There are no animals coming to eat you.. calm down !


“Sonny.. trance me so I can talk to the Avatar”

“? english much ‘Nica”

“Come on.. do it – I’m ready”


“Sonny ! let’s go – how do you usually do it.. Look into my eyes & try not to fall in love !! – you’re a riot.. Ok I’m closing my eyes – do it now ! trance me”

“What the ! I’m not a machine..”

“Yes you are ! do it”

“Fine !! ALL minds are MY mind as YOUR words become My words and we now follow the WORDS to the FEELINGS from which the MIND originally spoke..”

“Sonny !!! not like that – what the hell is wrong with you – calm down.. You’re going to give me brain damage ! ”

“..I’m a real person you know..”

“No you’re not – but it’s cute that you think so.. now do it !”

“Ok sexy.. close your eyes – I’m going to place my hand on your heart.. when we can both feel our hearts beating together I’m going to kiss your forehead – & when I do.. you’ll be able to speak with the ‘Babbas”


“Be careful.. it’s slippery here – why are you wearing sandals anyways?”

“Just.. fu@# don’t look down Sonny.. don’t look down”

“Are you mumbling to yourself.. it’s cute – Thanks for coming with me”

“Ok.. I hiked a mountain on the Island – F@#k – done ! let’s get out of here”

“There are no animals coming to eat you.. calm down”


“Because.. I thought.. I’d do the smoking workshops.. well.. I’m good at it – I can do it – they need the help – I mean I’m committed and they’re going to stop smoking, it’s not a big deal – but it’s not me.”

“Are you going to make any money from it?”

“Maybe.. we’ll see.. but it’s not the point – I just wanted to help.. in a way that could be appreciated.”

“So.. you’re writing new meditations for everyone now anyways – what’s the problem?”

“Because.. it’s NOT that it’s NOT me – this is Master Hypno stuff – I’m the guy you’d call anyways – The problem is.. I was trying to be practical.. I was trying to be someone else..”

“You’re too moody.. can’t you just enjoy the day like everyone else?”

“So.. this weekend is Stop Smoking in Portland and when I go to the Coast in August I’ll be doing Romantic Magic again.. and we’ll see how everything plays then.”

It’s interesting when you think about it – many people like to model their own path for success after the success of others – I’m cool with it – some fail.. some succeed – but is it really your success or failure if you follow another’s lead? – Like seriously.. in life it sure is easy to give up and plug yourself into some prearranged puzzle as the final piece to someone else’s incomplete story – but there’s another way.. and it’s easier – & you’ve already done it.. The answer does come from within – & it’s not that complicated.. just ask yourself a simple question – what led you to success in the past? – YOUR natural skills – YOUR natural success. What did YOU do to bring YOU closer to YOUR goals – even a little bit?

And then do it again. 

As for Love.. well.. in Life you can be anything that you like.. it’s all a play anyways – I just like being me

Sugar and spice


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