Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning July 22, 2013


Astro-Week July 22 – 29, 2013




Dear Aries


You’re still behaving erratic and it’s causing havoc among those closest to you. You might not have noticed the change in yourself lately as all you’ve really done was outwardly adapt to the changing world around you. No problem with that. Keep going. There is a lot of emotion in the air right now but your love energy is concentrated on your daily tasks. This means that although everything (including yourself) seems a little weird, you’ll be able to remain focused and get things done.




Dear Taurus


Go ahead and say something nice. Did you know that words from Taurus can calm almost any storm? They can also blow everything up.. depending on how the story flows. You don’t have to take the high road this week but freaking out won’t work either. This week Venus enters your astro-sector of home life. This means you may be looking for a new living arrangement, job, and generally a place to call home for a while. Things haven’t exactly been unstable lately but it’s time to firm up a bit.




Dear Gemini


I don’t really know why you’re not making more money right now. It must be karma rather than astrology because the planets say that money should be coming to you all year. Do not waste this energy.




Dear Cancer


There’s a change happening in how you feel about personal relationships and to an extent your overall image of family. You’re a different person now and with the help of Jupiter giving you the strength to be strong for yourself.. you can make that 1st move without being hurt. Because of the tensions of the last couple of weeks, that person you have an eye on might not have really seen you yet. Make yourself heard.




Dear Leo


Happy Birthday ! It should be an interesting new year of clearing out the past and getting ready for the future. This week you are still focused on open enemies and grudges but you can feel that it’s time to let it go. Love has entered you personal money sector so expect a little boost to come your way shortly. You’re seeing things more clearly right now so keep moving forward and have some fun.




Dear Virgo


Stop being so nervous, it’s getting creepy. The world is actually on your side right now and the planets are actively trying to make your dreams come true by putting you into contact with people who can lend a hand. Venus, the planet of love is entering Virgo this week and that will make you extra attractive. Ask for what you want and you’ll get it.




Dear Libra


Like Scorpios this is supposed to be a great time of year for Libras as well, especially for your public image and overall social life. The problem is.. there’s just not as many people around in the summer to have fun with. So.. to get the best out of this energy, you’re going to have to use your Libra magic and do what you do best – bring people together.




Dear Scorpio


Well at least you survived.. even if your relationships didn’t. Get out and make some new friends this week. This is a better time for you than you may feel. Somehow this time of year can be a real drain on Scorpios financially and emotionally but it shouldn’t. So change your routine a little and get out and have some fun.




Dear Sagittarius


Show me the money. It’s all systems go on that joint financial project. Thoughts may have drifted to the darker side of things lately but the air is finally clearing and you should be back to your optimistic self. Love has just entered your career so step out and shine. Just on caution this week. Watch your words.




Dear Capricorn


Stop being so grumpy and let that special someone close. Venus is entering you astro-sector of distant shores. This means be prepared to take a trip, or to begin a short affair with new ideas or someone exotic. It should be fun if you can loosen up a bit. The business of love should be your main focus this week.




Dear Aquarius


The lunar energy this week will place a spotlight on your personal wants, desires, and identity. Parts of you that were once hidden come to light in a refreshing new way. Relationships will take on a greater importance this week as love shifts into your realm of joint financial ventures. As always be cautious but things are looking up. Go for it.




Dearest Pisces




Love is looking Very good this week. You are extra creative and expressive, and Venus has just entered into your astro-relationship sector so if you’re single, then you should find someone very soon. The general energy is watery and emotional. This will make everything easier for you to navigate. Mixed into all of this is the Sun which is in your astro-sector of getting things done. It looks like the structures necessary for a strong and lasting relationships are in place. All you have to do is smile and say yes.


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