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Love Horoscopes – August 26, 2013


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Aries: Today you want to stand out, to be the center of attention and receive recognition.  This is a day when all those workshops or books you read on healing and transforming your relationships comes in handy. This is your opportunity to take the initiative in a romantic situation and try something bold and new. The urges for change that you have has left you feeling charged with new energy, vitality, and sense of purpose. You are determined that your sweetheart glows like an angel and be absolutely spiritual and perfect. Don’t forget to polish your own halo, as well. It’s a time to appreciate who you are as a unique individual. Look forward to a transformation that will be easy for everyone to get on board with.

Taurus: There is a vast difference between time dragging along as the day gets progressively worse or when time flies by because good things are happening. Today may be a little bit of both. You really need to get certain issues understood and accepted by your sweetheart. The conversation may seen to go round and round but steer it in such a way that the things what you seem to go over again and again really help you move forward with a positive philosophy. Socializing consider tonight is spending a little quality time with your romantic interest once all the issues are cleared up. A night out with those closest to you should send both your energy levels soaring as well. The time you spend with your lover will do wonders for your both.

Gemini: Talking is your thing. You can discuss a variety of topics with ease but today it may seem to some that you are sounding a lot like their preacher. Regardless of whom or how the conversation was initiated, you forcing one particular outcome over another needs to stop. The discussion must flow freely and without manipulation in order to produce a truly satisfactory result. Doing so will make it easier for any plans or goals to come to fruition. Which it is perfect as any agreements made now will be a benchmark for cooperation in the future. Follow your intuition rather than what you logic dictates you should be doing.  This will insure that your actions spread as much good energy as possible causing your relationship to run more smoothly.

Cancer: Now is a good time for you to take a step back and give a good look at your personal relationships. You want to determine what’s working and what’s not because you suddenly have a lot of good ideas to reform it, and yourselves. If things are truly moving along great don’t try to effect any changes. If you are not satisfied then have an honest talk with those involved and try to set the appropriate changes in motion. Though you would rather see it transformed according to your personal expectations, with an outcome that matches your very specific agenda. The problem with that is in order to have this successful relationship you envisioned, you need it to flow naturally. If you hang on too tightly to anything, you’ll lose it.

Leo: The celestial energy brings you the chance to eat humble pie. You are usually so quick to share your infinite wisdom but you never seem to take your own advice. You will do yourself a big favor today if you can just learn for once in your life to take some advice. Granted, someone times those who pass it out are less than desirable but their suggestions have been on the money. Any, if not all of you personal relationships, will challenge you during this period. What you want to do and what those close to you will want are two very different ideals at the moment. Right now your tastes are running towards the unconventional and you thirst for a bit of adventure. Discuss your desires with your lover and they are likely to be met.

Virgo: This is a good time to take stock of your life, to see how you are limiting and holding yourself back. You really need to determine what your next steps will be. This is truly a time you will endure some considerable frustration in your relationships as and your desires or efforts appear to be put down or at least delayed.  Thanks to the energy of the day you have a chance to work on transforming the beliefs that you both may be thinking about your current relationship. You will both profit by adopting a more open set of beliefs. There are certain things that you could both change, and certain areas where you are blind to aspects of your own behavior. Really think about what you need and don’t take whatever setbacks you experience too much too heart.

Libra: You will finally come to understand the reason for all of the unsettling behavior you have endured recently. Because both your feelings and friends (females in particular) figure prominently in your life now, you can talk with certain individuals who can help you to move your relationship to a new and deeper level. It may be that you decide to share a new activity with your partner. You could perhaps take up yoga, or meditate together to increase your ability to truly relate. You begin to see that the cause of all these issues is really just the relationship growing stale. If you are unattached at this time you may also initiate a relationship in which you take care of, support, and admire someone you’ve been hoping to get closer to.

Scorpio: You can use the energy of the day to encourage your partner deepen the intimacy in your relationship. But first you really need to understand how you control your own happiness and sadness from within. It is only then can you open the door for some major transformations to occur. Once you get going, staying on the conservative side and reconfirming old patterns will have more potential than trying to emotionally start a new pattern. Sometimes leaving well enough alone is all it takes to make things work out. There is a lot in your relationship is the really going well anyways. Clear understandings established now will last and serve you well as long as you don’t push them.  Doing this is supposed to help you not add to your stress.

Sagittarius: You and your loved one may have reached a point where you feel you can share something rather deep with him or her. Well right now if you want to take your loved one away somewhere wonderful, then the energy of the day will help make this journey very memorable. This will unlikely be an overly romantic outing, but more of an initiation of sorts into your life. It might feel like you have given them a full access back stage pass. Now in general you are very sharp and decisive today. This is a good time to assert your own needs and desires, to communicate to others what you really want. No one will ever know what you feel or need if you don’t speak up and let them know. We are not mind readers!

Capricorn: You can see plain as day that your romantic life needs a little inspiration. Though you may not be sure exactly what you should do, you can see that the direction you need to take is more philosophical rather than psychological. The answer, it seems, lies in getting the right guidance. Start by allowing the answers to unfold from within. Pay attention to your dreams over the next few days as they may have important things to say. In general this will be a busy time for you especially when it comes to communicating or having to get in touch with others. Be prepared to deal with numerous phone calls, emails, errands, or discussions. You will have plenty of contact with others this weekend that is for sure.

Aquarius: A significant personal encounter or confrontation can happen today. You cannot, and probably will not want to be alone now with the energy that surrounds you at this time. You may feel as though everyone has turned a little odd today and you do not like it one bit!  Right now, the energy supports you and your loved one sharing a permanent level of commitment. Your loved one is likely to suggest such an idea and you will probably run. Granted, forever is a long time but it is time to get your priorities organized. Before you ride into the sunset, think about reaching out to people and get their input or counsel if you aren’t really sure of how to deal with this situation. Someone close to you will give you a very objective view point on this.

Pisces: Your life, maybe more particularly your love life – has had its ups and downs lately. Everyone around you feels your plight so do not be surprised that your sweetheart wants to help bring you some tranquility by taking a walk with you somewhere peaceful. This may not be such a bad idea as conversations and sharing plans and ideas with those you are closest to are very beneficial now. With the current energy, you better understand what others are telling you, and can make yourself clearly understood as well. If you are unattached, this is also a good time for getting your message across to someone special. Tell him or her how you really feel and you might get a return response that’s far more favorable than you anticipated.


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