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Love Horoscopes – August 19, 2013


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Aries: You are looking to act upon your wilder impulses and the desires you feel that are caged inside of you. You crave stimulation and if you have an inventive side, you could make a startling discovery or breakthrough now. Your draw towards adventure makes this a very interesting time for you. This would be an ideal time to meet new people or forming new relationships. While this would be a good time to do so you are not feeling up to it. You may have isolated yourself from some of your deeper feelings. You may have a lot on your mind or need to talk but you just cannot quite reach out to others. Even if you are feeling a little fearful about something, you will have to make an effort. Life is moving without you, don’t stand still.

Taurus: Merge your mental and emotional processes today and have them come together. You will need to as you may encounter some complications in your close personal relationships. You may be slightly fearful of approaching someone because you feel that you just can’t quite get through to him or her. This concerns an important subject matter so if you can overcome your fear, you have a good chance of bridging the gap. You should really bring out your own glow to the world by letting yourself shine out for others to see. Someone close to you may notice this and head towards the path in life you have been long manifesting. Soon enough, what you need and need to feel will be within your grasp.

Gemini: You could be feeling especially attractive or friendly or even a bit friskier today!  The warmth you radiate is noticed as well as appreciated, many people will be drawn to you. Now normally you are very talkative, and it can be difficult to get a word in edgeways; however, thanks to the energy of the day, you find yourself oddly unable to speak. It may be that what you have to talk about also involves a step into the unknown, and you are fearful of the consequences. But if you can just take that first step, you will see the difference. During this time, love, relationships and pleasure are emphasized now. A new romance or friendship may ensue or an old or current one may take a new turn for the better.

Cancer: It would not be a good idea to make any big decisions right now. The more you think about what you need to do the more your old fears from the past that come back to haunt you in your current relationship. You may not understand why you feel as you do, but you will need to be wary making your current love carry the luggage left over by your previous one. There are a handful of you whose amorous feelings and passions are strong and compelling at this time. These emotions are making you very demanding of a lover’s energy and affection. It is probably a better idea to ask rather than demand what you. A different approach may just get you both what you want. This could really be a win/win situation if handled with care.

Leo: The normal joys of a partnership may appear to have become a bit old and worn out, during this time. Either you are your partner will be a bit cold and distant, romantically. Be willing to spend some time working on your relationships, keeping what really works and let go of what doesn’t. The planetary alignment indicates that you have quite a lot of work to do to get your loved one in a talkative or even half-friendly mood. This is the time to work to some aspects out and bring back the warmth. The secret may be to try and help them overcome any fears they may be secretly harboring – persistence will win. In some ways you may be asking not for more than what you want, but what you don’t want at all, beware of mixed messages you send out.

Virgo: There are opportunities for deep sharing, and powerful, meaningful contacts with others, especially someone who shares common goals or ideals. Before you get too far ahead of yourself, you have to work at doing a little self-psychoanalysis. Take the time today to have some deep discussion about what you want from a relationship. Those of you unattached may be looking for ways to break the ice with a special person, but fear of rejection and of painful consequences is keeping you emotionally frozen. The ice will never melt if things stay like this; you need to focus on making your approach in achievable steps – then see what transpires. Just take it moment by moment. No need to rush, this energy will with you another day or two.

Libra: You have many choices today so try and talk to someone you trust about your personal intentions and desires. As a whole there is really one pressing matter that this particularly important right now. It concerns the decision about whether you can bridge the gap and make a move toward someone you have become a little estranged from. You seem to be frightened by thoughts of what the outcome may be, but you would do better to seize the moment and just say it. All will be well. The day may leave you sensitive and probably take things the wrong way today. Refuse to let anyone take advantage of your good nature and big heart. The desire to keep the peace regarding certain issues may leave you feeling more vulnerable than usual.

Scorpio: Today you find yourself at your most imaginative, at least when it comes to ideas and thoughts. But it is all too easy to hide behind a veil of indifference and coldness. With the energy of the day it is like that you will act the latter. It just does not feel very pleasant for you or for the other person concerned. Personal subjects will be the topic of discussion now. Though it may not seem like it, this is a good time to speak up and clear the air of any criticisms you have been holding on to in your personal relationships.  It is worth making the effort to break through this barrier and to make a move toward open communication, even if it is a little awkward for a while. Daydreaming and reflecting on the past is likely to occur today as well.

Sagittarius: Friendship, love and cooperative endeavors would flourish now if you hadn’t found your closest relationship a bit distant and cold during this time. The energy of the day indicates that you will have to work extra hard to try and find out what the problem is. It is possibly some kind of memory of a past event that is triggering the problem. Use your warmth to try and melt the ice. Things will feel a lot better later. In the upcoming days you can look forward to achieving a balance of giving and receiving, of talking and listening, and any social or joint activity will benefit. Do something special with someone you are close to or ask someone out that you want to be closer to. Though you have work for it, the sky is the limit this weekend.

Capricorn: Today you may find it rather difficult to broach a certain subject with someone very close to you. Aspects of your relationships that have perplexed you are likely to be easier to understand at this time. The celestial energy indicates that there seems to be a barrier there on both sides that does not make this easy. However much effort you have to expend, it will be worth it. It is always worth trying to reach out and make amends. Don’t leave it too long. You’ll begin to see why your mate’s behavior doesn’t always take the path you expected, and realize that it’s not you that is the driving force behind their more baffling moments. The more patient and non-judgmental you are the more light your mate will shed on their actions.

Aquarius: Your feelings are running high during this period, so high that others may wonder about your detached outlook. There will be something about the next few days that will make you withdraw emotionally from your relationship. Letting your feelings flow is fine as long as you are careful who you let them flow to. With that said, you may find yourself so emotionally charged that it will be difficult to tell how you feel about anything. Once you have obtained the right perspective, you will be back on track. Start appraising the situation in your own way and your own time, and do not intend to be hurried by anyone into making a move before you are ready. Unmanaged compassion may lead you to aide some who don’t really need or merit your help.

Pisces: Your friends and/or love partner may behave in unexpected ways. If your intimate affair has you confused and running in circles today you will have every opportunity to take a good look at what has been going on lately. You need the time today to think deeply about your values and what you really want out of a relationship. Don’t be forced or hurried into any decisions – take your time this time. If you are one of the Pisces feeling a bit impulsive right now, you will be very affectionate and flirtatious at this time but only because you are feeling rather restless. If you are in a predictable relationship that offers little excitement, you may be eyeing your freedom. Right now you need to be flexible and open minded.



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