Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning July 8, 2013


Astro-week July 8-15, 2013


Dear Aries


Dreams, decisions, and desires are all on the agenda for the week. Past financial dealing with a partner finally clear up. There’s a strong dream like calling from past sources but the planets are encouraging a week of pause and reflection rather than starting something old. Minor problems arise at home. You’re the one coming across as a little eccentric right now but this week it plays right into your strengths. When love winks, say hello.


Dear Taurus


There is still one piece missing from your life puzzle and it is something that you need stabilized before you can move forward. Normally, you’re not in any rush but you are running out of time. With Mercury retrograde, added emphasis is being applied to how we communicate. For some it will feel like they can’t say anything right. And for others, it will feel like you suddenly have a wonderful new voice.


Dear Gemini


One last week to work on yourself then it’s a push towards building up that nest egg. Thoughts of comfort and security temporally return to an older source.  Love, is currently leading the way with a chatty spin. This means fortune is smiling on you before you realize. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion is in your astro-sector of money and security for an entire year. Take this week to recognize and cultivate your fortune.


Dear Cancer


A little of the past still has your attention but it’s time to decide how you want to live your next 12 months and get to work shaping yourself to make it happen. Plan to pamper yourself and give yourself the necessary tools to succeed.  Venus is attracting love and money for you right now in a very comfort and security kind of way. Additionally, if you choose to use it, your voice is actually working for a change and your message is getting across. Keep talking and get out there and give some hugs. This week you will identify your dream love by how they hold you in their arms.


Dear Leo


Changes continue around the home. This week discipline will take center stage as renovations and upgrades continue. If the opportunities arise to make things a little better than anticipated, take it. Discipline and planning will be the key. If you can stay focused and true to your goals it will all work out. Love is currently attracted to drama. Go ahead and start a little trouble. Love will appreciate your bold gestures.


Dear Virgo


Boundaries in love begin to dissolve as romance takes on a greater importance.  Be careful this week as the planets suggest someone from your past my not entirely have your best interests in mind. This week, you may feel like your love isn’t reciprocated or appreciated. To some extent it is and.. it isn’t. As a result of this confusing energy, you feel like love will involve a bit of sacrifice. This differs from compromise because you may feel like your needs will not be met.


Dear Libra


This is the last week for personal philosophical life lessons and distance travel. Decisions made, or made for you will continue. Voices continue to call from the past and in typical Libra “I want everyone to be happy and love me” energy, you will be quick to say yes. After all.. this person already knows you. You might even be surprised to find yourself taking this new/old relationship around to meet your friends. The only problem is.. although impressed with the new you – this person is actually MORE fond of the old you – it’s more of the same & you don’t see it – again.


Dear Scorpio


I know you can feel it. Keep moving forward. You should have clear evidence to support your decisions. These decisions aren’t only shaped and executed through events but also time – which Scorpios just happen to also measure in emotional events. This means it’s not the hour glass that forgives, but rather what’s happening in your life between the grains of sand.  This all means you finally budged a little (which is really difficult for you) and they didn’t move. This is basic relationship stuff – they don’t respect you. Move on. And be cold about it.


Dear Sagittarius


People have been stalking my thesunnyside.net astro-blog looking for ways to seduce The Sagittarius so..  that’s usually a good sign that someone is interested. You’re still attracting attention from foreign, exotic, and distant sources. Different philosophies or ways of doing things are the main love these right now. The rest of your life should be focused on joint resources, sex, and the mysterious. Summer’s here and it’s time for some fun but the planets are suggesting that you’re teaming up to hit the library. Not very Sagittarius but it could still be fun if you make it. Get out and make some $$


Dear Capricorn


You’re still doing it. Love is calling but you’re focusing on the daily run of the mill chores stuff. Maybe if you team up with your closest friend you might be in for more fun than originally anticipated. Ok.. let’s sweeten the deal Capricorn style.. if you team up right now, you guys will make some $$. Now get out there and fall in love.


Dear Aquarius


Think about it for a second. What is really making sense. Is there a picture that you’re trying to complete or is there an experience that you’re looking for. This week move forward with confidence. Messages will still be muddled but action is required. Do something to stimulate your creative impulses.


Dearest Pisces


You’re in a strange state right now where love just might pass you by. You’ve been attempting acts of responsibility at home and it’s beginning to become part of your daily chores and to some extent your new lifestyle. Through all of this, you’ve kept a smile and worked/lived through you’re “lucky in love” cycle. It may have smoothed over difficulties but it was really just a distraction. Re-focus and get back out there before your window closes.


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