Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning July 29, 2013


Astro-Week July 29 – August 5th, 2013


Dear Aries


Your career is undergoing a major change. Embrace it and move onto the better. It’s a time to accept all new challenges, work hard, and expect the best. You’re a results oriented, “me first” type anyways so, this week, use your natural competitive instincts to win the battle.


Dear Taurus


Your transformation occurs this week from a distance. It might be how you think of the world, or your connection to a higher self or calling. Listen to your intuition. The universe seems to be sending you messages of something.


Dear Gemini


The past will leave you a bit moody as the week begins but spirits will pick up as the Moon enters your sign on Wednesday. You should really be FULL steam ahead with the money game right now.. so whatever has been bugging you – let it go & get down to work. Make those phone calls because money is trying to reach you. Put your ideas into action. And even if you don’t feel like it, you should still do it.


Dear Cancer


You sure radiate comfort and security this week and your personal charisma is on a high. There’s tension in the air and your mood will be reflective. Be confident and speak your feelings. You’ll be heard. You’re in a personal growth cycle where fortune is shining on your identity and love is flowing your way. That the opportunity to reach out and be beautiful.


Dear Leo


You did it. You won your prize.. now what. Forever arrives with a cost that you might not have realized nor are you able to pay. So what are you gonna do? One day at a time. One foot in front of the other and enjoy the show while you can. It’s also an opportunity to maybe step up a little more and show everyone that you really do deserve to be king of the jungle.


Dear Virgo


If you ever need a helping hand, this is time to ask. The planets are pushing you to make your dreams come true. Luck is putting you into contact with fortune and love is shining directly onto Virgo so.. however difficult the daily grind becomes right now – all you have to do is ask, and your requests will be answered. Look for Angels in the strangest places.


Dear Libra


Your career is calling so strongly right now that it is absolutely crazy. But it’s not just about your position in the world nor is it actually about your identity. It’s not always how things look. Right now, your true success is coming from how you feel comfort and security (2nd house) in your daily routine (6th house) and the beauty that this feeling is being reflected back at you through your home life (4th house). This is the “kite” that the astrologers are currently talking about.  Pluto, the planet of rebirth, death, transformation, sex, and power is firmly in your astro-sector of home and this is painfully changing things. Some of you have already had surprise home renovations, and others have moved. Good luck Libra.


Dear Scorpio


Let’s go! This should be easy.. turn everything to ice. Just freeze it in time and push things around until your puzzle is solved. Do the complete unexpected and smile for a change.. seriously. Inner peace arrives in the worst possible way. This week, look into the future/now and PUSH – then WAIT, but don’t forget. And reMEmber  – it’s not enough to be gifted – you have to DO SOMETHING to be SPECIAL. You have a little team, and you have a goal. It’s not time for your ship leave the harbor just yet – your seas are still choppy but you have to pack and get everyone ready. We leave at midnight.


Dear Sagittarius


You keep asking me about money and I’m not sure why. Personal finances are going through a major painful transformation but your joint finances are shining strong. You can work it. Just keep things light and it will work out. Teamwork is the key.


Dear Capricorn


This is it Capricorn.. do your thing. Love is here and all you have to do is grab it. Your home life is experiencing sudden and unexpected changes. You might as well embrace it. We all know you’re a little cold when it comes to love.. but so is your current amour. This seems to be working in your weird world of objects and social climbing. But if you’re both into it – good luck.


Dear Aquarius


This thing from your past continues to disrupt your present. It’s going to happen so you’re just going to have o figure it out. All efforts are concentrated on your daily affairs, health, and routine. Keep focused you’ll be ok.


Dearest Pisces


Your social group continues to change and this is driving your sex life in circles. Or rather.. drifting off into unusual arms. Have some fun and live your creative expressions for a while. This is the time to take a chance on love.


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