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Love Horoscopes – July 7, 2013


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Aries: Arguments are never just caused by simple things, like forgetting to take the garbage out; there is usually a much more deep-seated cause. And with your emotions being rather sensitive today, you are more than a little touchy and irritable with your loved one. This may make you realize that you have deeper feelings that you need to address. Those emotions you have been trying to ignore will probably come to head today so try your best to get to the bottom of them. With the events of the day, you may find yourself gripped by the memories of feelings and situations long forgotten come to the surface. See if you can find some resolution to those issues as well. Hopefully by the end of the day you can move on with a completely clean slate.

Taurus: There’s a good chance of great emotional harmony and support in your life now. Being empathic to the feelings and instincts of other people comes naturally at this time, and can bring you much success. But you are torn today as an issue is brought to your attention. One part of you feels like hiding away and not dealing with this as it involves you and your loved one, while another part wants to make a scene, tell it like it is and fight it out. This inner conflict may make you feel very irritable, so you really need to decide on a positive course of action. Listen to your intuition. Take a risk and speak up if the matter really warrants it but don’t force anything. Take the first step toward harmony and peace in your love life.

Gemini: You would rather give a speech to a thousand new people rather than having that very personal discussion with your loved one. You two really do need to talk. It is best to take the bull by the horns and say what needs to be said. One you get started you will begin to relax. Finally you will become optimistic and hopeful which opens your eyes to connections and possibilities you have overlooked before. Go ahead and communicate both your worries and your enthusiasm. Feel free to share your plans and dreams but also be more receptive to the thoughts and points of view of that special person in your life. You both are in this together, through the good times and the bad times.

Cancer: Sudden realizations of overall requirements in a relationship can give you a better idea on what’s really going on. Sadly you figured that out AFTER an argument which could have very well damaged its tender beginnings. It wasn’t much of an argument, but because this connection is so new, you both were not that open and honest with each other. Don’t let this minor hitch upset what could be a beautiful relationship. Now that you both know what your limitations are, any obstacles you two come to will be easier to work around or eliminate. Take the time to set clear and fair rules with each other. Demands are more easily met and you know where you stand when the possible and impossible are sorted out.

Leo: It may be difficult to decide whether to make your own moves or wait to react to someone else before you let out your feelings today. In fact you may consider a little of both the ideal. Although you may feel confused about the actions of a certain person, don’t let thoughts about what might have happened poison your mind and make you feel angry or irritated with them. Right now you may be making a mountain out of a molehill, and not really have any idea about what is actually going on. You need to be open and honest when you ask what is going on. An enthusiastic give and take in your relationship can really lead you up to full fledged interaction on many levels. A good fight will always lead to an even better make up session.

Virgo: There is much weighing on your mind, issues coming at you from all areas of your life, making you irritable and tense. Everyone around you is pissing you off by simply breathing. When you start to feel as if your loved one is trying to your patience, it may be better to spend some time alone so that you can calm down and begin to feel centered again. Get it all in order and deal with the right person for each problem. Save your love life for last so you don’t take things out on your partner that they have nothing to do with. Once you have centered yourself and taken care of the other matters, THEN you can have that meaningful conversation with your loved one.

Libra: Relationships of all types are energetic now and cooperation or finding compromise will become a strength for you right now. This energy may open you up to someone will be an especially creative or influential in your life. But if you have been irritable lately, you may have decided to not deal with anyone during this time. Being reminded of the failures of your past relationships has made you grumpy and moody. Luckily, those of you who have a date, tonight is your opportunity to make new memories. Don’t let your bad mood ruin what should be a damn good night. Relax and have fun. After this evening, you won’t remember anything that ever made you feel insecure about dating or love.

Scorpio: Lately you may have been wondering whether to clear the air with lover or try and pretend that nothing is happening. But continuing to brood and release bouts of passive aggression can only lead to more frustration. Stop holding things in. It is time to get these grievances get them out in the open so they can be resolved. If you are intending to go out on a date, then it may be wiser to have a discussion before you set off rather than spend the evening in moody silences and unforgiving stares. Be brave. Sit your loved one down and get it all out in the open. If that means a loud and relatively mean spirited argument, then so be it. It will be worth it afterwards.

Sagittarius: Certain facets of your loved one’s behavior may make you feel exasperated today especially as it seems they are putting some distance between the two of you.  You can go with your first instinct and explode at the least provocation, or use this opportunity to explore deeper issues that may be worrying you. Yes there are likely issues between you two that need to be talked about and hopefully when that time comes you two can be honest and open with each other. They’re likely to be dealing with some personal problems that they prefer to keep as private as possible for right now. Give them the distance they need to get their mind in order and they’ll be back in your life soon enough. Forcing yourself on them will make matters worse.

Capricorn: Things may be quite awkward between you and your latest lover especially because those grievances you have been holding on to for some time in your relationship have been brought to light. Because you are both equally as stubborn as the other and refuse to budge an inch, this will be one hell of a battle between you two. It will help enormously if you both agreed to not let this matter go until you find some sort of compromise. By dealing with everything now, it gives you the opportunity finally move forward and find some new understandings in area’s you may have thought were never going to change. It won’t be pretty but it will be worth it in the end and you will learn so much about each other that makes you fall deeper in love.

Aquarius: You could go out and have a really good time this evening, if you could only get yourself out of the mood that you are in. Your mind has drifted off to matters you have wanted to forget, criticisms you have been holding on to and questions you have no answers to. Yes, you may have many reasons to feel irritated but if you value the relationship you are in, you will find a way to deal with this and put it behind you. In order to deal with this, conversations about very personal subjects will be had and you will not be able to sweep things under the rug. If you try then you are doing yourself and your relationship a great disservice.   In the end you can use what you may learn about yourself and your partner to grow together not apart.

Pisces: Right now if you are a single Pisces you are on fire! You are much more magnetic and sexually attractive thank you have been or felt in some time. Thanks to this energy, your love life is likely to be both harmonious and satisfying. You will experience a positive flow of warmth and friendliness between yourself and others stimulating and energizing by your casual interactions with the opposite sex. But if you are attached, all that passion is really the hidden tensions between you and your loved one. If you are not careful, things can get out of hand especially if either one of you is not being honest with the other. It may be a good idea to spend some time looking at how you really do feel and deciding what you really want before you approach the matter.


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