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Love Horoscopes – August 1, 2013


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Aries: The sky’s the limit today, as you discover that someone important has some very positive feelings for you. Every time you get near you know who, your heart pounds and your imagination takes over. Is this the real thing that you’ve been waiting for or just a fantasy? It seems you will be caught unawares by the extravagance of their ardor. They may be promising you the Earth and Moon – but until you get them, don’t rush into anything. You may be feeling a little giddy from it all, so wait until you see how it all goes. Your feelings and observations need to be evaluated to see if you are wasting your time or if it could be worth waiting for. Enjoy what is going on around but take it slow and make sure it is all real.

Taurus: News can travel fast, sometimes by way of a piece of gossip, or from a reliable source. What you never can be sure of is just how much the message has been changed in its passage from person to person. Today a piece of news concerning an individual toward whom you have romantic inclinations may seem wildly exaggerated. Best check it first-hand, before you get wild about them. Reflect on the yearning you feel for security and stability now, as this suggests the kind of compromises you may be willing to make to accomplish these objectives. If you can make a plan and find a way to realistically follow through you may just get everything your little heart desires. Think the plan through to its probable outcome before you act.

Gemini: It’s a time to be simply reassuring, rather than wildly supportive of your most intimate lover. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell someone – if they don’t want to hear, they become deaf to your words. How many times have you already told that special person how you feel, yet still they persist in wildly underestimating the impact they have on you? There’s a certain stability in the general energy that makes it safe to say what you feel just keep it a bit conservative as your partner may not be able to handle the true depth of your emotions just yet. Today you may have to resort to some highly imaginative methods that leave them in no doubt about your intent. Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Cancer: This is a time for being with people and especially giving something of yourself and your talents to others. You want to be seen and noticed. You receive appreciation and a positive response, and possibly an opportunity or personal contact which will be quite beneficial. Because the energy is so empowering, you may begin to get ahead of yourself, think that you are invincible. Just when you think the water is calm and stable, the tide comes in with its waves crashing perilously high. There is something of this phenomenon in the air today, as romantically you may think you are only going knee deep in the water to find that you are way over your head and need to swim. Before you leave the dry sand, throw a stone in first.

Leo: You are hot property, and others seem wildly disposed toward you. Friends and partners continue to be extremely sociable at the moment, and you may find yourself inundated with requests for dates and outings. You don’t want to suffer from total burnout, so guard against excess. However, you don’t want to annoy or play two people off against each other but then again, you should keep your options open. For those of you attached your sexual needs and feeling powerful and in control are what the energy is about today. You want to be the one pushing all the buttons. Hopefully your partner will enjoy this, because if they don’t, it’s going to be your buttons getting shoved instead of pushed. Do not take things too far.

Virgo: There are times when even you become overwhelmed, but what you need to do with the current astral energy is take a certain romantic attachment one step at a time. At the moment it may be easier to see what is wrong with your personal relationships than it is to see what is right. Left over from yesterday, a certain someone has yet to give up on forcing you to be or do something you would rather not. Don’t go more quickly than you are capable of emotionally. If so, you’re likely to fall into such a funk that you will think your problems seems impossible to solve. Shake your down mood off and confront any issues in your personal life head on and with optimism. If you do you may find that most of what is bothering you quickly vanishes.

Libra: This is a time of self analysis and questioning about the directions you have taken in your life. You tend to question major commitments and decisions you have made in the past such as marriage and other major relationships. Take advantage of this energy to find more positive ways to deal with issues and to be thankful for the things you may take for granted. If you are unattached, you find yourself suiting up to play a game of love. Sometimes the game has rules that everybody abides by to make playing run smoothly, and sometimes there are no rules at all. The game you are playing today does have rules, they just aren’t obvious to the naked eye. In fact they may even be a little underhanded. Just take time to consider each move carefully.

Scorpio: Loving relationships, giving and receiving affection, and attracting people into your life who are good for you are very likely at this time. The only problem with the above statement is that you tend to keep your emotions under control. You would never be seen making the obvious declarations of love, or showing yourself in any light except that of being the one in the driving seat. So you will not take lightly being told that you are not passionate enough. There is enough passion in the air today for everyone, but you have decided to keep it under wraps. Because you feel the need to be the peacemaker now, harmony in your environment seems more important than ever. Show some passion, the obvious and no doubt kind of display will do.

Sagittarius: Relationships can deepen and grow, and penetrate to a very personal level right now. A certain romantic promise you make today needs to be spoken in terms you can keep and another can accept. Be careful because the promises you make will be expected to come through. Otherwise you may have a problem on your hands. Funny, how people like the promises made to them to be kept, especially if they give way to hopes that dreams come true. What happens now all depends on you but in either case, good or bad, it leads to a much deeper understanding and bond between you. Don’t be afraid to speak up and take a risk on how you feel during this time. If you mean it, want it or desire it to happen, say what you feel.

Capricorn: Friendships and love relationships are the energy for today, as you are openly affectionate, warm, and also quite responsive to loving gestures from others. It’s not enough for you to simply feel loving toward another right now, you really want to express it and show it physically. An opportunity for a new romance or friendship is likely to surface now and work out quite nicely for you. Watch yourself now because the underlying current to the energy of the day is overabundance. You could very well lose yourself in this special person today. Your fantasy button will be pressed and before you know it, you are lost to the task in hand, and living sometime in the future. Fantasy is fine within reason, but too much will bring you disappointment.

Aquarius: Better late than sorry or even never is the story of the day. There is so much happening that is very new and different that you could get swept away under the sheer current of it all today. Your intuitive feelers are up today and getting good reception so tune in and read the situation and you’ll know just how far you can express yourself. New meetings and new faces promise a lot, and seem to bode well for the future. They probably will be fine, but just don’t expect too much just yet. Wait until your new acquaintances prove themselves to be really solid. It’s a good day for getting across those hard to express but deeply felt feelings without actually having to put them into words, hint, flowers and chocolates help!

Pisces: Personal acceptance is not something you do, but at this time it can really gives you a boost of self confidence to go after someone you really want in your life. Today you will be flooded with all sorts of impressions about just about everyone who crosses your path. Perhaps the one you might have misread is really the most important. You may get totally wrong certain romantic signs that you pick up, thinking that they are meaning more than they actually are. Later this may turn out to be OK, but at the moment it could be embarrassing. If a commitment backs off, let them go. Who wants a love they have to pin down. Better luck next time. Every now and then it’s good to just put yourself out there, remind you that you are human.


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