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Astro-Week August 19 – 26, 2013




Dear Aries


Love drops in to say hello. Expect warm and loving gifts of appreciation as things begin to heat up between you and your closest lover. It’s not exactly an increase in the sex department but it’s a great time to get closer. Dreams continue to express themselves in your daily life as helpful illusions follow you into the waking day.




Dear Taurus


Time to get up and back to basics. Day to day activities begin to take on a bigger importance. Add some money making activities to your routine and get back to the gym. Love is currently waiting where your chores find you every day. Keep your eyes open.  Love is changing this week from playful and expressive to more day to day. Careful, this alignment also opens you up to criticism.




Dear Gemini


Something hidden will come to light from a distance.  Love has come full circle and it’s time to act. Don’t wimp out this time. And don’t overdo it either. Just be interesting and everything will work out. Also, while you’re at it, demand a little more from your partner and you just might get it.




Dear Cancer


Feelings for someone dark and sexy finally spur you into action. You already know there’s a connection but you guys just can’t seem to get it together. You’re going to have to do something before your dream lover get’s scooped up by another. Keep your eyes open for money received through a partnership.




Dear Leo


Loud and proud. Something hidden comes to light in your closest relationship. It will be front and center all week so you won’t have to look very far. It’s even possible that you started everything! Keep going. They do love you. This week is all about making the pieces fit together to make your puzzle come true.




Dear Virgo


Good move. The short term plan seems to be working out but you should begin to really get a start on the long term goals. Everyone wants to help but they can’t do everything for you. Try a little harder and don’t get discouraged. You are entering a money cycle so


make the best of it.




Dear Libra


Are you bringing people together? How about yourself.. are you closer to your dreams? As Venus enters your home sign, balance, beauty, and romance will be restored. If you can do more right now, then you really should. It’s you and your ego that are currently attracting the attention so.. if you put yourself forward, you’ll be well received. Something hidden arrives to disrupt your daily routine.




Dear Scorpio


Stop enabling! Of all signs, you already know that people will do whatever they want – then find a way to rationalize it. Don’t be an excuse for someone else’s bad behavior. You are the sign of going through turmoil to help friends, but the revelation this week is all about your very close and personal connection with someone special.  They are in love with both the person inside of you AND the person on the outside. Be prepared to show both.




Dear Sagittarius


That was way too funny. You’re one of the most impatient signs.. so when I told you I hadn’t written your horoscope yet the look on your face was priceless! Ok.. Communication is the key. Watch what you say! You have a tendency to blurt and that’s normally ok, but this week you might give up a secret that you really wanted to keep. Be careful.  Especially since love is attracting attention in your outer social circle.




Dear Capricorn


Watch your nest egg! Some hidden money might come your way so pay attention. Love is currently waiting front and centre in a very open and public way. Expect longer hours at the office. Feelings will change.




Dear Aquarius


Watch your back this week. Others might not have your best interests at heart. Pay attention. Exotic strangers and foreign topics are calling. Take of a new study. Love is waiting in a classroom somewhere.




Dearest Pisces


It might not be the best start of a week but you’ll pull through. Love is waiting in a joint project. Do it. You’ll be able to feel a shift of energy from worrying about love to actually teaming up and doing something. This will be a harmonious week if you keep moving towards your dreams.




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