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Love Horoscopes – August 13, 2013

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Aries: You can feel temporarily blocked emotionally now. Romance is perhaps a little too soft leaving genteel the word for what transpires under energy of the day. There is a lot of talking, and it won’t all be sweetness and light. Resistance and challenges from others or from outside situations suggest this is not a good time to try to force your will and desires onto others, as friction is the only likely result. You may actually begin the conversation from a point of view that is quite diametrically opposed to this person in your life. You may not even agree, yet this could spark off an intense attraction. Save that attraction for later. Take some time out from any romantic interactions right now and just enjoy your own company if possible.


Taurus: Unconventional romantic and social connections are likely at this time. Sometimes you just know it’s right and feel like jumping in without hesitation. Excitement, unpredictability, uncertainty are all words that spring to mind concerning today’s planetary energy surrounding you. You may not know where a certain relationship is going, but whilst you’re getting there, you won’t be bored. Between the walls of your professional life or at home, you begin a conversation that has no appearance of ending in any sort of hurry – and could indeed continue for quite some time. If someone has caught your attention, now is the time to act. The general feeling all around is that your plan is the best one, so take advantage and move as far as you can.


Gemini: Today you want to enjoy the company of those close to you by doing something fun and interactive together, maybe even get a bit on the wild side. Ideas and brainstorming sessions today spark off the kind of atmosphere between you and another that can only be described as high energy. What you realize under the influence of the planetary configuration is that there is someone else in the world who also thinks in the same zany, weird, and uniquely original way that you do. And later you intend to prove it goes deeper than thoughts alone. During this time you will be in harmony with the people close to you. So much that there is a sense of ease and flowing with, rather than fighting against or resisting, what is going on around you.


Cancer: Words have a power today to take you to an electric level in any of your relationships or interactions. This energy surrounding you doesn’t represent your normal style of getting to know others. Not even a tiny bit as it will likely be far too fast and unconventional. However, you are far more in touch with your sensitive side, and you are able to express a greater level of sensitivity and greater empathy than usual. Though it may be through a disagreement with someone new or even with your loved one, suddenly you see a unique facet of their personality that draws you like a moth to a flame. Either way you are likely to form relationships with people now based on a deep level of mutual appreciation and understanding for each other.


Leo: Feel like a little change to make life interesting or in the mood to break out of the tried and true and boring? Maybe a longing for the new, the different and the unique is where your focus wants to go. Well there is a buzzing in the air today that is bringing with it the promise of romance. What supplies the seduction is the high-powered energy from the planetary pattern making conversations crackle with energy. If you’re attached this could be a great time for a change, trying something new or surprising your loved one them with something special. If you’re unattached, then take that risk and ask someone out. There is no excuse for not having a fabulous evening. The right words and the right atmosphere will make it even more passionate.


Virgo: You may be looking love or you may be the life of the party with many potential romantic liaisons but no one is biting. The celestial energy insists that you get a few things sorted out for yourself before you try and date again. You really need to see how putting yourself down has continuously undermined your confidence and have changed how people look at you. If you give yourself a chance, others will have a chance to get closer to you, want to get close to you. This is also a good time to simply express your viewpoint to the people who matter the most in your life. Your honesty and willingness to communicate openly will impress others. Give yourself a chance and others will follow… both in your general life and your romantic one.


Libra: Any of your relationships can take on a whole new meaning as you seem to provide shock and drama by being uniquely and totally in charge of a very controversial conversation you have with them. You possibly didn’t mean to initiate it, but it happens and the results may be a little stunning as someone is very impressed with your skills as a debater. Depending on who the person is, they may be turned on. Because it has been a bit rough lately, now is the time you relax and indulge your pleasures as you may be feeling a bit of the glutton or even hedonist. Contentment, emotional well being and harmony prevail in your personal relationships. Today you simply need to manifest what you need and it will all come to you.


Scorpio: Mutual investment and trust is really what today’s energy is about. There is a lot of talk today but very little action. It is time to take some sort of action. You want a certain romantic connection to move in a specific direction. You have plenty to say on the matter, in a style that doesn’t mince any words but maybe not sure where to go with it. While talking may set the scene, you need a more direct approach to make it work. This is a good day to see eye to eye and generally patting or scratching each other’s backs. Shared goals and feelings can be put into action to bring favorable future results. You put a lot of your heart and possibly your soul into intimate affairs. Now is the time for it to work for you and to get some of that back.


Sagittarius: Today is a day you may be powerfully attracted, emotionally and sexually, to someone you encounter at this time, and any romantic involvements you currently have are intensified. This unexpected development could be just a casual encounter with someone you know that may spark off a whirlwind romance that defies all your attempts at sensible explanation. You will get to know them on levels that flirting may bring you to but a passionate connection brings you through. Even though this person thinks in ways very different from your own, he or she seems to understand you completely… which for you is something that is so very hard find. See where this goes. At the very least you have new best friend.


Capricorn: There is a difference, an immense difference between moving at the speed of light and racing on a track.  Right now there is a window of opportunity that may open just long enough to get a look at wonderful relationship, but will close just as fast if you don’t seize the chance. You will have to be quick; otherwise you may miss this opportunity if you blink. What isn’t helping matters is that your emotions are up and down today. The energy surrounding you is running high which could make for some uncomfortable moments today. If tempers do flare, just don’t go there; spare yourself and others the hassle. Commitments made now will tend to partake of this atmosphere, so have the patience to wait a little before moving ahead.


Aquarius: You may have feelings that you’re above the petty dramas and nonsense. So you have three options today; you can run away, bury yourself in the earth, or embrace wholeheartedly the apparent speeding object that is racing towards you at full tilt. A love for the unusual and distaste for the same old daily routine is the energy today. Unconventional romantic and social connections are also likely to occur. With the celestial aspect at play, you can enjoy a unique occasion with someone who although very different from the norm, and definitely a fast talker, actually suits you down to the ground. An interesting match could be forming. Just be careful of getting in over your head just because it feels exciting.


Pisces: Attached or unattached, you will have one hell of a day. If you are attached you might not want to get out of bed as there could something you have to tell your loved one and it may not be good. You have worried about this for quite some time, and feel that the truth must come out. However, due to a twist in circumstances, they get to know before you tell them. Now how do you get out of this one? However the chips fall, destiny intervened! For those unattached right now would be a really good time to start getting noticed. There may already be someone paying attention that you haven’t realized is watching. Good words about you are getting around that will work their way directly into your life next week, so help them out where you can.


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