Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning August 12, 2013


Astro-Week August 12 – 19, 2013


Dear Aries


Love is currently attracting attention in your daily routines, chores, and habits. Your day to day life should be moving smoothly along and you might be surprised to find love following you around just where you already are.  Take advantage of the vibe to see who’s checking you out. Next week love will step up and say hello. As for sex however.. your physical and creative expression should be bright this week. Let it shine.


Dear Taurus


Keep talking. Did you know Taurus has one of the most seductive voices in the Zodiac? Think opposite of Scorpio.. when a Scorpio talks, everyone freezes. When a Taurus speaks, everyone warms up. So do your best to express yourself verbally. This marks a busy time for Taurus with a lot of short trips and general running around. It might feel a bit busy and therefore not as peaceful as you usually like it but you can get a lot accomplished – if you communicate your desires.


Dear Gemini


With Uranus in your 11th house of people available to help your dreams come true, it will be a case of yes/wow, and where is everyone? That’s just the way it’s going to be.. for a while. People will be there with huge helping hands, then they will disappear.  Your goal as a multitasking superhero is to weave a grand tapestry from all of the loose threads. And this IS how it’s going to continue so.. just do it.


Dear Cancer


Your energy is still focused on expressing yourself in a playful and physical way. Get out and move your body. You are growing in the spotlight this entire year so take advantage of the love. Just watch the sweets. Find the new in something old and love will follow almost as if by magic.


Dear Leo


You’ve been looking into the past for love as well but you haven’t been especially nice about it. Seriously.. why would anyone want to date a grouchy Lion? As such, watch what you say this week. Venus is attracting attention in your astro-sector of communication. People will be listening so.. speak up and get your message across.


Dear Virgo


Currently, there are many people who are here to help you reach your goals. They are in reach but.. The energy of the last while (including this week) has you recharging your personal ego and generally feeling good about yourself before you move on. And this has you reaching into the past to find an answer to your current problem. Next week the help shifts from your ego to your personal nest egg. So.. You’re not going to feel the love that you currently feel but at the same time you won’t be broke anymore.


Dear Libra


When you think about it, maybe it wasn’t that difficult after all. Venus is in you astro-sector of mental health and healing the past. Interesting.. So, that makes this the last week to finally make peace and move on. Next week Venus will be in your sign and you’ll begin to shine again and feel somewhat reborn. This week’s theme is to welcome the new in everything old but watch out for empty promises and people just saying what you want to hear. It is the 12th house afterall.


Dear Scorpio


This week Venus is still attracting attention in your astro-sector of hopes, dreams, and the people who can make them come true. Keep working – hard! You can make magic from dust – so do it. Next week someone from your past will come calling. Yes.. you do love them. But you have work to do right now. If they can’t help you’ll have to lovingly usher them along their way.


Dear Sagittarius


Good things are still arriving on the career front but it’s now combining with a project that you’re involved in with a close partner.  Get to work.. Fast. It’s something you’ve wanted to do for a while but you’ve resisted because you wanted everything your own way. Good luck with that – the world has moved on and so should you.


Dear Capricorn


Exotic flavours are tempting you. There might be an admirer who appears from a distant shore, or culture, or path from your own. Take note. You are relationship lucky right now. This energy is strong and will bring you the theme of “big and expansive”. Your social circle might not be getting any bigger per say but your intimate relationships will be growing.


Dear Aquarius


The planets say that you have been working towards a goal and this has been occupying much of your daily time and planning. And this plan has you teaming up to make some money! Right now money is coming to you from an inheritance, or to/through your partner so keep your eyes open and stay close to those who are good at attracting green.


Dearest Pisces


Just like Aries, your libido should be on overdrive right now. But unlike Aries who is just exuding sex appeal, you are actually doing something about it. The energy of the week is encouraging Pisces to find someone and play. It’s that simple so don’t waste energy questioning or fighting the currents. Just get out there and express yourself. Love will look you right in the face so remember to say hello.


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