But.. you can’t just train forever..

love-life-quote-couple-kiss-Favim.com-468531“Hey Sonny.. What’s up?”

“Ca va sexy ? c’est cool”

“Cute.. put that tongue of yours to good use – we’ve crossed seven inches.. call your brothers..”

“Master. So it shall be done”


“You must know.. tell us”

“I’m not from the East.. I don’t know what she wants”

“So.. we’re just going to go..?”

“No. We’re going because I say so.. Are there any more questions ? from anyone..”


“Christian. You will mark the Meridian until I return. Sonny, Come with me.”


“What do you want me to look at..?”

“No.. get changed.. just follow me.. let’s go”

Sonny.. you’re not going to come back from this.. be careful – Universe


“Don’t Move.. This is your Mark.. It distinguishes you from your Brothers.. Keep it with you ALWAYS – & when called upon.. present it in the usual fashion & we’ll able to find you”

“Ok.. but.. Why the fuck.. ? would I want YOU to find ME”

“Sonny.. the temple is completed..”


“Do you know what this means?”


“The big mouthed Shunny Boi is silent for the first time – that’s funny..”

How’d you feel..? – Universe

Looking back.. I had one more veil to pass so.. I feel differently about it now – than I did in the moment.. But MAN was that a BIG moment. 

So.. what’s the deal.. ? Why is this important today..

I remember.. it was the all-star team & still is – I remember ‘Nica telling me about my soul group and how Speedy liked to see me working towards my goals.. – I remember a life of training.. & training others.. and.. building.. and watching things grow – I really like it – then they tell me no more.. or at least that’s what I heard.. in the moment


“This is the worst part..”

“Good job ! Sonny.. You’re ‘effin amazing”

“Thanks man. Have a wonderful evening.”

I wish someone would just say “good job” every once in a while to let me know what’s going on.. but whatever – I’m amazing.. who cares..? So the Temple was completed. Now what.. & that is the problem. 

Ok.. Well.. How did it look.. ? Were you satisfied with how it all pieced together

You know.. I don’t really look at it that way.. I enjoy beauty in the moment – & some of us define ourselves through our actions – I felt like my actions were taken away from me – the ability to define myself – it’s in astrology – I don’t know why you’re trying to sweat me on this..


But you can’t just train forever.. look at your mom – she runs.. that’s who she is.. now anyways – but she doesn’t just train.. she races as well – she tests herself. Not every day.. but sometimes.. in little bursts for fun. But she also tests herself for real. Your problem is you’re so touchy – you think everything is a test.. & you expect it.. & you want it.. & when it’s not there.. you don’t know what to do. – Universe

“..and how do You know Yourself to be..”

“..by the regularity of my initiation.. repeated trials & tribulations.. & I’m ready & willing @ all times to prove myself when called upon..”

You know.. I getting tired of this.. There’s only one person in the entire world I’m trying to control – & all I want her to do is put up flyers.. but she just left for a week so WTF..? 


“I like when we meet in little towns like this.. I’m guessing we make our own coffee..”

“Darling.. you should take up Buddhism.. there’s too much inside of you”

“I’m a Taoist you bitch.. and a dynamic artist”

“If that means loud and opinionated you finally got it right!”

“Cute.. you’re lucky I like to fuck you…”

Busy Week? – Universe 

The point is.. When Master called – that was it. I had to go.. it sucked. But it only sucked for ME.. and some of the guys like me. But we’re getting through it together. And Faith helped.. a lot – Now we’re building a new temple. 


But it wasn’t easy..

“You cool..?


“You look cool..”

“Thank you.. it’s not my fault.. blame my grandmother..”


“Because you don’t throw a punch from here.. you throw a punch from here !”

“Thanks dad.. WTF!”

“You Muay Thai guys just stand there so arrogant.. watch again.. you have to be able to fight against ropes.. you have to able to see through the sweat.. your stupid hair! .. through your gloves.. Ok.. Now.. watch again.. what do you do if a guys is too fast..?”

“I thought speed was MY gift..”

“Pay attention – there’s going to be a test.. you get distracted by girls, it’s amazing you don’t fall off stage more.”

“Ok.. fuck ! what..”

“You’re gong to need to balance your equation.. space – force – time. Their speed will take away your time.. and you will be sharing space.. ”

“So.. more force – force is your answer for everything !”

“And your answer for NOTHING! ”

You can’t just apply force to solve equations. Love doesn’t work like that. And I live in a loving world. Your picture is your equation – however you want to balance it. What’s missing.. how can parts be moved around.. ? and engaged through time as that picture has already come to life. It’s not complicated.. nor is it that simple – but it is beautiful.. & it’s already alive – so why the fuck would you want to put it out..?

That’s good therapy – Universe

F-U 2 ! …… It’s not what I mean.. And I wasn’t fighting in the first place. He’s wrong anyways.. speed isn’t the real problem.. it’s Time – but.. we shouldn’t be afraid of it.. because it’s always there.. frozen neatly @ the end of a pendulum – I just didn’t know it back then.

Sugar and Spice


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