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Love Horoscopes – July 6, 2013


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Aries: There is a lot of positive energy in your life right now, most of it in the form of humor and brightness in your love life. If you are not seriously attached, then it is a great time to go out, socialize, and perhaps flirt with all those people whom you have long admired and wanted to talk to. This is not really a time for deep passion, but a time to get back into the swing of things and broaden your circle of friends. It will do you good to focus on the positive in your life rather than the small issues that have aggravated you more lately. Logic may take a back seat to gut reactions right now so be careful.  This is really one of those days where you want to hold your temper and think things through; you don’t want to say something you may regret later.

Taurus: Don’t let yourself feel down in the dumps, as there is a lot to be cheerful about if you care to look around. The current astral energy indicates that if you are looking for romance, you would do better to give yourself a good talking to, and find things about yourself and your life that you can truly celebrate. Love will come more swiftly if you can adore yourself. Reaching out to an older relative or another mature, experienced person can mean a lot to you now as well as be mutually beneficial. You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time and because of this, you are more interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon. This will be anyone from your oldest true-blue friends to your newest confidant.

Gemini: All of your emotional connections should gain strength and zest regardless of what type they are right now. Although this may not be the time for any kind of grand passion, it is a chance to have some wonderful moments with someone who isn’t too demanding, but who cares for you a great deal nevertheless. This is probably the best relationship for you right now, as anything too heavy would be hard to cope with. If you happen to be unattached but looking, your spirit is flowing freely during this time. This energy makes you very attractive to almost everyone you come into contact with. Close friends, family members, and your love interests should be easy for you to connect with in very positive ways.

Cancer: You need to come out of this funk you have been in. If you have tended to stay in lately, don’t worry that your days of wining, dining, and flirting with lovely people are over. If you find yourself with the urge to go out, even if you have nothing planned, then by all means do so. There is every chance that this will bring you into contact with a wonderful person who could change your life for the better. But you have to take the first step and actually LEAVE your home. Relationships with the others are intensified now regardless of your status. You will experience strong feelings of attraction, love and desire. But if you are unhappy in your sexual life, you can be very tense and angry with your current lover or partner. Fix this now, not later.

Leo: If you are unattached there is a wonderful energy that you will benefit from whether it is intimately or merely social. This is not really the time to make a beeline for any particular person and decide that you would like to date them. It is more of an opportunity to sample a number of different dishes and see which one, if any, you prefer. Just enjoy the process of discreet flirting, you might find someone you want to take home. If you are attached there may be some disagreements or differences of opinions that come up between you and your partner. You will likely challenge or unnerves him or her as you two come to blows. However, your mind is very sharp and is helping you see reason. Use this to find compromise rather than fight.

Virgo: You are feeling somber and pragmatic about love at this time. You want things to change and are interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon, something you feel you lack. Reaching out to someone you trust can ground you as well as make you feel safe. Who knows, maybe you can be of some help to them as well. Just don’t allow a few minor problems to dampen your enthusiasm for socializing. Whether you are attending a party with your loved one today or going out with friends, there is a great time waiting for you. If you are attached this occasion will more than make up for any difficulties that you may have both experienced lately. The contact with new people will bring you out of yourself – which is a good thing.

Libra: This is a fantastic day for a private get together with friends and even potential lovers at your place. By having those you are interested in so close, you can observer their style and mannerisms before choosing one … or two, to become more intimate with. But that works both ways, your potential love has an opportunity to see how you live and how you operate. Use this as a chance to show off your finer attributes. Show off but be subtle about it. Let others get to know you and what you are about in a low key fashion. This will you more points with the person you admire. Ideas slipped into the conversation may have more impact than trying to force your desires and needs. Follow your intuition.

Scorpio: Attached or unattached, this will not be a day of real passion or intensity. Despite that, it has the potential to be very enjoyable and laid back. Don’t plan on getting heavily involved with anyone if you are unattached. Right now is the time to just enjoy your surroundings and the people you are with. You can really have a great time meeting with those you find fascinating without feeling that you have to do anything about it. If you are attached, your personal relationships will challenge you right now. What you want and what those close to you want are two very different things. Right now you thirst for a bit of adventure and want to find that spark again. Discuss your desires with your lover and they are likely to be met.

Sagittarius: Your love life is interesting today as it is relaxed and full of humor. If you are unattached or open to someone new, you may find someone who you just happen to click well with. There may be some snarky banter filled with innuendo and flirtation but not enough passion to make it to the bedroom. That’s ok; the encounter will still invigorate you like you had a romp between the sheets.  If you are attached and have both been going through a difficult time, then use this opportunity to get out and enjoy yourselves. Maybe one, if not both of you have been so bogged down in responsibilities that you have not had enough time to relax. But it is worth doing so today – it will make a difference. Clear your schedule.

Capricorn: Your close relationships with others can undergo some sudden changes at this time. The driving force behind these changes is your impatient, demanding need to achieve a feeling of greater sincerity, honesty, and understanding between you and others. The energy from today’s astral configuration means that you have an opportunity to get over past hurts and to allow the genuine beauty in your heart to shine out. Don’t allow your impatience to make you feel skeptical towards someone you are also very attracted to. Not everyone feels the need to respond to others so quickly. Let them take you out when they are ready and then show them what a wonderful and caring person you really are. Things will pick up to your speed then.

Aquarius: The tone of this time is light, friendly and easy. Do what you can to put your worries behind you and to get out and socialize with others. Positive connections are made with others, and you may meet a new romantic interest. You have a lot to gain, and even though it may not lead to a passionate affair, you will find that you get to meet a certain person who could become a very good friend. It is possible that things could progress from here, but this is an excellent start. This is a favorable time to visit or communicate with people you really enjoy. You may want to call or write someone you love, simply to cheer them up or tell them you love them. Doing something so simple could really make someone’s day so much better.

Pisces: If you are unattached, this is a great day for socializing and meeting new people. For some Pisces, you have been so busy that you can’t remember the last time you had fun that wasn’t attached to some other obligation. There is a wonderful energy in the air that makes it easy for you to meet up with all kinds of people and become more deeply acquainted with anyone who really appeals on a deep level. There is a good chance that you may find a potential date by the end of the evening. If you are attached, it’s a good day to just relax with your someone special and focus on building the type of emotional bond you want to have. Just take advantage of the mood and don’t stay home and day dream, it’s time to live the dream.



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