become involved with someone who could bring you out of yourself and make you feel really good about life again. Until you meet this person there may be some minor annoyances and others’ idiosyncrasies that seem to aggravate you more than usual. You’ll like fighting so take a few deep breathes and hang on, but not to someone else’s throat!

Libra: If you have a date tonight, you may be blinded a little by your desires. Normally you would not dream of trying to force the pace or of wanting things to happen more quickly than your new friend is ready to accept. But somehow you feel that on this occasion you are totally justified and are ready to be completely open and honest. If you are attached your suppressed needs can easily become compulsive actions during this time. So it may be a good time to question motives, both your own and everyone else’s. If you just have to do or say anything, perhaps you shouldn’t. Take a deep breath first, count to ten and say it to yourself first. Think hard before you get too pushy.

Scorpio: It’s a day to sit back and reflect and understand your own situation, just how you feel about yourself. Emotions in particular, or the feelings of those around you, may be very clear. Ponder the why’s and how’s of the relationship you’re in now. If you think you can improve it then it’s time figure out how to go about doing it. It may help your current relationship if you can make an effort to go out together and do something different and exciting. If your partnership seems to have slid into the doldrums recently, then the current astral energy gives you just the opportunity you need to liven it up. Don’t let any more time pass without having some real fun and bringing a little laughter into your lives.

Sagittarius: Your mood today seems to be reflective of those around you. If you are around people who are positive and enthusiastic, your mood will be quite a bit brighter. If you are in a relationship, allow this wonderful energy to bring some fun into your life. If you are looking for love, then use this time to be social and interact with as many people as possible. But if the people around you are negative then you will feel more inhibited and uncommunicative. You will be able to sense that others are not receptive so conversations will indeed become frustrating. Because you feel this negativity, you realize it might be better to keep your thoughts to yourself. If this is your mood, taking time for yourself and away from your partner is a damn good idea.

Capricorn: Sometimes it’s hard to say what you feel, and then suddenly it comes blurting out all at once. That’s the challenge right now, to try to even out that the anxiety and say as much as you mean to without giving away what you don’t. When asked to comment, do so in carefully and with thought so you neither disappoint nor overwhelm. But tonight, try and forget your day and your responsibilities, especially if you have a date. Make sure that you allow yourself to be relaxed enough to enjoy the hours you spend together. There is every chance that you will both want to repeat the experience, as you will find each other enchanting. Whether it is a date or just going somewhere to hang out, leave your troubles at home. You need a break.

Aquarius: Today may be filled with minor mysteries and wonderful surprises. Your loved one may have decided to take you somewhere quite unusual where you will completely enjoy the experience. This time spent together may also open up your relationship to new levels and bring you new contacts and friends who will have much to contribute to your lives. You may fall in love all over again. Any enigmatic or cryptic comments made during this time should not be treated with suspicion. If you really think about what is said you may realize that they are compliments in disguise. Friendly messages can pop up from some really unexpected people right now as well. Enjoy your time getting reacquainted.

Pisces: You feel quiet and reflective during this time and may need to be closer to home and to your loved ones. Don’t worry if you are not in the mood to go out and have fun, the alignment of the planets indicates that you soon will. Key issues now are your closest emotional relationships. Someone is about to make you a very tempting offer that will have you jumping up and down and dancing in excitement. You may get the opportunity to become involved with a certain person who has captured your interest for a long time. You can draw a lot of strength and satisfaction from your family friends, but if the emotions attached to these people are in a rocky place you will be able to see any difficulties or inadequacies clearly at this time.


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