Hypnosis Update !


Sonny’s Vancouver Real World Hypnosis Group is meeting in Kitsilano this evening at 7pm for more information please click the link below.

Everyone is welcome ! http://www.meetup.com/internationalhypnosis/events/135912912/

Hi Guys

Tonight we’re going to look at another Count Down style induction. As a Hypnotist you’re going to do a lot of counting so.. get used to it !

You guys are getting good but I noticed last week that we could all be interacting more with the subject so.. we’re going to practice a Verbal Deepening Technique that you’ll embed into the Induction.

Sounds sneaky.. ? No – We’re just that good !

Homework was to write a suggestion that someone will read to you. Don’t worry about the length, language, structure, or belief pattern. I’ll go through it all with the group this evening.

Reminder: I’m thinking of going home next month to upgrade my NGH membership – so that I can formally train and Register you guys as Level 1&2 Hypnotists in The National Guild of Hypnotists. If this is something that you’d like to be a part of – let me know TONIGHT.

Everyone is welcome & tell your friends.

I’ll be bringing the video camera tonight so.. we might have a bit of fun.

See everyone tonight

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