What if ? You could also plan your emotions..


“What’s wrong with little Sonny..?”

“I don’t know – he’s just sitting there moping – he’s totally opposite from his mom & his sisters – they’re so friendly and always talking.. he just sit’s there and plays by himself..”

“It’s his dad.. he makes him study.. count shoes.. read scribbles on walls.. they’re making him study for the UTS exams.. COLLO COME HERE..”

“Yes Grandpa..”

“What’s wrong Sonny – and don’t cry.. just tell me”

“Nothing.. I’m just sitting here”

“What’s in your hand.. where did you get that?

“I can’t do the puzzle box.. don’t get mad..”

“Yes you can. Don’t EVER let me hear that YOU can’t do something ! Put it on the ground.. look @ it – now look through it – now spin it in you mind & and break the image.. now Collo just put it back together in your mind – are you ready..”

“Yes Grandpa”

“Here’s the stopwatch.. you have 15 seconds.. GO..”


“Collin did that didn’t he? I know my boy’s work”

“You should have seen him! Your father showed him how to hold it and he did it all by himself – it was so fast !! – he’s so small – you should be proud of him..”

“Well.. we don’t usually send him out to lose..”


Come on hotshot.. What’s the action ? – Universe..

– Well.. I started out writing about the hidden language of emotions which supersede the words in our mind – & how we put these emotional puzzle pieces together to create the visual picture of our life destiny – & then use the words to reverse-justify and describe our image.. 1st to ourselves then the world around us.. BECAUSE.. this is the coping method in play today – and if you don’t use it, you’ll get sick.

But.. I got distracted.. ..there is another way.. or two..

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to speed through your objective unencumbered by your own emotional language drama? To do things at the speed of thought.. People do it every day – they plan/practice/study/work on themselves and their craft – they create a workable and proven plan – and then do it. Sure it’s kind of a control mechanism @ work here but it does lead towards results – and in life.. results DO matter.

“Because Sonny.. YOUR identity.. you do those things everyday because you define yourself through what you do – I’m like that too – we define ourselves through what we do – not everyone.. but it’s simple sixth house astro stuff – how you define yourself.. everyone is a bit different.. you’re verbally diuretic because you process information aurally – that should be obvious” – thanks B – good advice.. but I’m beginning to think something else.. 

Ok..So.. How about doing all of that then – just because that’s what you do.. to be better & to be better prepared.

Because.. that’s only 1/2 the journey..


“Your eyes didn’t move..”

“So.. ?”

“This is basic NLP. How did you come up with the answer if your eyes didn’t move?”

“Is this a real question?”

Now.. what if.. ? you could also plan out your emotions.. just like your day.. Do you have an emotional destiny & if so what’s your plan to achieve it ? 

Remember.. it’s not just what we can visualize & communicate.. in what we know – but rather the world that’s already waiting.. just beyond our imagination.. in what we don’t..    

..interesting Sonny.. you should probably talk to someone about this – Universe – (dear universe – not funny – doing my best – fU.. sonny)

Sugar and spice


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