They all smile.. she must be special


A gentleman who seems around 50ish has been working out for a couple of weeks at the club. I think he’s in pretty good shape but his strength isn’t where it used to be.. he’s trying though, and it’s nice to see. We’re all trying here and it feels good to be a part of something. Out of the blue two men of a similar demographic approach him and it’s clear they are colleagues of sorts.. it was really cute until..

1.. Sonny ! No – Universe – 1 1/2.. relax  – 2 Sonny.. stop.. – Universe – 2 1/2.. loud & proud my friend – game on

“I only have one question for guys working out this hard.. which one of you is fking her?”

SONNY!!! – They all smile.. she must be special. Then the guy in the middle gives me a wink and an epic high5. These guys are on cloud 9000 – That’s how you pump states.

“A little aggressive don’t you think Sonny?”

“Oh Come on Master.. Are you going to chew me out for this? I made their day.”

“How did you know those were the words to say?”

“Because.. you don’t treat people the way you want to be treated.. not if you respect them – you threat them the way they want to be treated. And these three – for whatever fucked up reason – wanted to be players. So I spoke straight up.. like a player. And they LOVED it!

“You’re still too much – behave.. You could have kept your mouth shut you know.. and not said anything. Doubtful from you – but you never know.”

Sonny.. she has a good point – Universe


“What’s Sonny doing?”

“He’s standing in his underwear in the hallway stretching”


“Yes.. in his underwear.. stretching”

“Good – When he proves himself bring him to me”


“As you know.. we cannot recruit into the Craft. It takes a special kind of person to go looking for answers and then find them. That weeds out most people who live in the dark.. without asking. But there’s more.. we also have to like you.”


” As you can see looking around, this room is different – it’s red – this is The Chapter and should you so choose.. it’s the Path of the.. and I was asked to bring you here”


“He’s in his underwear again”

“Did you ask him why?”

“I set his hoodwink and said it was the funniest thing I had ever seen.”

“He’s a M you know..”

“He was nervous but quiet for a change –  He said.. he didn’t know what we were going to do to him so he was just getting ready”

“Yes.. he was just getting ready..”



“Sonny.. your sash is on backwards again..”

“Thank you sir.. is my hair ok?”

“You look great – we’re going to open in the 3rd”

“Thank you”

Ok.. Be prepared – and put yourself on the line every once in a while. No problem – what’s next.. Drink milk? (you’re starting to sound like your little sister Sonny – cool it – Universe)


“Pull me a card Einstein.. what do you see”

“I don’t think it’s about speed or matching energies..”

“Tour de France..?”

“Why do you ask me if you’re going to dick everything up?”

“You’re so touchy.. go on..”

“I think that’s being used as an excuse for bad behavior”

“Ok Master Sleeper.. what’s up?”

“You can pump states.. and you can have your state pumped – it can also deflate, yourself and others around you.”

“So.. you woke up in 1965?”

“Stop talking to me like that ! Ok.. cruising around at the same speed or finding someone at your own vibration.. I don’t think that’s necessarily the action.. physics doesn’t work like that – and besides that harmony is lazy.. this entire thing is like the Gregorian Chant of love – people are looking for the melody.. the singer on stage – not the drone from the orchestra”

“So.. everyone loves a dancer.. thank you”

“I’m telling mom you’re being a bitch – Look ! it’s in the language. We get swept up in love. There are sparks.. friction. Moments of uncertainty.. it’s about being ready and willing to accept a new vibration – And yes – whenever you’re ready.. you’re going to have to take a chance on yourself – and take a chance on love.”

“Very eloquent – heavy on the quaint – what does the Universe say to you about that?”

Good question Pook.. So.. it is ok to live life @ a constant speed.. waking up one day securely embraced in a love that was walking beside you all of this time – it’s also ok to seek out different vibrations and explore the possibilities held therein – which kind of.. mathematically cancel themselves out..

So.. Maybe Sonny.. there’s more to the equation than mere words would lead us to believe..? Universe

Sugar and spice


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