That was amazing ! Do me next..


1st – WTF.. Are you really this crazy?

2nd – I used to say things like.. I could find you in the darkest night – just by listening for your heartbeat – only a whisper away. But seriously (insert #1)..


“God in Hell is there no Help for the Widow’s Son?”

“… Master… they’re calling… Master.. the Angels are crying… what do you want ME to do… plz…”

“…Go wake Sonny..”

“Master.. ”

“It’s been 7 years.. since he sat in the South & marked the Meridian.. when he left all that remained was a shadow and a memory that no one could believe.. and many can’t remember – he’s just a feeling for most of them now.. they hear his name and they smile – but only a couple of us were there.. he was so young.. and the way he talks you wouldn’t expect him to be so humble – we walked into the temple & he began to spark.. it was so funny – he still makes me laugh.. he was so innocent back then.. just walking around touching people and sending sparks.. Of course now.. if you stare too long into his eyes – your brain will catch on fire – He’s still cute.”

“…are you sure about this…”

“Why do you think the other side of the wall is so different from ours? When you reach out – you’ll find we’re all the same..”

“..What shall I do..?”

“sigh.. there are a few among us who through their actions.. as they use their gifts – naturally elevate & reveal.. that indeed – they are special.. and they find each other – Go wake him up.”


“That was amazing ! Do me next.. can you make it so I forget everything..?”

“No problem man.. Sleep”

If I had a dollar.. for every woman who looked at me and wondered if I could help her forget her troubles for a while.. or maybe just one heart – that could help me forget mine.. 


“C’est Moi – C’est de Soeille – Let Me In!”

“Sonny.. calm down – word has already been sent and they’re sending someone down”

“Sending someone.. WTF ! – let me the f@#k in Right Now!”


“Go quickly.. He’s going to make it ugly really fast..”

“What should I say?”

“Don’t worry.. when he sees you – he’ll already know. Now go”


“Hey Sonny..”

“!!! YOU !!!”

“You’re going to need these again..”

“MY swords are covered in blood? This is how you take care of my stuff.. ? – Bitch”

“Sonny, you talk in your sleep. That’s YOUR problem.. deal with”

“sigh.. Ok.. So.. what’s the real action..  come on.. spill”

“All I know is.. the angels were crying.. so she sent Beauty to wake you.. and she said something about time… and the Chairs.. I remember when you sat in the South Sonny.. it was a lot of fun back then..  ”

“I love you Fate.. just as much as I love Destiny, but we both know what this means.”

“You know Sonny.. it’s not easy – I know what it means.. & for ME – this is what it ALWAYS means.. it’s not cool anymore..”

“You’re starting to sound like me – that is cute. You’re supposed to be so tough.”

“They run away when they see me..”

“I know..”

“But I’m beautiful..”

“I know.. it’s funny..”

“Sonny ! ‘ef – Stop it ! – you’re doing it to me !”

“What ?”

“I was looking into your eyes and I just started talking”

“Yes – I already know you’re selfish – it’s what I love most about you.. but I’m the one with the questions today.”

“Sonny.. I’m so happy to see you – I’m glad she sent me. How do you do it..? When you know I’m coming.. How can you stand here when everyone else runs..?”

“Check it out.. I’ve got wings now”

“giggle.. by the look of them.. you haven’t been using them for good..”

“Apparently not.. giggle”

“You look skinny..”

“I get nervous when we talk too you know..”

“I know.. I can’t tell if the stupid things you say are because of me.. or because you just say stupid shit in general.. giggle..”

“A bit of both.. perhaps..”

“Sonny.. it was time anyways.. give everyone a break. And if you don’t mind.. I’d like to go with you.”

“Are you crazy ! you’re going to kill everything you see !”

“Yes.. But you’re going to heal it & bring it back to life !”

“But.. I was going to destroy everything..”

“Don’t be ridiculous ! you were always a goodie-goodie – you haven’t changed that much. I balance you – I’m coming.”

“I’ll let you in on a secret Fate.. I’m not actually here – I’m with Beauty up road – It’s already begun”

“Sonny ! Why do you always do this ! why won’t you just come here and talk to me !”

“Because when she sent Beauty – I knew She wasn’t going to see me.. But I didn’t know She was going to send YOU”

“Well I’m here so deal with.. even if you’re not – and that’s your problem Sonny.. you’re never here”

“I’m not hiding from you and I’m not running away. I’m just following Beauty for a bit..”

“But She would never have sent me to wake you because that’s not why I’m here ! She would have sent me to push you away.. just like last time ! just like NOW ! you know that’s how it works ! But I’m here NOW ! Can’t you hear ME ”

“Your Pillars are shaking Fate.. you gotta chill baby – I already accept you.. just the way you are. I know we all have a place.. and a use – even if we don’t like it. And today.. I’m not going to fight – nor am I going to transcend anything. Today, I’m going to let Beauty guide me. And you’re going to do the same. And when you meet me in the stars – wear something sexy.. because I already know – you can set ME free.. But you can never escape Fate ”

“..sigh.. you’re such nerd – I Love you”

“By the way.. you’re still the sexiest angel in the choir – & I love to hear you sing”

Well that was quaint – if not a little indirect.. Universe. Dick much? Say it.. S. – This time I’m going to make it hurt.. Universe.


Sugar and spice


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